Freedom of Religion or Bullying?

Should the NFL use something besides "pigskin" to make footballs because one or two players have a religious objection to pork?

Is Blackwater obligated to hire a mercenary who claims to be a "conscientious objector" and refuses to kill people?

Should Playboy publish a photo pictorial of a middle aged male to avoid discriminating against people based on age and gender?

Is Abercrombie and Fitch obligated to hire Samantha Elauf as one of their sales girls even though she wears a hijab for religious reasons?

MY answers are no, no, HELL no!, and absolutely not.

According to Wikipedia,

"The first [foot]balls were made of natural materials, such as an inflated pig bladder, later put inside a leather cover, which has given rise to the United States slang-term 'pigskin'. Modern balls are designed by teams of engineers to exacting specifications, with rubber or plastic bladders, and often with plastic covers"

In this instance, "pigskin" is a euphemism, and there is nothing pork related to the ball used to play the game. However, even if there was, players with religious objections are never forced to play the game. They always have the option of giving up their multi-million dollar salaries because they want to improve their chances of getting into heaven.

I have often pointed out that you cannot be "a little bit pregnant". Either you are or you aren't. As far as Blackwater is concerned, you are either a killer - or you're not. Why do people assume they will get paid for being unwilling or incapable of doing the job in question? I have no idea why a conscientious objector would even apply for a job with Blackwater, but I would strongly recommend against filing a discrimination lawsuit against the company. Given their reputation, you may not live long enough to have your day in court. (Just sayin'.)

Allow me to apologize for the visual image of a naked, potbellied male as next month's foldout. (Playboy magazine has articles?! Really?!) I still can't get the image of Burt Reynolds in Cosmopolitan magazine out of my mind, but it appears that Playgirl magazine is still in business. Evidently my tastes are not shared by everyone. (Go figure!) None the less, Playboy magazine is - by definition - all about young, nubile, naked women. Buy the magazine or don't buy the magazine. Those are your choices. Forcing the magazine to conform to your thoughts about sexuality is not a morally justifiable pursuit.

The first three social conflicts are hypothetical, however the last one is very real. Samantha Elauf is an attractive Muslim woman who applied for a job with Abercrombie and Fitch. During her job interview she wore a hijab, which I would characterize as an fashionable scarf wrapped across the top of her head and around her neck. I have no clue what religious significance this apparel has for Ms. Elauf, however it doesn't really matter. Like it or not, the clothing store in question has rigorously created its own niche in the fashion world. I don't think I've ever been in one of their stores, but that is certainly my choice. Ms. Elauf may choose to apply for jobs anywhere she wants... assuming she is able and willing to do the job she is seeking. No one is suggesting (yet) that she be hired as a pilot if she doesn't know how to fly, and she's not going to find a job at Playboy given her strong attraction to certain articles of clothing. Abercrombie and Fitch wants employees with a "certain look". If Samantha Elauf isn't willing to conform to that look, she's free to search elsewhere for employment.

Bullying is a problem that is getting lots of public attention these days. Usually it focuses on middle or high school students being ridiculed and harrassed by groups of their peers who refuse to accept them for who or what they are. Bullying in the adult world seems to involve asking the Supreme Court to force large groups of people to conform to the alleged religious beliefs of a single person. Both types of bullying are wrong.

Lighting the Fires of Liberty, one heart at a time!

Michael Badnarik


 Again , Thank You for your insight and being an example of a. Decent human being , a good son and a Patriot. ... make no mistake , WE are being systematically invaded by islam and illegal aliens whose purpose is to transform our Nation into a 3 rd world dictatorship. I would only have to take any headline from any news scource to prove my assertion. The real question is , How do we stop it ?... Short of taking up arms and firing the first shot I believe the Founders gave us the necessary tools We need to right the ship. 
 I have listened to your presentations on the Constitution several times. I am thouroughly convinced that if the vast majority of the population were to take thentime to hear you explain what our Constitution actually means then things would change overnight. We have been incolved in The Common Law GrandJury and have made incredible progress in this endeavor. We believe it is the only peaceful Constitutional means of restoring the People theough education and having a means to bring our servant government back into obedience. We are but about 2 years in the process and have constituted Common Law Grand Juries in all 50 states and all 3000+ counties... Currently WE are gathering 1,000,000+ signatures for a Mandamus to be served on our government... Any thoughts, help or mention would be appreciated.. I am acting alone in this request and not as a representative of the Unified Common Law Grand Jury... Only a s a " People"

Kevin Cote

consumer/employee power

I find the above article to be largely about objectionable business practices.  The consumer and the employee have a tremendous amount of unrealized power regarding business practices.  If you do not approve of a company's hiring practices, business model, etc., do not patronize them or their advertizers.  Employees necessarily benefit the companies they work for (hence the employment).  Don't work for or patronize a company whose mission and values do not align with you own.

