Georgia to eliminate the drivers license?!

The General Assembly (of Georgia) finds that:
(1) Free people have a common law and constitutional right to travel on the roads and highways that are provided by their government for that purpose. Licensing of drivers cannot be required of free people because taking on the restrictions of a license requires the surrender of an inalienable right;
(3) Where rights secured by the Constitution of the United States and the State of Georgia are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation that would abrogate these rights. The claim and exercise of a constitutional right cannot be converted into a crime. There can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon an individual because of this exercise of constitutional rights;

So? You want proof that we are making changes for the better? It appears that the state legislators in Georgia have seen the light, and are taking steps to reverse a small part of the tyranny that Americans take for granted. In my Constitution classes I explain that we have a right to travel, and that we do not require a "drivers license" to get in our automobiles and travel to the store. Several people have scoffed at this idea, but it appears that the idea may be vindicated by enacted laws to that effect. (The Georgia legislature hasn't voted on this issue, yet.)

I'm wondering how many of my readers:
a) already travel without a license;
b) would consider doing so if/when this law passes in Georgia.
c) would not do so until this was approved by the President and/or the Pope

drivers' licenses in GA

I drove without a valid license for many years but finally got one and have one now. The police state is too thick right now to go about without one, it seems to me. But I would love to have the drivers' licensing laws repealed. I think they are one of the many signs that this is not a free society.

However, don't hold your breath. Mass gov about 10 years ago proposed getting rid of drivers' licenses and the bureaucracy  that they support, but nothing happened with the proposal. The driver's license is the national id card complete with biometrics and has been for many years, despite real id not being universally enforced. It happened while everyone slept. I've heard many liberty writers and activists say the the national id card is the proverbial line in the sand. Too bad they are blind to the fact that that line has already been crossed.

If Elected President

The first thing I would do as President is remove the Federal Reserve Bank as our money tenders.
We need to go back to the printing of our own money and coin.
And of course along with this the IRS is finished as a collection tool for the FEDERAL RESERVE.

The second thing I would do is end the wars in  Afganastan and Iraq.

The third thing I would do is end the war on DRUGS it cost us 600 trillion dollars a year and fills our prisons with non-violent people who have a drug problem and need treatment.
Make drugs legal and use the plan they have in Swizerland where they give away free drugs to people who want them and need them.

And the fourth thing I would do is make every one with dual citzenship passports come in and make a choice where they want to live. NO MORE DUAL CITZENSHIPS.

And the fifth thing I would do is eliminate titles at the end of names such as ESQ.
Throw the lobbiests out of Politics and clean up Washington DC. " PERIOD"


Dirving without a license

The only reason that I can see for even having a drivers license, is so that the State/Federal Governments can keep track of their slaves! You might as well walk around with a number tattooed on your wrist! The same can be said for the Social Security number. Cause that is truly all it amounts to anymore!
Look at what is tied up into both of those numbers and tell me I'm mistaken!
I have been told (by a chief of police in the small town near where I live) that we absolutely have the Right to travel, But if requested by law enforcement, I had better be able to present a valid license (If driving) or Identification!!! Sounds like A God given RIGHT to me!! (If that God's name happens to be Government!!!)

No driver's License for me

I do not ask permission to travel in my automobile. I would rather reserve all my rights and fight to the death for them, than to voluntarily give them up because of fear or convenience.

Georgia HB 875 Right to Travel Act

I would absolutely travel without a license.  However, I don't believe the corrupt NY State Legislature will actually repeal the laws and thus the "implementing regulations" (read baloney) which make driving a vechicle without a "license" an act worthy of civil/criminal penalties.  Bring on the "change".  The sooner the better. 

GA HB 875 The Right To Travel Act

GA HB 875 has been tied up in committee for the past 10 months. It is doubtful to come up on a vote any time soon. It will be necessary for the state to maintain jurisdiction over commerce and commercial used of the roads for constitutional purposes even if the legislature were to pass it, and it is no telling who all (big money) is against it. However, presently, one may travel in Georgia as a matter of right, is my belief, as has been acknowledged by the Georgia appellant courts. 
There is a current case in the appeals process on the federal questions, which will shed some light on the terminology used in the Georgia Code as well as USC, but it is understandably moving slow. There is revenue in periodic licensing, yearly registrations and insurance with the accompanying rules and regulations. There is also, understandably, serious implications from the abuse of such a right with an automobile. There would still be some kind of requirements and a demonstration (certification) of one's ability to safely be behind the wheel of a car, and a working knowledge of the rules of the road. Therein lies the catch, we must apply and that implies a waiver of the right, forever?. Plus the "Driver's License" has become identity for almost everything. In Georgia it is an alleged "requirement" to give an SSN to acquire this "driver's" identity? Yet, that statute has been repeatedly challenged and defeated.
The Georgia Appeals Court is somewhat vague on their treatment of "Drivers License vs. The Right to Travel" and "Driving vs. Traveling". Yet they do acknowledge the Right To Travel.   
However, it appears 'driving' has been determined to be a commercial activity, therefore, licensing can apply by the commerce clause of the various constitutions. It's all a bit tricky, but the words driving/driver, operator, vehicle and motor vehicle are not the same as traveling/traveler, auto/car, and therein, it appears, lies the rub.  
a)  I have traveled most of the past 20+ years exercising my right to travel. (w/o license) 
b)  There is no need to pass a law or have permission, to allow one to exercise a right. 
c)  see (b)

ga drivers license

Georgia already allows for unlicensed driving...check out ga code 40-1-1, definition of the word license #24 sub. B

definition of license in ga code

ga code 40-1-1, #24-B    the privledge to drive no matter if one has a valid license or not

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