The Death of Osama Bin Laden

Thomas Jefferson said, "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever." After watching the reaction of countless Americans to the news that Osama Bin Laden was successfully assassinated, I remain mildly nauseous. Not since the Carter administration have I been so embarrassed of my country. In spite of our technological superiority, we are nothing more than a third world country, filled with unsophisticated xenophobes.

sophistication: character, ideas, tastes, or ways as the result of education, worldly experience,

How many times have I watched people in foreign countries burning the American flag as they riot in the streets? I cautiously pity these people, consoled only by the fact that they remain thousands of miles away from where I live. They have little or no education, evidenced by the fact that they joyously celebrate the death or downfall of their enemies. How is that any different from the mobs of flag waving Americans, cheering and celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden? Many singing our national anthem so far off key, I doubt they could carry a tune if it was in a bucket. Before I realized why everyone was cheering, I wondered which sporting event I had missed. I knew that the World Series and Super Bowl were behind us, but my complete lack of interest in sports left me wondering which team was claiming a championship, and in which sport. I remain sick to my stomach knowing that this is how Americans respond to the death of an enemy.

Everyone knows my reputation regarding the Second Amendment, and nobody with an IQ over 50 would doubt my willingness to defend myself if the circumstances required it. What would the jury conclude if they saw a videotape of me whooping and hollering in celebration over the body of an intruder that I had "double tapped" a few moments before? (I was not impressed when Diane Sawyer used this term as if it were some highly advanced military technique.) How could I claim extreme duress, insisting that I was in fear of my life, as I stand over my conquest quipping, "No, don't get up. I'll call the ambulance", as if I were in a Hollywood movie? War is hell. Death is permanent. No sane and rational person celebrates either one. I don't deny that killing someone before they kill you is occasionally necessary, but expressing anything but regret that it was necessary is sick and twisted.

The United States used to be the pinnacle of education, historically number one in both math and science worldwide. We now outsource any job that requires the least bit of thinking. The people behind the cash register at fast food restaurants are unable to correctly calculate the cost of your food, or the amount of change you should get. As a nation we are obsessed with Michael Jackson, Dancing with the Stars, and the self-destruction of Brittany Spears and Lindsay Lohan. How many days am I going to have to watch the pagentry of the royal wedding which glorifies the upper echelon of a primitive class system. "All men are created equal" my ass!

Why did I waste my time doing homework, visiting museums, and going to college when most of the people I meet are not smart enough to engage in any conversation above the sixth grade level? Many high school seniors are functionally illiterate, using Crayolas to color inside the lines while I attempt to talk to them about civics and the Constitution. It makes me crazy when I am criticized by people who confuse THEN and THAN, or don't know the difference between THERE, THEY'RE and THEIR.

I don't know for sure that Bin Laden was responsible for the attack on September 11th. My only evidence comes from the government by way of the Lame Stream Media, which doesn't come anywhere close to scientific proof in my book. I'm not one hundred percent convinced that Bin Laden is even dead. The only thing I've seen on television is a jittery video with something that looks like blood on the floor, and a report that his body has already been buried at sea. The only thing I am certain of is that America is in rapid decline, and that the empire built around it will soon collapse for the same reasons that the Roman and Greek empires no longer exist. The rotted away from the inside.


There are so many things running through my mind these days I am amazed I can keep track of all or any of them. Mike, Thank You for putting this event in perspective. I presonally cannot help but sence that there is an alterior motive for this and the Birth certiface event. I personally cannot make hard judgemments on either because I dont have the hard facts in front of my own two eyes. I prefer to see what "developes". I believe that Time will Judge the events and reveal truth. I will say that there are clearly 2 worlds of Logic these days...One is follow the masses or else, the other is villified, cursed, alienated and slandared in every form imaginable. We fall into the latter.

You hit the nail on the head when you said mildly nauseous. Just how far down the hill we have terrifying. Sick-Sad-Angry is how I feel when events like this surface. Non-participation in many eyes seems to signal to some I am Un-American or Un Patriotic...Its exhausing, at times.

If Arrogance and Blindness were Crude Oil we'd never run out.....

A major minority

There aren't too many of us out there feeling somber about this death.  As soon as I heard the news, I felt a sense of relief which was soon replaced with a sense of sinking reality that this will not bring our troops home and end the illegal wars.  Alas, when I saw the media coverage of the whoopin ana hollerin, with no admonition for the inappropriateness of rejoicing in the murder of a human being, no matter how vile, I felt down right icky, or nauseous as you say.  When I recall all of the angry Christians denouncing the entire Islam, now replicating the happy dance done by our enemies after the 9/11 tragedy, I have to ask, where is the real evil?

Thanks, Michael, for the voice of sanity.

bin laden

Rae Ann,

You're absolutely right.  This old vet says, "OK.  We got the SOB.  Let's bring 'em home."   Too bad we both know that's not gonna happen.


Thank you

  Dearest Mr. Badnarik,
This is, by far, the most sensible write-up on the pitiful bin Laden death jubilation that I have read. There is no doubt America is in rapid decline and the lamestream media has degraded into nothing but a circus-like "reality" tv show.
  Sincere thanks for all that you do.

bin Laden


Unlike those lamebrains passing for college students whooping it up in front of the white house, I was more troubled and a whole lot less than exuberant when I got the news.

