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I taught my first Constitution class on January 27, 2001 at the (now defunct) Chariot Inn in Austin, Texas. Most of my students that day were friends of mine who were merely showing their support, much like attending a birthday party for someone you don't know very well. By the end of the day they were stunned at the volume of information I presented - for only $20 worth of silver. Each time I taught the class I would revise and improve the handout, which consisted of random notes collected in a three-ring binder. During the fall of 2003, as I waited to resume my obscure presidential campaign, I converted that handout into a book with sentences, paragraphs, and chapters. That book is Good to be King, and I envisioned it as a soft-cover book to be printed for the express and only purpose of replacing the expensive and unweildy three-ring binder.

As you know by now, I accidentally won the Libertarian nomination for President of the United States, prompting my erstwhile publisher to insist that the book must now be printed as a hard-cover volume. I feel like my life has been beyond my control ever since. Attendance in my Constitution class increased for awhile, and students began clamoring for an "advanced class" that would give them the step-by-step instructions to legally and permanently remove government interference from their lives. Needless to say, I have been hesitant to create such a class because the requested solution is impossible.

However, I woke up early one day when I realized that removing government interference in our lives is not impossible - it's just impossible to accomplish in a one or two day seminar. So I decided to write another book. I have been typing feverishly on my laptop for the last three weeks, and I have already completed ten of the fifteen chapters. I am hoping to finish writing the book by mid-October, and have it published (as a paperback only) by Thanksgiving. Please note that several of my recent good intentions have failed like the Hindenburg, and if this streak continues I may get hit by a bus and never finish transfering my ideas to paper. None the less I am still breathing, I am still stubborn, and I have commited myself to completing this task as quickly as possible. With any luck I will fulfil my dream of saving my beloved Constitutional republic before I die.

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that this project in underway, and that if you're planning to obtain a copy, you should find a shiny ounce of .999 fine silver to trade. The title of the book is Secret to Sovereignty, and you can download a few sample pages from my website under the PURCHASE BOOK menu. It's the closest I could come to the advanced class people have been asking for.

Lighting the Fires of Liberty, one heart at a time!

Michael Badnarik

Please leave book reviews of Secret to Sovereignty HERE  Thank you.

Hearing this made my day.

Hearing about this made my day. Thank you sir. Looking forward to the finished project!

I want one of the first

I want one of the first copies off the press and if it is any thnig like "Good to be King", I will buy more and give to people fro the holidies.

Thanks for keeping strong!

Thanks Michael for keeping strong and continuing to spread Liberty with your gift of teaching others. I look forward to the book and plan to obtain a copy by year's end.

Thank you for all you do.

Thank you for all you do. I, for one, appreciate it.  :)

Thank you for your contributions to our Republic Michael

Hello Michael,
Having followed you for years, I eagerly await your final thoughts and have one question for you.  Are you aware of the Republic for the United States and the largest collection of patriots organized to lawfully re-establish the republic guaranteed by the constitution?  While several efforts have been used to seperate from the UCC and commerce we desperately need to place everyone's efforts in one direction.
Thank you Michael and God bless

Thank you. 

Thank you. 

New book

 Thank you, Mr. President  from a CC2009 delegate. I will definitely want several copies to share!

The fire still burns!

This is such amazingly good news.  I have followed you since you ran for president, listened to all your shows when WTPRN existed, attended your constitution class, was deeply concerned when you had your heart attack and I understood and could relate to you when you started to lose hope.  To know the fire still burns is an inspiration to us all.  This book and all the fires of liberty you've lit along the way will continue to burn and inspire people long after you're gone.

Please keep up the good work!

Please keep up the good work! I will order a copy as soon as it's out and if I like it, I'll order more for gifts!

thank you

considering that so many people are just now beginning to wake up and start to take notice of all of the tyranny around us, it is so wonderful to me that we have men such as yourself to correct the deliberate misinformation that we have all been forced to consume for our entire lives.

thank you for your work Michael. i look forward to it.

How To Survive The Second American Revolution

 Great job Michael!

Can't Wait!

 Eagerly awaiting the release, silver in hand.

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