CSPOA - Bill of Rights presentation

On January 30th, over 100 County Sheriffs from across the country gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada for the first of several similar conventions. Our purpose is to help the Sheriffs understand the Constitutional basis of their authority, to share presentations by Sheriffs who are already "interposing" themselves against federal abuse, and to assure them that they have the strong support of the community as they risk their careers and personal safety to defend our lives, Liberty, and private property. I am pleased to report that all of the officers who attended are already dedicated to this proposition.

Sheriff Richard Mack was kind enough to invite me to be the first speaker at the event. My job was to set the proper tone for the rest of the day by discussing the difference between rights and privileges, and giving an overview of the significance of each of the Bill of Rights. As a speaker, I think this may be the best presentation I have ever given. You are invited to leave your comments below.

Everyone is encouraged to download and share this video as widely as possible. I am available to present my entire eight-hour class on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, or shorter presentations on any aspect of Liberty. Please feel free to contact me at 512-461-0995 if your organization is interested in bringing me to town.

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