To me, in at least one aspect, I think terrorist leaders are much like drug kingpins - you take one out and another steps in to replace him, sometimes being even worse.

I'm pretty sure it was you are responsible for introducing me to Adam Kokesh.  I have not missed a single "Adam Vs. The Man" since it started airing a couple weeks ago.  His reaction was similar to yours and mine, as was Alex Jones's.  Of course, Jones immediately put a conspiracy spin on it, but I'm listening.

I am in the initial stages of producing a show on public access.  It's working title and subtitle is, "Think - While It's Still Legal."  One subject I will use is the US Constitution and I will work many of things I've learned from you into it.  Wish me luck.

Hope to meet you some day.  It's on my bucket list.

Yours in Liberty,

Hi Michael, I agree with you

Hi Michael,

I agree with you. 

I can't help but remember listening to your show and your weekly guest who followed the money trail.  I never forgot their comment about the state dept making a visit to Osama Bin Laden while he was in the hospital in Dubai before Sep 11, 2001.  Did you know that Fox news on 26 Dec 2001 covered and reported his death?  Fox claimed that he died of Kidney failure.  2003 The French claimed Osama had been killed in  a raid  by the US in 2001?  2007 Benazir Bhutto in an interview claimed Osama was dead for years.  A few weeks after saying this she was killed.

I am not a muslim, but muslims do not "bury at sea!" 

Now we are going to attack another country and murder more people under false pretense. 



Those were great words. I will ask the ?, but we know that answer: What has happened to this Republic???

Osama Dead for the Nth Time!

Given the fact that 96% of the media is owned by just 6 companies with interlocking directorates, don't you agree that there's a pretty good chance that the Sheeple are being played with an Establishment mass Psyop?

Plenty of people who have claimed Osama - former CIA operative when Russians occupied Afghanistan (Tim Osama) - was dead starting in 2002.  On Alex Jones site it is claimed that bin Laden's body has been "on ice" for years - waiting for an appropriate Establishment crisis.  What might that be? 

Remember just a week or so that Obama - goaded by Trump - released his "real" long form birth certificate.  It was already being ripped apart as a fraud on youtube (visit this link: ) when Obama got a breather from all the coverage of the "Royal Wedding", but THEY (Establishment) knew it wouldn't last - OK time to play the Osama card!  Get some pictures and video of a few of the Sheeple wrapping themselves in the flag and singing the national anthem and tell US (the rest of the Sheeple and the very few clued in) that "the 9/11 generation is happy now but wary of "reprisals" and that Osama's death means that more people now believe he did it"  Fortunately more and more people are seeing thru that.

The other side benefit, is that it can give Establishment a pretext to attack our former ally, Pakistan - which happens to have "the bomb", btw.  So Obama BC gone off the front pages and people scared of reprisals and consigned to the reality of endless war on terror - looks like a big propaganda win for our oppressors - the Establishment.

Check out Infowars:
Bollyn on bin Laden and IX XI:

You'll have a better idea of why they had to dump the body in the ocean.
Liberty, Peace, Prosperity and Love

Thank you Michael

As always, you create a beautifully-worded look at a depressing situation. Thank God I can come here and know that I AM NOT ALONE in lamenting the celebration around me over this farce.

A guy stuck his iPhone in my face yesterday with a full screen headshot of UBL with his eye blown out. Disgusting. When I turned away, he said I need to see this because this man killed 3,000 innocent Americans. I said "Really? The FBI doesn't seem to think so, as the crimes of 9/11/2001 are not on his wanted poster at" Needless to say, the gentleman was not happy with my take on 9/11...

Thank you Michael. This country is greatly in your debt.


I had a unicorn.  Really.  I did.  But it died.  I buried it at sea.  I'm sorry I don't have a body to show you but you still believe me right?

There is a fool born (in America) every minute.

Upon the election of her illegal president husband, Michelle O stated that for the first time she was proud to be an American.
I whole heartedly agree with Mike on this one:  Q> Not since the Carter administration have I been so embarrassed of my country. In spite of our technological superiority, we are nothimg more than a third world country, filled with unsophisticated xenophobes.<Q

reverse the paranoia

Thanks for the great post Mike.

Now that the boogie man is dead we need to reverse everything we did as a result of him, starting with the "Patriot Act" and continuing on to the TSA groping, shadow government, militarized police forces, warrantless wiretaps, all the executive orders, government spying, etc.

Brave and Free Americans would demand nothing less.

bin laden

The more I think about it, the less I feel that bin laden ever existed.  It was awfully strange that we see Saddam Hussein go on trial, get executed and such. And when it comes to bin Laden, he's buried at sea where we can't see him.  Something sounds very fishy to me. I have a couple of friends who think that the 911 thing was entirely orchestrated by our government.  At first, I would not believe it. But after watching your 2008 videos about the constitution on youtube, now I'm not sure.  And when I found out about it on the tv, I was embarrassed by what people were doing in the streets of our nation.  I thought we were above what 3rd world countries do.

Bin Laden

Yes, but don't you know that we got so much "information" of Osama's laptop that will help us in the other wars we are in??  And now we can make Pakistan the boogey man on top of it so we can continue our drone attacks. How convenient is that?  Doesn't anyone think it is funny that we give Pakistan billions of dollars to fight terrorism and, by golly, terrorism increases.  How can that be??  Of course I saying this all tonque in cheek.  I use to believe what my American government and media told me unexamined.  No more. 

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