Government control of education

The philosophy of collectivism is succinctly outlined in the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto, written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1848. Plank #1 tells us their overall goal - "abolition of private property". Plank #10 assures their future success - "government control of education". It isn't necessary to kill people to acquire their property if they've been indoctrinated from birth to believe that all property belongs to the state.

I regret to report that it was a high school newspaper from Texas that decided to distribute what amounts to a gun control survey to one hundred of its students. The survey wanted to know how many guns were in the child's household, how they were used, and the political affiliation of their parents. Clearly, this is private information that is inappropriate on any survey, and I'm pleased to report that the parents in Texas raised holy hell with the school principle. A close personal friend of mine living in Texas alerted me to these shennanigans.

As far as I know, this is a very small, isolated case, however it did not go unnoticed. A firearms blog from New York discovered the survey and allowed its members to comment. An image of the entire survey can be seen on that page. I'm (as yet) unaware of similar surveys being circulated in other parts of the country. However I think we should remain vigilant for transgressions such as this. If I were in Texas, I would ask the principle for an opportunity to address the student body. I'd like those students to understand the direct connection between the Second Amendment and the universal right to life. Hopefully the journalism staff of the school newspaper would understand why their survey experienced so much indignant resistance. Naturally, my question to my readers is, "What would you do if your child came home with such a survey?"

gun control survey

I would be in that school office the next day asking how they consider such questions to be of value in my child's education.  I'd do my best to get together with the other parents and raise big stink.  If these lizards are not challenged with what they purport to be "teaching" children, there's no telling where, if anywhere, they'll stop.  I'd be homeschooling my kids anyway.

"What would you do if your child came home with such a survey?"

I’d like to say I’m sure any such survey would meet the same fate in Oklahoma as in Texas. However I have seen forms at our pediatrician’s office asking if there are guns in the home. This is totally medically irrelevant. I’m betting this is a state or more likely federal intrusion into the medical realm. I have friends who take their child to another doctor and they saw the same thing. I think I left it blank. I didn’t mention it to anyone in the doctor’s office. I’m sure they don’t produce the form. I assume they are 2nd amendment supporters.

Rand Paul on Common Core and big government

[mjb: I do not automatically approve responses that only contain web links, but this short video is germaine to the argument.]

Rand Paul: Stop Common Core

I would tell anyone,

I would tell anyone, regardless if the questions came from a school, from a doctor's office (which seems to be the norm these days), or from any government agency,  that what is IN MY HOME or whatever goes on IN the PRIVACY of MY HOME is none of their DAMN business. 

About a year ago, I went to a new doctor for an insurance reason.  Part of the new patient application asked all sorts of ridiculous questions, like did I have a swimming pool (really???); did I have guns in my home.  I told the lady that I saw no reason for her asking such questions.  She backed off.  But I am noticing that most people have no resistance to such intrusions. 

Some of the movie theaters are asking to check purses for guns before people can go into the movie.  My son tells me that at the nascar races, they check all bags before allowing people to enter.  It doesn't seem to bother anyone to get groped at the airport.  People do not resist.  They don't even question. That lack of resistance is called acquiescence.  Acquiescence is equivalent to giving your permission which is surrendering your rights--which means those people ARE A PROBLEM!!!  Whatever happened to having to show cause to search someone??  Heck, the cops have to "show cause" to a judge in order to get a search warrant for suspected criminals.  Why in the world can they search carte blanche at the theaters, the racetrack, or the airport?

Getting back to the topic at hand:  Schools are being prompted by other government agencies to use a backdoor method of breaching privacy--that being asking children who don't know any better than to answer such questions.  May I say this is a very tiny portion of what they are guilty of.  Most parents do not even pay attention. They have been quietly hijacking our children for decades.  This is why it is so difficult to control our own children.  Has anyone noticed???

Michael, thanks for putting the topic on the table.


"What would you do if your child came home with such a survey?"

I would be mad as hell! I would want to have an open debate with the principal and question him/her on their understanding of privacy and their role as an educator. I want to know who authorized this government intrusion they are perpetrating. I want names! They need to attend some Constitutional classes along with their students.

This agenda to warp young minds really makes me sick!

"What would you do if your child came home with such a survey?"

Asking this or any related question is equal to taking my privacy is MY STUFF...MINE!!

RE: Well Now, The Republic Must Be Dead

Government has no business in EDUCATION.
Government has no business in GUNS.
Government has no business in the CONSTITUTION.
Government has no business in PRIVATE PROPERTY.
Government has no business in the REPUBLIC.
Government has no business in Natural Rights ordained by God, the Creator.

