Getting Naked for Safety

All politics is personal. People rarely get politically involved unless their own ox is being gored. Thanks to the TSA [Transportation Safety(sic) Administration], more and more people are "feeling the squeeze" of the latest airport security measures. Travelers are now faced with two degrading and unacceptable choices: allow high-tech porn photos to be taken, or allow a complete stranger to grope your genitals. Fortunately, people are beginning to adopt the long-time Libertarian approach of "NONE OF THE ABOVE".

I am please and not suprised to discover a new website called WEWONTFLY.COM promoting a "National Opt-Out Day" just before Thanksgiving - historically the busiest travel day of the year. (I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that my good friend, James Babb, is one of the cofounders of the movement. Way to go, Jimmy!) Suggesting that people to "Act Now. Travel with Dignity", the website encourages people not to fly at all. This is a boycott that would have a significant and devastating economic affect on the already struggling airlines. If you must fly, the website urges supporters opt-out of the new body scanners, in favor of the more personal approach. They further encourage people to protest the pat-down gropes "creatively", which I assume means as vocally and dramtically as possible to draw public (and pubic?) attention to the procedure.

In my opinion, this public outrage is long overdue. Public response to the Patriot Act, the Military Commission Act, and the "Homegrown terrorist act" was pathetically non-existent. However, now that federal agents are instructed to get to "third base" without so much as buying you dinner, the public has finally had enough. Our hero and champion of the Constitution, Ron Paul has introduced H.R. 6416 - The American Traveler Dignity Act. This bill explicitly prohibits granting federal workers immunity from the sexual assault charges that will inevitably be filed if this procedure is allowed to "grab hold". It is interesting to note that Hillary Clinton has indicated she would not submit to a pat-down procedure, and Barack Obama admits that he has never been subjected to the procedure because he does not fly commercial airlines. Perhaps we should subject each member of Congress to this same procedure before each session - just to ensure their safety from Islamic terrorists, of course.

Will the new TSA procedures change your future travel plans in any way? Will you be driving instead of flying to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving? How far will you go to avoid the "porn or grope" decision?

Getting Naked for Safety

Regarding the question of whether to boycott the new body scanners this week and refuse to fly: I’m in favor of “Opting Out” and putting on the brakes if anyone other than my husband or physician attempts to violate my personal possessions.However, I see the aggressive TSA moves as the government's likely effort to throw the airline industry into another economic crisis only to bailout one of the larger companies as they did AIG. This is just the latest “government created crisis” with the same “government created solution” – bailout of one of the big airlines. Who will it be? United? Delta? American? I’m all about boycotting if it speaks to the corporation that is providing a bad product or bad conduct. But the TSA is a branch of the Department of Homeland Security, the same department that could arrest me as a non-muslim domestic terrorist at any moment because I carry a Bible and a Constitution (see I just don’t see where a boycott of a private industry is going to convey the message to the deaf tyrants in Washington. God bless Ron Paul for his never-ending effort to restore liberty in our country. Instead of boycotting the airlines, I suggest we throw some paper in the printer and write a good one page letter to ALL of our legislators. Tell them to support Ron Paul’s HR 6416 – “American Traveler Dignity Act”. Rep. Paul has been knocking on the door a looooong time. He could use our help.And, how is it that Middle Eastern women are allowed to pass through with only their head and neck to be fondled? When was the last time a terrorist hid an explosive in their neck or ears? Did I miss something?

getting naked

 Michael: A year from now most people will be used to this outrageous invasion of our Rights. If we allow this to continue, it won't be long before the next larger intrusion into our lives comes our way. Step by step they will try to take all our dignity from us.

My Fouth Amendment and the simple demise of the TSA

We do not need Dr. Ron Paul or any other politician to end the sexual molestation of our wives, children or ourselves.  Until the end of the TSA, I will ride a bus to Mexico from Houston and fly from Mexico City to my home in South America.  I am a patriot and an American citizen as well as a 7th generation Texan.

Since the creation of the TSA, I have gradually watched the erosion of my beloved 4th Amendment and have a simple, nonviolent solution to the destruction of the TSA.

Under no circumstances, purchase an airline ticket for the next 60 days.  Drive, ride a bus, hire a private pilot or take a train or boat.  We, as a country, survived for hundreds of years without the TSA or air travel.  Teleconference with your clients and corporate offices.

I do not know how many billions of dollars are invested in airports, airlines, tourism, or resorts and hotels but I imagine it is a very large number.  If we as Americans refuse to enter any airport or purchase any airline ticket, how long and loud will the squeal sound from this large group that depends on cheap air travel?

We have the power.  Do not look to Washington for a solution.  We will have solved the solution before any congress or senate can pass any legislation. 

If you have been molested, have had any family member molested or have had to see someone else subjected to molestation, file charges with the police, sheriff and district attorney's office.  Inundate them with paperwork.  Make them responsive or let them know that they will not ever be elected again.  The Federal Government is not the sourse of redress of your grievances.  That resides in your wallet.

Sixty days would bankrupt most airlines, airports, pilots, and airport employees.  Stand up for yourselves and your families.  If you will not , then you are not a patriot and may the chains that bind you lay softly upon you. 

I have no choice and must fly but I do not have to use an American airport.  You can take trains, cars, small private planes, or boats.  Do NOT purchase one ticket for 60 days.  We can win this battle and this war without firing a shot.  If you already have tickets, cancel them and explain why.  Demand a refund or hire a lawyer to get your refund for you.  Your contract is with a private company and not with the government.  If they do not give you a refund, explain that if you are molested by a TSA thug that you will hold their company responsible.

Why do you want Washington to solve the problem when the answer is in your hands?  When has Washington ever cared about anything that you have said?  With total respect to Dr. Paul, he is not the solution.  You are!!!

I agree.

I agree.

Grope Grope Nope Nope

Well!  Our government at work.  Isreal has an excellent system - they profile.  This is a new world, and we can eliminate a good number of threats by PROFILING.

Next it will be the anal probe.  Don't laugh because it really is on the table.  Bend over and say cheese!

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