John F. Kennedy assassination

I was nine years old, in the fourth grade at a Catholic school. We had just returned from lunch, so we were sitting silently in our desks, waiting with near-military discipline. We knew something was wrong when the Sisters of Providence nun did not walk into the room five seconds after the bell rang. She was in tears when she finally arrived three minutes later. That's when she told us that President Kennedy had been assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

On Friday, November 22nd, some of us will mark the fifty-sixth anniversary of the day the President of the United States was assassinated in broad daylight, as millions of viewers watched in real-time. This issue of my newsletter will have a much more dramatic affect on my readers who are sixty and older. They will all remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when they heard the terrible news. Anyone younger than that will be considerably less interested in the subject because it is merely "ancient history" in their eyes.

School was cancelled for the rest of that Friday afternoon. My father picked me up and drove me home where I spent the evening watching the news unfold on all four channels. CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS. That's all the channels there were. I vividly remember watching as Lee Harvey Oswald was taken to a small room and interviewed by the press. (Wait a minute! When has a murder suspect EVER been allowed to speak to a police officer - much LESS, the press - without an attorney present? And not just ANY murder suspect. Oswald was accused of killing the man who occupies the White House. You can watch this short YouTube video of Oswald's interview if you think I'm making this up.)

At nine years old I already knew how to lie. If my mother asked, "Michael, did you finish your homework?" I could respond, "Yes, of course." because I always did my homework first. More evidence of the near-military discipline we were taught in the 60's. If my mother asked, "Michael, did you break the lamp?" I would break out in a sweat, start to shake, and lie, "NO, Mom! Maybe a burgler did it." I knew from personal experience that telling the truth and lying triggered different emotional reactions. As I watched Oswald answer the question, "Did you kill the President?", he was so cool and undisturbed, that I KNEW he was telling the truth when he said he didn't know what they were talking about. Either that, or this guy was a better pathological liar than "Joe Isuzu".

On Saturday morning, everything was being broadcast from Dallas, and I watched Oswald get shot and killed by Jack Ruby as they escorted him through the tunnel beneath the police station. My mother was in the kitchen doing the dishes when I shouted to her that someone had just killed Oswald. My mother said, "No, Michael. Oswald is the one who killed the President." I responded, "Yeah! I know! And someone just shot him in the stomach." Mom ran into the living room with a dish towel in her hand, and ten minutes later I suggested that she sit down if she was going to watch the whole thing unfold.

It the days and weeks that followed, the police frequently held up the cheap, bolt-action rifle they claimed that Oswald had used to shoot the President from the sixth-floor of the Texas school book depository building. I have never in my life believed that story, and now, after years of long range shooting, and having visited Dealey Plaza several times in person, it is even LESS plausible. It is not humanly possible to make three accurate shots in six-and-a-half seconds using that piece of trash rifle. And the Warren Report that resulted from the "official investigation" is more fanciful and imaginary than Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" - and that was written while the author was taking hallucinogenic drugs.

For the last fifty-six years, the number one item on my "bucket list" has been to discover the truth about JFK's assassination. Before I died I wanted to find out "who, how, and why". Now I know. I am quite satisfied that I know all the details that there are to be known, almost as if I had participated in the cover-up. How do I know?

People often send me eMail messages that only contain a link to some YouTube video. If they don't have the time to describe what I should watch and why, I simply delete the message. So when a friend sent a YouTube link and said, "This is very important, and you should watch it before the government takes it down", I sat down for lunch intending to watch the video while I ate. The first thing I noticed is that the video was THREE HOURS AND THIRTY MINUTES! Are you nuts?! I'm not going to waste an afternoon watching the entire video! But I decided I would watch for as long as it took me to finish my lunch.

I ended up watching the entire video. All 210 minutes of it. The following evening I invited a friend for dinner and I watched the entire video again the second time. The author begins his incredible story about how the assassination took place, showing six of the eight sniper locations on an aerial photo of Dealey Plaza. He promises to show the remaining two locations at the end of his story. The video is very convincing. I strongly suspect that someone who WAS involved decided to confess the details just before they died. That's the only way I can imagine being able to put the pieces of this puzzle together they way they did. If you watch, you will be AMAZED at names of the people - now conveniently dead - who masterminded this sinister plot.

Occasionally you will make the time to watch some murder mystery or sci-fi thriller on NetFlix or Amazon Prime. I am confident that this YouTube video will hold you in suspense even longer, especially knowing that the information is true. The video is called: JFK to 911 - EVERYTHING IS A RICH MAN'S TRICK and I highly recommend it.

The video is restricted to adults, so you will be required to login to YouTube in order to watch it. Please take the time. You need to know just how corrupt our government is. You probably don't WANT to know, but you really NEED to know. Once you've watched the video, the question becomes, "What are you going to do AFTER you know?"

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