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Almost everyone has opinions about the best way to solve our political problems. Just this week I read an eMail which says, "Nullification is a great thing and I am ALL for it. But it does NOT address the number ONE Constitutional crises of our time. Namely, an ineligible usurper sitting in the office of POTUS!" "Getting [him] arrested and tried on charges of fraud, high crimes and treason against we sovereigns of the Constitution should be goal number one!" This issue is important, to be sure. In fact, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is pending a court martial for refusing to return to Afganistan until Barack Obama produces an acceptable birth certificate. When someone of his stature puts his profession (and possibly his Liberty) on the line, the issue is important enough to deserve national attention.

But should this be "goal number one" as the author of the eMail insists? If the 37 states that passed Tenth Amendment resolutions follow through by announcing the nullification of various federal laws within their boundaries, what difference does it make WHO resides in the White House? It could be argued that if we eliminate the Federal Reserve and take control of our economy again, the "banksters" wouldn't be able to bribe federal OR state officials, potentially eliminating all of our political problems.

Some people are strong Second Amendment supporters. Others express devotion to the principles in the First Amendment. But much like the several blind men discovering an elephant, each has a different but valid understanding of the animal. Frequently, patriots focus on one aspect of government corruption, ignoring other violations. They enthusiastically join whatever groups have come together to support that particular cause. This is a good thing. However frustration eventually sets in because others are not supporting your cause with the same enthusiasm that you do. I'm pretty sure this fact extends to every aspect of our lives. ("Opera?! Are you kidding?")

Instead of supporting one issue that will be "goal number one", patriots need to diversify. We need to support as many different causes as we can. Indeed, if we truly understood "Give me Liberty or give me death", then sports, reality television, and Facebook wouldn't even be ON our list of priorities. The age-old concept of "bread and circuses" is blatantly evident in the modern American lifestyle. Each of us must start dedicating more of our time to the cause of Liberty, regardless how much we may feel we are already doing at the moment. I frequently tell people that Liberty is not my highest priority - it is my ONLY priority. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and how overworked you are. Stop looking for one cause to limit your activism to. It's time to get in the game. It's time for you to dedicate your life, your fortune, and your sacred honor to the cause of Liberty. Look your fellow patriots in the eye and tell them, "I'm all in".

Nice article Michael!Beth

Nice article Michael!

Beth Powers, Liberty in America

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