Surveys in School

 Hey, this type of thing has been going on throughout the entire Public Educational system for many, many years, at least as long as when my parents were in grade school. Check into what a "change agent" is. Check how many teachers openly condone and promote Socialism/Communism in class, and those that fight against it in class, losing their tenure for it. Back when I was in school, on several occasions, I was aproached seperately or with the entire class, a few times during an assembly, to discuss political views, drug and alcohol use, sexual behavior, firearm possesion, even which reading materials we like. And this, mind you, was done at the grade and middle school levels. I refused to participate through high school. When my concerns were brought to my own mother, she told me that everything was okay, (Because, as it turns out, she is a raging Feminist and Liberal Socialist, much to my dismay.) I knew from a very young age that this type of information gathering, and subsequent actions, were unAmerican. Unfortunately, "these kids today" don't have the tools needed to recognise this, at all. Even when this is pointed out to them, with the truth, they deny it. The sad fact is that the United States Public Educational system is totally Socialist/Communist, all the while not offering the real education needed to identify this growing problem. I mean, how many fools do you see wearing a Che' t-shirt, not knowing that he was a Communist... or that even this fact is in reality a lie, because he was the son of an aristocrat and loved to play polo. It's 'effing ridiculous. I have gotten so fed up with it all that I now just ignore them, and say "I'll bet that you still believe that the Earth is flat." and leave them with that. I am sorry to hear that Texas is under fire with this. But, it is much, much larger than that. Check out what they are doing in California, or Colorado, or even my home state of Michigan. There is a reason that America is turning into a police state, and it's not all gun violence. Anyway, thanks for your work. Keep it up. And, stay safe!

school survey

I would send the survey back unanswered but with the attachment of the 4 Organic Laws of this country as found in Volume 1 of the US Code.  With a note that there will be a written test after the staff at the school newspaper has read these 4 laws.

[mjb: I love the idea of testing the teachers. That should cause many of them to "pucker".]

I'd have a good talk with

I'd have a good talk with that school principal and I'd take my business elsewhere.  Don't go to movies anymore (can't stand the propaganda), don't watch TV and so am a little out of the picture here as far as doctor's offices and that sort of thing.  But I certainly wouldn't support a school that did this.  And I'd wonder what other things they were teaching that are inappropriate...  If they're doing that, I can guarantee they're doing other things you wouldn't want your child exposed to.

Use of children to take survey of what happens in their homes

Very simply, since schools are funded and subsidized by government, it seems this principle is accomandating something from government programs and using the children as informants. Is this using of our own children to spy on us. Government has been trying to get our private information any way it can. If we will remember, even Obamacare has some doctors asking patients if they have guns in their household. Things are becoming Orwellian, a little at a time? We need to be viligilant and take action and supervise our children's education. We can no longer take anything for granted. We must know what DIRECTION it is going. 


There are time when I read stories like this, I wonder if someone in the upper parts of government or those who really run government. Are these people picking on these out of the way shools, places and try to see what they can get away with and if it works, try it else where. Like the stone cutter and the mountian: the mountian looks down and see a man, sorry person, chipping away, chip, chip,  and the mountian laughs, 20 years later there is no mountian.

[mjb: Great analogy. In V FOR VENDETTA it is said that you can't kill an idea, however Americans have allowed the idea of self preservation and self sufficiency disappear from everywhere except the rare "extremist" patriot.]

 My kids(currently 6 and 2

My kids (currently 6 and 2 years old) are and will continue to be schooled from home. It's unfortunate that I did not become wise earlier as they would be ninja kids (without government documentation). We, along with our home schooling community, will teach and raise them right. I may become so involved as to take time off of work to teach the older kids history and government which I have become so passionate about mainly because of the teaching of Michael Badnarik.

[mjb: I'm flattered. Thank you.]


What did anyone expect from a govt run school?

And how many can even READ the survey?

My daughter teaches 7th grade English in an inner city school near Chicago in Mentally Ill(inois).  This is her first year at this particular school. She could not understand why the students were so distruptive and incapable of handling even simple assignments so she did a reading assesment.  The highest reading level was 2nd grade.  Most could not read at all.  Neither can their parents.  The spelling of the "names" is not even close to the pronounciation.  She is expected to teach the 7th grade curriculum and  of course there will be 'no child left behind' and they will all be passed to the 8th grade.

I applaud anyone who home schools.

"Educate yourselves.  Educated people are very diffiuclt to control."  <Ron Paul.

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