It's only PRACTICE rape


Mea culpa! Mea culpa! (Latin for "My fault!")

My apologies for not being quicker on the uptake. The short video link that I include in this newsletter is a FAKE. Presumably Congressman John Heller was reading from a totally redacted document. My sincere thanks to Ralphie for giving me a heads up that it is a satire from The Onion, as evidenced by the fact that the C in C-SPAN is really an onion. Damn! I hate when that happens. Now I must beat the living daylights out of the friend who sent it to me. (Trust... but verify!)

Doing my best to keep the information as accurate as possible.]

Try to imagine: the local street gang has announced they plan to practice raping your teenage daughters this weekend. They're not going to actually rape them, mind you. This is just going to be a practice run.

Before you start wondering when I became so sick and twisted, humor me for just a few more moments. Shouldn't you be asking yourself what the street gang might be practicing for? Could it possibly be that they are practicing now so they can maximize the trauma when they've decided they've had enough practice? Logic dictates that you only practice the things you plan to execute later.

Which brings me to JADE HELM 15, which is the Army's plan to practice controlling and restraining the general public. Why would the Army practice controlling the public unless they have every intention of doing so "for real"?

I have procrastinated in writing this newsletter because I didn't want to do a sloppy job on an issue that is so very, very dangerous. There are many patriots who are already getting prepared for an all out civil war, which is exactly what it will be if American civilians are forced to take up arms to protect themselves from the very government entrusted with protecting their life, Liberty, and property.

Jade Helm is scheduled to take place between July 15th and September 15th this summer. It is "is a challenging eight-week joint military and interagency (IA) Unconventional Warfare (UW) exercise conducted throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado." One thing the military planners have right is showing Texas as "hostile" territory. Why do you think the Don't Mess with Texas bumper stickers are still so popular, decades after the anti-litter campaign was discontinued? I'm not sure if it's possible in the three months left before their "Realistic Military Training" is scheduled to begin, but I hope we can convince the military that Texas is SO hostile to the idea, that they cancel this training all together.

I don't expect you to be convinced just yet. Please glance at this document allegedly from the US Army - Special Operations Command office. It is only a dozen pages, and has very large font. The Army has yet to confirm or deny that the document is official. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes to get the general idea. Then I'd like you to watch this short video that shows Congressman John Heller of Pennsylvania not telling us about the funding for HR-8791, the Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill. (This would be funny if it wasn't so dangerous to our Liberty.)

The Army admits that they have faced a lot of resistance to this exercise, and they allege that "alarmists" like me are over reacting to this ordinary military exercise. Articles at Army Times and Stars and Stripes both "pooh pooh" the idea that Jade Helm is anything the general public should be concerned about. Both articles seem to suggest that because the USASOC document doesn't give details about who or why civilians would be detained, then of course we shouldn't worry about it. Everyone knows the government would never lie to us. [Sorry. Sarcasm overload.]

So what can we do to avoid a violent confrontation with members of our own military forces? The USASOC document claims it "seeks a written invitation and approval from local officials". We must contact our local officials and vociferously demand that they revoke any permission they may have already granted. This is no time to pussy-foot around. Be clear. Be concise. Make sure they understand that our demands are not negotiable.

The Texas cities that will be involved in this exercise are Bastrop/Smithville, Big Springs, Caddo Lake, Caldwell, Christoval, College Station, Dell City, Eldorado, Goliad, Junction, Leakey, Menard, Mountain Home, San Angelo, San Antonio, and Victoria. I've created a webpage with contact information for local officials involved. Please distribute that link to your patriotic friends. If their phone continues to ring off the hook, perhaps we can convince the military that they have underestimmated our Texas passion for freedom. Please leave comments after the newsletter article letting me know who you contacted, and what their response was.

Prepared to Defend the Alamo again, if necessary,

Michael Badnarik

[mjb: I also want to make it perfectly clear that my "practice rape" hypothesis was a deliberate attempt to catch your attention. Rape generates a deep, visceral reaction in everyone, and I was merely making a metaphoric comparison. You would not condone practice rape because you would never condone the actual rape itself. I was trying to make the point that I'm strongly opposed to allowing the military to practice martial law because I will not tolerate actual martial law. Never, never, never did I mean to imply that our military was coming to Texas to practice raping women. I don't think many people will draw that conclusion from my newsletter, but I want to clarify just in case that concept is wandering around out there.]

I want to thank my friend Nancy for making phone calls to as many city officials as she could. The additional information is listed in magenta on the page of contact information. Please follow her example by expressing your opinion verbally so we can avoid bloodshed in Texas and elsewhere.

Rape Practice

The satire is very evbident. This type of expirement has been going on for some time. One of the main objectives is to test the suseptability of people. Two to three steps each time, this one is a good sized leap.

