Questions on your Census Form

My census form arrived today in an envelope emblazoned with a bold warning: YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW I seriously doubt that it is. Article I, Section 2, clause 3 states, "The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct." The federal census is mandated by the Constitution so the number of House representatives and direct taxes for each state can be mathematically calculated. There is no Constitutional requirement for people to respond to the census questionaire. If there are statutes that mandate a response, I would argue that free and independent people cannot be compelled to participate against their will - especially when the government making those demands is egregiously guilty of violating their Constitutional restrictions.

One of the things I noticed about my census form was a light blue box in the top of the left column. The box includes several short paragraphs of instruction, and the first census question. How many people were living or staying in this house, apartment, or mobile home on April 1, 2010? The answer box instructs you to enter the "number of people". All of the other questions are outside this blue area. I suspect that this is somehow connected to the fact that this is the only question the government is allowed to ask in order to fulfill its Constitutional mandate.

The second question is downright insulting. Were there any additional people staying here April 1, 2010 that you did not include in Question 1. Is it just me, or is our government accusing us of lying, or being stupid, or both? The remaining questions appear to be rather innocuous, asking for phone number, name, age, and ethnic origins. These questions are so simple that even a caveman could fill it out. (Do I apologize to Geico or cavemen?) Many people will undoubtedly argue, "I have nothing to hide, so why shouldn't I provide these answers" The question remains - why does the government feel it needs this information? I've learned to be very suspicious of anything the government does to "help me", so I plan to answer only Question 1.

However, the best reason I can think of for limiting your response to the number of people living with you is to demonstrate our willingness to resist our government's abuse of power. Very few people are willing to take up arms against the government at this time (although that number is certainly growing). Only a few more are willing to tear up their IRS 1040 form without sending it in, and the number of demonstrators at protest rallies is still an insignificant percentage of the population. But this! This is a form of protest that almost everyone can (and should) participate in. This is peaceful, passive resistance in it's purest form - not to mention that it caters to our tendency to procrastinate. Keeping in mind that except for one notable exception, none of our members of Congress truly represent us anymore anyway, so there really isn't much justification for wasting the time to fill out this population survey.

If you're still not disgusted enough to join this protest on principle, perhaps the instructions on the back page will push you over the edge. The government offers a toll-free number "If you need help completing this form". I got your form! Right here!


The statute they claim requires it under penalty of conviction of a federal misdemeanor is 13 USC 221 (a).

But Michael is correct--we have the right to not write as well as the right to write.

Exercise your First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights and refuse to answer.

They know it's illegal

I noticed that too, inside the big box it says THIS is the official census form, it has question 1, then all the other questions are OUTSIDE the box, NOT part of the official census form. Here Uncle Scam has obviously taken the habitual approach of technically not violating the Constitution but trying to trick everyone into doing what the gov't wants anyway. So I chose to fill out the official census but not to respond to the optional survey that came with it. 


I didnt find that warning on my census, no where. No saying it isnt on it, just saying I couldnt find it, sorry. I did have a slip of paper saying; "Please complete and mail back the enclosed census form today" I dont doubt anything you say Mike, I just could not find it, maybe mine didnt get it?
In any event I do agree 1000% and only filled out block 1 :))))))))

Look on the envelope

"an envelope emblazoned with a bold warning"

what to answer

Questions about how many people live here, and who really, really lives here (as opposed to college, army etc.) may be needed for a proper enumeration. I also gave the names so the answers about race could be tied to something. For race, I checked OTHER and put HUMAN RACE. It's more fun to be sarcastic and rude to the bureaucrats than to be cold and silent. So I told them the number of people, the answers about whether they really, really live here, and their names and HUMAN RACE only.

Census 2010

My feelings about the '2010 Census is different than any other person that has commented on this issue..
I do Geneology and I want to know where that person was born.  The old Census did ask for that information and I am pleased that they did.  I have traced my ancestor's back to Pennsilvania and through Louisiana to Texas.  I am a fourth generation Texan.  They also asked what their occupation was/or retired.  If they were born in Europe, where?.  That information has led the children to their fathers and their fathers to their children.  So, those that want to find me will only have my name, age, race,(and by the way white is not a race).  They will not know that I was born in Texas, then moved to Florida, then to Calif, then to Okla and back to Calif, then back to Texas.   My husband was in the military.  My only daughter was born in Florida, she is now in Colorado Springs Co.  We are losing our idenity because our government is so currupt and we are scared to death as to what they will do with this information.  I have news for all of you.  They already know where you live without anyone checking to actually see if they can find you.  They know how much you make and if you are working or retired.  They know how many children you have and everyone in your family has a social security number when they are born.  We are scared to death of our Goverrment and for a very good reason.  But don;t think that for one moment that they don;t already know who you are.  JB

Census Questions

All heartwarming information Joan, and it's likely your conclusions are correct. However, the fact that the government bureaucrats have already GPS'd your front door is still NO REASON to voluntarily confirm or deny to the government any information they have no right to have.  A personal interest in a family history and/or a family tree is no reason the rest of the populace should be required or asked to answer questions the government has no right to ask. Hire a good private detective if you want to know more about your family tree or scour public records. Leave me out of it.


Now, if I'm not going to tell you in the first question the correct number of people living in my household, then why am I going to admit in the second question that I just lied and withheld that information?  Last time I checked in the mirror "stupid" wasn't written across my forehead.

Census is a joke

Why is there a question on the census that ask, "Are you Black, Africen American, or Negro"? When it only ask if you are white; it doesn't ask, "Are you White, White American, or Caucasian or Redneck"? This is discrimination between the lines.  Man's law is a trip and  slavery is out.  Let's stop identifying our fellow Americans by ethic background. It doesn't matter what skin color we are, because at the end of the day, month, year, or century, we are still United States Americans.

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