Debate over government's role (USA Today)

It is difficult to find anyone who likes our current government. The front page of the Ocober 11th USA Today claims that Americans are having a "crisis of confidence in their government". Based on its own poll, this national newspaper places Americans into one of five roughly equal-sized groups.

The largest group (24%) is labeled "Obama liberals", and consists of people who want "the government to take a big role in addressing economic disparities but a small one in upholding moral standards." I was surprised that this percentage isn't larger than it is - until I compared it with another group (20%) who claim that bigger is better. This group has the highest percentage of minorities, and the lowest income levels. In my opinion, this group wants the same thing that "Obama liberals" want, without the pretense of doing things "for the greater good of the community". You've got it, they want it, and they expect the government to take it from you and give it to them. Adding these two groups together gives us 44% who favor collectivist wealth redistribution. It appears that the socialist ideology introduced into our country at the beginning of the twentieth century is alive and well in the United States.

The next two groups are equal in size (17%) and are labled "the religious right" and "the mushy middle". The first wants the govenment out of everything except enforcing a common morality, while the latter group believes that government should be involved in economics and morality, but only to a limited extent. The article doesn't say how this group plans to limit government involvement, or where we should draw those lines. Either way, these groups appear to want more of the same, only different.

The last group is accused of having "Tea Party tendencies", almost as if it were a disease without a cure. The article claims this group thinks that "Smaller is better" and that "the government is too big and too powerful". This group is calculated to be 22% of the general population, but undoubtedly a much higher percentage of the readers of this newsletter. I consider this good news indeed when I consider that the first American Revolution was precipitated by only 5% of the general population. In other words, there are four times as many people pissed at Washington DC as there were with King George III. Hopefully this analysis will restore some of your hope in our ability to restore Liberty in this country, and around the world.

Assuming that Liberty WILL be restored, and (unlikely as it may seem) YOU are elected President of the United States - what would your three highest priorities be when you took your seat in the Oval Office? Why? (Or as your teachers used to say, "Please show your work".)

1) Pardon all victimless

1) Pardon all victimless "criminals"

2) Repeal all executive orders and presidential declarations of war.

3) Fire all employees of the Executive branch

(Then I'd have breakfast and get ready to veto.)

Percentages, etc.

Unless I fail at math, 22% of our current population (about 310 million) is a lot more than 4 times 5% of the population at the time of the Declaration (about 5 million), I believe. So, it is even better news! I think you meant to say that the percentage (or ratio) was 4 times greater, not the number of people. (5% of 5 million is 250,000; 22% of 310 million is 68,200,000) In either case, there should be enough to tackle the tough job that needs to be done - providing the populace is nearly as dedicated now as it was then. I truly wish that were the case, but only time will tell (or another "shot heard around the world" is fired).

[MJB: Anonymous is correct.  I was thinking that 22% was four times more than 5%, but I neglected to acknowledge the huge increase in population since the events at Lexington and Concord.  Mea culpa, mea culpa!]

If I was elected President

1. Return the federal government to its constitutional size and scope.

2. With number one accomplished there is no need for any additional actions as it addresses them all.

1. Eliminate Federal Reserve

1. Eliminate Federal Reserve and IRS.

2. Eliminate Cabinet positions and all Federal regulations that pertain to them (Basically the entire CFR) starting with DHS. Maybe keep only the ones G. Washington had.

3. Repeal all executive orders, and return them to their true purpose. "ExecOrd 1 - We're getting low on pens. Somebody order more pens."

Of course, I would probably be assassinated within the hour.

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