Election results

The election may be over, but the political rhetoric is just getting started. Political pundits are scrambling to make their claims about what the election results mean for the future. Let's take a quick look at the results (as I know them).

Republicans take control over the House of Representatives
Democrats retain control of the Senate

Rand Paul defeats Jack Conway for Kentucky Senate (56% - 44%)
Marco Rubio defeats Charlie Christ and Kendrick Meek for Florida Senate (50% - 29% - 19%)

Christine O'Donnell loses to Chris Coons for Delaware Senate (57& - 40%)
Sharron Angle loses to Harry Reid for Nevada Senate (50% - 45%)

One Fox website summarized the results by saying, "The Tea Party victories by Rand Paul of Kentucky and Marco Rubio of Florida underscored the extent to which Republicans and Democrats alike may have underestimated the power of the Tea Party, a loosely-affiliated, at times ill-defined, coalition of grass-roots libertarians and disaffected Republicans."

So what do you think this means for the future? Are the election results an indication that Americans have come to their senses? Do you think the government has "seen the light" and realizes they can't get away with future economic bailouts? Or do you think the government is still in total control, and allowed us to "blow off some steam" by letting us think that we still have an affect on the outcome of political elections?

Before you decide, look at the results of these two Liberty candidates for Governor:

Texas Governor:
Rick Perry (R) - 55.83%
Bill White (D) - 41.38%
Kathie Glass (L) - 2.21%
Deb Shafto (G) - 0.39%
(I'm pretty sure that Kathie Glass earned ballot access for the Libertarian Party by exceeding 2%)

California Governor Edmund Brown (D) - 53.0%
Meg Whitman (R) - 42.0%
Chelene Nightingale (AI) - 1.6%
Laura Wells (G) - 1.2%
Dale Ogden (L) - 1.4%
Carlos Alvarez (PF) - 0.8%

Notice that Republicans and Democrats failed to control 5% of the vote in California, and only 2.79% of the vote in Texas. Anyone who thinks this marks a significant victory in the direction of Liberty needs to study arithmetic. I think the results demonstrate conclusively that voting in elections makes no difference at all, and that more dramatic action - such as 5 to 10 million angry people rallied in Washington D.C - will be needed before any real progress is made to restore our cherished republic. What say ye?

Election results

Sadly, I live in New York.  I can believe the nearly brain dead masses in this state would vote for people like Cuomo and keep people like Chuckie Schumer around for another term.  However, I won't buy that Reid held onto his position fairly and that the Liberty party candidates didn't have better showings.  No, I don't believe it.  Black box voting is the norm and it probably has been for decades.  It's disgusting.  I agree;  voting is a waste of energy and the energy would be better used in ways that will teach the elitists a few lessons.  Five to ten million souls marching into Washington may not even be enough.  Actually a few million marching on each state capital would be a better idea.  Will it ever come to pass?  Perhaps only when most folks are very hungry.  The trouble is, the elitists study every possibility and for every contingency a plan exists.  This is long-term, corporate planning.  That's why the slow, downward spiral will be controlled so that those of us who are aware/awake will likely be too old (or euthanised) and our children will be stuck with the aftermath of the so-called economic depression.   Real change is usually incremental and not perceived by most.  Rather than "getting out the vote", perhaps we should begin making plans now for the march(es) to occur on the next election day.... 


Elections are meaningless.
The politicians who are running for office are already selected.
And there is no difference between parties, The Republicans and Democrates are both working for the same organization.
If anything the Chinese have been put in the front to lead the world, and most of the jobs we lost went to them for payment of our debt to them,
We are going to be like Indoniesa only poorer, the worst is yet to come.

America has NOT woken up,

America has NOT woken up, this is merely another nationalistic Flag waving, run to the other side of the see-saw political party  "incident".

I hate to sound cynical, but Its going to take a serious event like WWIII, Civil war, Revolt, Uncontrollable Civil Disorder or widespread starvation to Wake the couchpotato, ball watching, barhopping, vidiot, media mezmorized Zombies.

They flocked to the 2 party system like zombies to the Living...

The Evil of The Two Lessers

 Obviously our votes do not count MIchael.  I went from being a Democrat to not believing that my vote counted after the 2000 "re-count" to finding out the philosophy of liberty to understanding that its not who votes that matters, it's who counts the votes as Stalin said.  Voting machine glitches in the matrix plus misinformed voters equals no liberty.  How do we win then?  We change ourselves.  Liberty is in our hearts, that's how we light it up.

Gonna take alot more

The vast majority have not woken up,at all.  All this is is people doing what is normal,voting for the party that "opposes" the president.  It's going to take people watching their children go hungry,not being able to afford the basic necessities,let alone the little luxuries we're accustomed to in this country,for most people in this country to wake up.  Actually I have my doubts that they'll wake up truly even then,they'll just be ripe for whatever manipulation the elites try.  Look at what they fell for after the Great Depression,and the country was better educated then,now we have generations of welfare dependent,dumbed down,medicated,t.v. addicted sloths.  Just imagine what they'll(the government)be able to get away with!

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