International appeal

I frequently get eMail and phone calls from people thanking me for my dedication to the cause of Liberty. They want me to know that I've touched their lives and I'm making a difference in the world, even if it doesn't appear to be so from my perspective. This week I was flattered to recieve two such messages from outside the United States. The first was an eMail from a new friend from Sweden.

I'm not an American.

I am not even a Canadian or Mexican. I don't even share a border with you guys. I am a far-flung Swede.

So my interest in the US Constitution is largely academic, but after watching your Constitution-class on for the ... not sure, fourth or fifth time, I just wanted to say thank you.

This stuff is so interesting, and had I been present on the continent I would have gone to be present in one of your classes.

Sadly, I can't do that at the moment so I have to content myself with watching your (somewhat older) videos and applaud you for your continued efforts in enlightening the public.

Thank you.

This morning I got a phone call from Sydney, Australia. (The accent was unmistakable.) My new Aussie friend had recently discovered Alex Jones, Gerald Celente, and me all in the course of two weeks. He thanked me for helping to open his eyes, and he suggested that the Australian government was only about six months behind the United States in instituting their world-wide corruption. He would like me to come to Australia to give my class, noting that "life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" were universal goals for all humans. If this trend continues, I may have a chance to save the whole world, not just Texas or the United States.

My Aussie friend is also planning a visit to New Jersey and New York. If any of my east coast friends would be willing to act as his tour guide for a few hours during his ten-day visit, please send me a personal eMail. I would gladly put you in touch with our neighbor from Down Under.

If there are any international readers of this newsletter, please let me know by commenting on this article. I want to extend a warm welcome to all my brothers and sisters, wherever they may live.

Another Aussie...

I am also from Australia and discovered you around a month ago. I sent you a message on Facebook in gratitude of your service. I too would love to attend a Michael Badnarik seminar down here in Australia and I know several other friends who would also be keen.

However, I know I cannot and should not expect you to fight for me. But you have inspired me to instead create a lecture series of my own to deliver tirelessly. I have a special interest in economics and will focus in my lectures on that subject primarily. I am still a long way from running the first lectures but it is my goal to begin in 2011/12.

Thanks for the inspiration,

[MJB: I would love to come to Australia to teach my class.  I'm looking for ways to make the possible.  Liberty is a concept that resonates with everyone around the world.]

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