Arizona military practice

Can you give us more information about the military practice in Arizona?

practice rape analogy is fitting

Dear Michael,

Glad to see you are doing things.

I want to mention that although I understood your using the analogy of "practice rape".  I know that some or your readers might have been traumatized an experience of rape and  I do feel for them.

I was in the military once. I know the effect of being issued orders, no matter how repugnant they are.  The men are just not trained to say "no, I won't do that".  One out of a thousand might, but he can be replaced at the snap of a finger.

So one thing you need to understand.  Never underestimate the depth of depravity and destrution that a standing army is capable of doing on its own people. And if you doubt that you need to go back and study the so-called American civil war.
What the Northern Army did to the Southern states was a litteral and figurative rape.
Ole Honest Abe gave the orders to unleash the trroops of Sherman and Sheridan, and Grant.  You have heard of Sherman's march?
The men have already been trained to protect eachother, to band together.
All it takes is some pretext of a situation.
Lincolnd did not fire the first shot. No, but set up the South to do that for him and the reaction in the North was enormouse.
I magine some mis-guided patriot of sovereign Texas firing on the Navy SEALS. 

So what are normally kind, gentle, men put in combat situation, are nothing but wild animals.  During the civil war, thousands and thousands of women were litterally raped. During a situation like that it is not from the drive to "make love" but to dominate in the most personally physical way.
What is it to rape someone when you are perfectly willing to kill them?
All it takes is some match to kindle the situation to initiate martial law.
What do you think happened in Nazi Germany?
Those soldiers were not bred and brought up to be monsters.
They were carefully fed a diet of propaganda.
What are our soldiers being fed today?


 For some reason, Mike, you are under the illusion that this is "practice" and not outright "training". These "training" excersises have been going on for many years, in many major cities (although a few have refused), and will continue right up to the round-up. And, off to a FEMA camp we will go! So, please make no bones about it, and remember what you once told me, as I do. "When they come for my gun it will be MY interpretation of our Rights that will matter.". May God bless AND keep you.

Onion News Network's Rep John Haller Satirical video

Onion News Network's Rep John Haller Satirical video:

[mjb: Oh, sure! NOW you tell me. (sigh)]

All Forgiven

Saw that video last night and wrote it into my notes for an article I'm writing presently. Am so glad to have come back here today so I could discover the Onion's joke. I can still use it, so am thankful to you for not only everything else you do, but also for posting that video. I think it's a classic and is striking at something which is very commonly seen in WDC.
You just keep on keeping on with all your good work, and we'll forgive on this one instance, eh? ;)

Elias Alias, editor for Oath Keepers

Mea culpa!

 Brother, I hardly think you’re the first to make that mistake!  Correcting it immediately is your responsibility and you did so!   Do beat the living daylights out of the friend who sent it to you.  When you do, do so with a loving heart! Pursue with endless perseverance the source of the spring, for only then, will you know that its water is safe to drink. ~ A Arizonian  Best regards, Michel J. Sharp          Phung Ho├áng      No Quarter Received ~ Nor Given

Defending the Alamo

I cannot believe that there are those who think communism is ok and not bad. And they live and work here in our USA with us everyday! I am learning so much and I thank you for your taking some initiative to inform us about our Texas and our USA and what is going on and what might happen. I cannot believe that anyone could think that you were saying our military was literally raping anyone. I understood what you meant and no explanation was needed for me. If the problems at hand are not addressed and there are more children with no dads and single mothers trying to rear them on low wages and it is more difficult to get help if needed when you are married  and there are more illegals entering with no good formal way to ever become a real citizen and there are more government spending with no end in sight and when you ask where did the money go they do not know  and more homeless, jobless, physically and mentally messed up citizens and non-citizens and so forth and so on... it is believable that there could be martial law in our future and after that what??? I would not doubt that there is training what to do for civil unrest and as we the USA experience more and more troubles the likely hood of civil unrest increases wouldn't you say?  I would like to see some law as we need it to follow and be civilized but not the crushing too many, too severe laws that would have us not be free any more at all. Practice controlling the general public games?  There are those of us who are civilized and  do not need practiced upon?  Some are saying please hold me for a day or so I really do not want to go to work or other such nonsense. I am in another State but for certain this is a reality for us all to be concerned about here in our USA. THEY NEED TO patrol the boarder and check people properly so no terrorists, no criminals enter and make a legal way for good people to cross and be a real citizen instead of games and nonsense on the citizens already here? Approval needs to sought by all the citizens not just officials and a choice few.  I can sleep better knowing that they are training to what?  Some are saying we do not understand and we have no real voice about it anyway.  Perhaps they would like to volunteer to be the ones they practice on? Maybe this will get some to respond. I do not know I get apathy and smart answers and it is a SHAME!

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