Thought crime in America

Joseph Stalin is estimated to have killed as many as twenty million people, above and beyond an equal number of soldiers who perished in World War II. Many of those killed were suspected of having ideas that disagreed with Mr. Stalin. One article says, "An amoral psychopath and paranoid with a gangster’s mentality, Stalin eliminated anyone and everyone who was a threat to his power - including (and especially) former allies. He had absolutely no regard for the sanctity of human life." As outrageous as it might seem, Stalin had people jailed or killed simply because of what he suspected them of thinking.

In a veiled attempt to justify these purges, Russian psychologists invented "sluggish schizophrenia", an imaginary psychosis used to force political dissidents into a "doctor's care", rather than jail them for crimes they did not commit. Wikipedia states, "[The] theory of 'sluggish schizophrenia' is so hazy that it can be applied to any individual, whether mentally sick or healthy, and it has been rejected by the world psychiatric community. The application of the theory to political dissidents has been internationally condemned." When I did five consecutive days for Mental Freedom Week on my former radio program, I recall the definition of sluggish schizoprenia as anyone who disagreed with the theory of communism.

If you think this barbaric practice has been eliminated in a modern, enlightened America, you would be wrong. Accusing someone of mental instability to justify putting them in jail still happens in the United States. My friend, Schaeffer Cox, has been sent to federal prison for 26 years for being "crazy" enough to think that self-defense from government oppression is justified. Outrageously, the public defender assigned to him as legal counsel thinks that Schaeffer and his friends suffer from a "collective political delusion". In short, those of us who support the Second Amendment are insane by default.

The government considers ideas are more dangerous than guns. Schaeffer is not just in prison, he is being held at a facility called the "Communications Management Unit". The topic and content of all conversations and eMail is closely monitored by the staff. The government clearly wants to prevent Schaeffer (and others) from sharing their opinions with others, especially if they are critical of the government.

Schaeffer is desperately trying to fire his court appointed attorney and hire someone who believes that Schaeffer can be acquitted if his case is appealed. The problem - of course - is that lawyers cost money, and Schaeffer is not allowed to cash a paycheck while incarcerated. Ergo, I'm asking my supporters to contribute as much as they can for a very good cause. Please visit and make a donation to his defense fund. We can't combat all of the evil perpetrated by agents of the government, but we can certainly make a significant difference in the life of an intelligent and articulate defender of Liberty.

Please do everything you can to help right this injustice.

Lighting the fires of Liberty, one heart at a time!

Michael Badnarik

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