Sometimes the dragon wins

Of the 300-plus millon people in the United States, those in the rapidly growing Liberty movement still make up a fairly small percentage. A small percentage of those people are metaphorical White Knights who bravely joust with the dragon of tyranny. Not surprisingly, if you piss off the dragon too much, he will breathe fire in your direction and toast you to a crisp.

Such is the unfortunate circumstance for my good friend, Randy Kelton, one of the hosts from Rule of Law Radio. Here's a paragraph from that website:

Randy was wrongfully convicted of "operating a private investigation company without a license" in Cherokee County, Texas, on September 29, 2011, and is now sentenced to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine. The charges are bogus, there was no evidence, and the court never had jurisdiction. It was an obvious railroad job in retaliation due to the criminal complaints Randy tried to file against public servants in that county. We need to raise $30K or more to pay for Randy's legal expenses including court transcripts, an appeal bond, possible attorney's fees, and to keep the network on the air. Randy had been significantly financially supporting the radio network up to this point, and now we need you listeners to chip in more than ever to keep the radio network on the air while we do everything we can to get Randy out of jail. Please contribute as much as you can so we can remain on the air and get Randy out. Please post the widget below on your websites and social networking pages.

Let me share a personal anecdote of one of my "adventures" with Randy.

Randy knows the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure (TCCP) the way I know the Constitution. He casually quotes Sections and Paragraphs that confidently support his brave assertions. (I must confess that I've never taken the time to verify the text of his references, but neither do the police officers, lawyers, and judges that he confronts on a regular basis.) Randy was planning to file a complaint against a police officer in Williamson County, Texas. Williamson County is famous for being a real-life "good old boy system" that will chew you up and spit you out just to prove a point. Therefore, when Randy invited me to join him as a witness to his battle with those demons, I was, shall we say, moderately hesitant. The only reason I agreed to go was because his beautiful cohost, Deborah Stevens, was also going, and I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror if I allowed "a mere woman" the opportunity to demonstrate more bravery than me. (Sometimes vanity does a good job of impersonating self-confidence.)

Arriving at the District Attorney's office, Randy handed his complaint to a detective working in that office. The detective wore a shirt and tie - and a holster on his hip. After reading the complaint the detective stated that he wasn't authorized to accept the document. Randy explained, quoting from the TCCP, that the detective was obligated to accept statements that crimes had been committed, and that it was not within his discretion to refuse. The detective reluctantly took the paperwork to the DA, and then returned explaining that "We have decided to decline your offer at this time".

I wish you could have seen the look on the detective's face when Randy picked up his cellphone, dialed 911, and requested that Sheriff's deputies be dispatched to arrest Detective.... "What's your name?" When that action failed, Randy dragged me as a reluctant witness to file a criminal complaint against the District Attorney with one of the District Judges. I tell you honestly, I would MUCH rather jump out of a "perfectly good airplane" than to go face to face with two Sheriff's deputies and two local police officers, even when Randy IS standing between them and me.

The point is that I have personally watched Randy go toe to toe with government employees who think the sun doesn't rise without their permission. He has made it his personal crusade to make political war against those who would enslave us. Randy has finally become enough of a nuisance that they have fabricated charges against him, sentencing him to one year in jail, in an obvious effort to make his life so miserable that he will quietly submit to their authority, much like the rest of us are already doing. As the Japanese are fond of saying, "the nail that sticks out gets hammered down".

If you sincerely want to help restore Liberty, you can either:
A) fight the dragon yourself, or
B) help get Randy out of jail so HE can fight the dragon for you.

Click on this link to contribute to Randy's Appeal Fund, or start practicing with your lance.

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