Chicken or the egg?

Ever since Alexander Hamilton and his conspiratorial "Federalists" sabatoged the Articles of Confederation, and replaced them with the Constitution, there has been a relentless, and very successful effort to consolidate power and (presumed) authority within the federal government. Like the question of chicken or the egg, this debate questions whether state power or federal power supercedes the other.

KrisAnne Hall is an attorney and former prosecutor who travels the country teaching the Constitution. I'm happy to advertise that she will be speaking in Indiana this week. This fact was brought to my attention when someone forwarded an eMail written by Kenneth White, Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Allen County, Indiana.

It seems that "The Officers of the Libertarian Party of Allen County, Indiana do not endorse the message and the established purpose of REFOUNDERS INDIANA..." which is "a non-partisan organization committed to electing constitutional conservatives who will uphold and protect states’ rights under the 10th Amendment".

In a nutshell, ReFounders Indiana (RI) claims that state power trumps federal overreach, whereas the Libertarian Party of Allen County (LPAC) claims that state power is always subordinate to federal authority. In addition to quoting from the Constitution, Mr. White also cites Ableman v. Booth, a Supreme Court decision which held that state courts cannot issue rulings that contradict the decisions of federal courts. While this may appear to support the LPAC argument, the Supreme Court was upholding the validity of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 So, what are we to do when the federal government uses the Constitution in an attempt to legitimize slavery?

This is the same dilemma we face when we witness police officers using excessive force. We are taught to respect the rule of law, and the uniformed agents who enforce the law, but surely that respect is not unconditional. Do you still have a right to self-defense when a uniformed police officer is trying to kill you? Unfortunately for most Americans, that answer cannot be found in the Constitution. It can only be deduced using reason and logic.

The Constitution and subsequent federal statutes are the "supreme law of the land", but only when pursuant to the principle of protecting the life, liberty, and private property of "We the People" who created the federal government in the first place. The Declaration of Independence states "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it..." When push comes to shove, it is the people who are supreme, not the federal government.

The federal government used its "supremacy" to exterminate all but a handful of native Indians, never once honoring any of the treaties they offered along the way.

The federal government committed treason and destroyed our once robust economy by creating the Federal Reserve System, which is a private monopoly authorized to print counterfeit, fiat, currency.

The federal government had the unmittigated gaul to propose the Eighteenth Amendment establishing the prohibition of alcohol. Equally complicit were the state legislatures that chose to ratify the Amendment, accepting the notion that the federal government has the legitimate authority to tell American adults that they are not allowed to decide for themselves whether or not they will drink liquor. (This affront to individual rights was so blatant that the Twenty First Amendment was eventually ratified to terminate the government's prohibition on the production and sale of alcohol. Now the federal government makes billions of dollars every year taxing what used to be illegal.)

The federal government (specifically Congress) has not declared war since World War II. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan (just to name a few) have been unconstitutional "police actions" that the American public has accepted with almost no resistance. The fact that decades of accumulating war debt helps to destabalize our already ailing economy is not much of a concern to most people.

The federal government has been pushing ObamaCare down our throats, while most of the people I know would like to shove it up the federal government's collective ass.

And finally, the federal government (specifically Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) spends nearly a billion dollars a year in an effort to eviscerate and nullify the Second Amendment's protection of my unalienable right to self-defense. I won't bother to reiterate how I feel about the 23,000+ unconstitutional gun laws in this country.

Everyone must eventually decide which side of the argument they are going to support. Do you agree with LPAC and all the constitutional rhetoric that says the federal government is the final arbiter of right and wrong in this country? Or do you think, as does RI, that the federal government is totally out of control, and that state governments were created to protect us from the Beast of D.C.?


My rights were given to me by my creator. The same rights are protected by the US Constitution. The US Constitution mandates 4, yes FOUR, things that the US government is to do. It say nothing about telling the ststes what to do or telling me what to do. Zero Agresstion Policy: you stay out of my face and I will stay out of yours.

Stick to the Constitution!

This is why its important to study about the Founding Era and not just read the Constitution. The Federal govt does NOT have rights over the states; however, the states need to be careful when it comes to the 10th Amendment. As we all know, the BOR were added only after the insistence of the Antifederalists (although that label was placed on them by the big govt thugs like Hamilton) and were placed into the Constitution to further limit the central government. States do not need to "nullify" unconstitutional laws because there really is no such thing. If we stuck to the Constitution, then the states should be interposing and upholding their oath to defend the Constitution. Instead, what has happend is that the state governments have been receiving the financial carrots of the feds and, later, feel that they have to do what they are told. Look at Obamacare and Common Core. Where they forced onto the states by law? No. The states signed up for them due to the coercion applied by the feds. The states wouldn't have felt as compelled to do so if they hadn't accepted the financial carrots that bound them (by guilt and money). It's time that "we the people" DEMAND that our state representatives stop accepting the funding and tell the feds to go pound sand. Sticking to the Constitution doesn't only apply at the federal level. It is up to the people to tell their state representatives that they won't elect them unless they abide by the rule of law and Article 6, Section 2.

"Most do not understand that the States can never be required to enact particular legislation by the general government nor to participate or administrate in any federal program.  If we are in bed with the general government, it is because our elected state officials voluntarily put us there, at some point.  A better analogy is that our state officials are in bed with the general government, in part, for access to "federal" dollars they can use to buy the favor of corporate cronies.  This spawns neo-fascism" (Richard Fry). More details on this can be read in this great article about how there is no such thing as an unconstitutional law -

Ignorance of the Constitution.

 I served in Vietnam and may have  read the Constitution at some point before going to Vietnam. I suppose there were many Military, Like Congress, had never read the Constitution. Only since George Bush created Home Land Security did I wake up. The Militia is the protector of America so why Homeland Security. No one and I mean No one can protect themself from harm and Homeland Security is only meant to control the people. George Bush, like Obama have done nothing for America but creatw Laws they want us to obey. The Constitution say's it all. The Federalist papers are very useful in defending the Constitution but before America there was the Articles of Confederation witch gave The United States of America its name. The Act 0f 1871 created THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, CORPORATION. Notice Upper Case and Lower Case. When the  Act of 1871 was signed into law that put the original United States of America in dorment or in Saw dust.  Check out The United States of America is reactivated and up and running and running beside the Corporation Government. Check it Out, you will be suprised  Let the World know, I let you know. Freedom is knocking on the door  Answer it!


UnionStates? Interesting...

That site looks interesting. I've seen other restorationist sites but they don't go back far enough, they go back to 1871 or maybe the war but the real problem was much further back. The UnionStates thing looks somewhat like the work we've been doing to restore what we renamed the Constitutional Republic of America to avoid confusion with the USurper regime. Long story and our web sites are down for a while longer but yes, we're working on it too, and perhaps even a broader scope.

"Gned the Gnome"

Interim President
Constitutional Republic of America
United Republic of Texas
Founder and Chief Justice
Common Law Institute

And yes, the Constitution was illegally adopted, it was effectively a coup, and so was Lincoln's coup wherein DC seceded from America and conned the North into going along with them. We're working to restore the original legitimate gov't the Founders gave us.

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