Tisha Casida fundraiser

Last November I wrote that I had experienced a Colorad Rocky Mountain High when I toured the state with congressional candidate Tisha Casida. After my endorsement of her campaign (but certainly not because of it) Tisha appeared as a guest on Judge Napolitano's television program. Tisha has been working very hard to campaign all across her district, which comprises nearly 40% of Colorado. She is actively fundraising to continue her sucess in spreading the passion for Liberty throughout Colorado. I would greatly appreciate it if you would read her request, and then give generously.

Thank you,


Dear Friends & Liberty-Lovers,

We have had an amazing start to 2012 - this is a great year for liberty. We have out-raised any "third-party" or "independent" candidate in the history of our district, and we are working on our next fundraising goal that will give us the war-chest we need to be able to reach even more voters in Colorado and concerned citizens across the country. I want to go to Washington, D.C. to be a voice for all Americans - specifically when it comes to protecting the individual liberties and natural rights that are the basis for who we are. A well-known voice for liberty will be leaving the Congress this year, and I want to be a re-enforcement for this message of truth and constitutional government.

Would you donate $25, $50, even $100 today to help us build our war-chest? We will have to make our media buys soon, and your donation goes directly towards marketing my platform and our goal for seeking State and local solutions to federal tyranny.

People like yourself have gotten us this far, and now we must push forward to continue our momentum and voice. We win when we work together, and I would be honored for your consideration and contribution.

In Liberty,


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