I am amazed by the number of people I know who oject to working conditions in China but purchase items made there; people who despise factory farming and GMOs yet shop at chain grocery stores; people who find Orwellian tracking systems abhorent and carry cell phones. 

It is past time to opt out in every way that you are able.  For further reading, see "Secret To Sovereignty" by Michael Badnarik.

Peace, Love and Liberty,


Great article

Really good article, Michael.  Again, opening my eyes.  : )

Freedom isn't Free and we are still losing all our rights

we are losing our rights so please start righting the rights by writing to Congress

 Awesome article!

 Awesome article!

 Straightforward, unbiased

 Straightforward, unbiased reality. Fed up with all the religious and sexual propaganda. Both need to stay in the privacy of their own homes and minds. Don't we have better things to focus on in this country? I respect people's rights to believe what they choose but the problem is that's not good enough for religious people, they want YOUR mind and obedience too. Very dangerous for liberty.

Absolutely agree with your

Absolutely agree with your message, Michael.  It is just another way to make the USA into a 3rd world country or like the one they left because they didn't like the restrictions there!.  I still don't understand how 1 or 2 people who have an objection to something can prevail and get what they don't like changed or eliminated.  Seems to me the Constitution is ignored by many.


 Spot on, Michael!  Last I knew, freedom of religion meant that one was free to practice one's own religion as he sees fit as long as it doesn't impinge on someone else's such freedom.  That's been misconstrued, bent and twisted to mean that if my religion sees something as offensive or important to me, then it must be imposed on others, especially in a place of work.  As you said, NO, NO, NO, and HELL NO! 

Great article.

Mandatory Vaccination

I was discussing mandatory vaccination a few days ago and searched for the exact quote in which you offered to meet anyone who wanted to vaccinate you without your permission with your .45 and see whether his syringe or your pistol would make a larger hole.
I hope that you are in good health.

For life and liberty,
impeach Obama for treason,
death to the new world order,

David Macko 


Michael: As usual you hit the nail right on the head. This article will be forwarded on to friends and relatives by me.
My understanding of the First Amendment to the Constitution is that the Founders wanted to ensure that the "Government" would not establish a state religion or require any person to be participate in any  religion. Also, that all would be free to practice the religion of their choosing or practice no religion at all. A very simple concept.
It seems to have been interpreted by some to mean "freedom from exposure to any religion but their own" no matter where they are. The logical end to the argument that these folks seem to be making is that a person could go into a place of worship,  not of their religion, and claiming it to be a "public building" that they (owners of the building) cannot practice their religion in that "public building". The courts and the lawyers need to quit twisting the Constitution into something it is not!
Also, I would like to comment on the issue of not doing business with the wrong organizations. It has been my belief for a long time that the American consumer could resolve many of the ills which are afflicting this country by choosing how they spend their dollars more wisely. Money essentially equals power, right or wrong. If the majority of American consumers ceased doing business with all the banks which were involved in the "Too Big Too Fail" fiasco I think they would fold or move to another country. The same is true of companies which produce consumer goods. Recent examples of business's whose products I no longer purchase (except under very unusual circumstances) are Anheuser-Busch  products or Smithfield Foods products. For those who don't know Anheuser-Busch  was sold to a Belgian company. Smithfield pork was sold to a Chinese company. If business owners knew that Americans would not do business with companies who ship American jobs overseas or who sell out to foreign interest or governments things would change pretty quick.
People can choose to use small local banks or credit unions. While they may not be as "convenient" at times it is much more likely that your money will stay in your community.
You can avoid doing business with companies which "import" their workforce rather than hire local US citizen residents. Demand that your local and state governments do the same.
I live in the Florida Keys. Currently there is a massive road / sewer project going on here to install city sewer throughout the entire Keys. Nearly all the laborer and machinery operator jobs seem to be held by employees from South or Central America. If you go to the grocery store on Saturday morning you find them lined up at the Customer Service counter to send Western Union Money Orders to Nicaragua. I fail to see how this helps the American economy in any way.
In Liberty! Andy


Is it really any wonder that bullying has become such an issue when we have the greatest "role model" in the world - our own government?

Thanks for another good read, Michael.


Well stated, Dan.  "Speed of

Well stated, Dan.  "Speed of the leader."  Same could be said about debt.  Heck, everybody's doing it, right?


Loved your article.  I have been a fan for more than a decade, in Ithaca, NY . I think being politcally correct has turned into a religion.  Agree or be bullied.


What is it with the hijab, anyway?
Is it worn for modesty?
Why would a woman be modest about her hair/head and at the same time wear tight leggins out in public?
In the short video I saw of this woman walking, she had a smug grin on her face.  As if to say, "So far so good; I stirred the pot.  Now let's see how much I can get when I sue."  

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