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It's about time that someone who has a real, practical, and unbiased understanding of the Constitution wrote a book like this. Badnarik has done just that. Sure, lots of people pass themselves off as "Constitutional Scholars", but Badnarik sets you on the path to becoming one yourself. The Constitution isn't hard to understand, though it seems that most politicians would have you believe that is it - so that you'll be unaware of how they trample it daily. (Pity, seems that most of our Senators and Representatives could use a copy of this book - since they obviously haven't even read the document they swore to "preserve, protect, and defend from all enemies, foreign AND domestic.")

There ARE more thorough, deeper, more analytical books on the Constitution - and Badnarik's book is likely to make you hungry to crack open Joseph Story's "A Familiar Exposition of the Constitution of the United States" - that's great. Badnarik has put his finger on the same problem that troubled Story back in 1840: People are woefully ignorant of the "contract" that the People wrote over 200 years ago. The contract that limits government's power to that which WE have given them. Story's exposition was intended to fill the void that school textbooks left gaping, Badnarik's is for every citizen - or citizen to be. If "the price of Liberty is eternal vigilance", then Michael Badnarik is entitled to high praise for giving "average" citizens a tool to teach them to be vigilant. A duty that we have sadly neglected for far too long.

Turn off "Fear Factor", and Jerry Springer, and take a break from Monday Night Football. Open this book, and prepare to be pleasantly surprised that you ARE a "king." My hopes are that Badnarik's little introduction to the REAL constitution will make you all want to be "Constitutional Scholars!"

Valiant S. Vetter - Wilmette, IL


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I've had the privilege of meeting Mr. Badnarik personally and taking his course on the Constitution. Michael is a thrilling speaker, teacher and writer. He makes the principles of liberty come...

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