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Michael Badnarik ran for President of the United States as the Libertarian nominee in the 2004 election. He campaigned across the country, speaking to hundreds of groups, and appeared on the ballot in 48 states. Hear Michael tell the true untold story of the 2004 Presidential elections - how he and other Presidential candidates appeared on the ballot but were blacked out by major media and arrested to keep them out of the debates.

Michael is a brilliant teacher and a compelling public speaker. Considered the underdog, he won his party nomination with a command performance in a nail-biting debate. He is a constitutional scholar with 20 years experience speaking and teaching. Michael's forte is distilling complex subjects down to their simple essence, and his vibrant communication style would be a great hit at your event. Contact the organizer if you're interested in having him speak in your town. (512) 461-0995

Michael speaks on:

  • Rights vs Privileges
  • The restoration of the Constitution
  • A detailed look at the Bill of Rights
  • The Second Amendment and the unconstitutional policy of gun control
  • The legality - and probability - of Texas secession
  • Who owns your body? (Does the gov't treat you as property?)
  • Summary of the Federalist Papers
  • Grand Theft: What the Federal Reserve has done to your money
  • The threat of socialized health care and mandatory vaccinations
  • The human side of the Founding Fathers
  • Continental Congress 2009 and the Articles of Freedom
  • Personal experiences running for President and Congress

Michael can and will speak on other topics by request. Bring an uncommon statesman to speak to your group for a once-in-a-lifetime speaking engagement

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