TSA = Temporary Sexual Assault

I make it a point to give stupid answers when someone asks a stupic question. "Did you survive the ordeal?" "No, I died tragically several years ago." It seems that many people are so disgusted with the excessive TSA screening procedures that many are giving "tit for tat". Literally. A Colorado woman was recently released from jail after police said Yukari Mihamae squeezed and twisted the agent's breast with both hands. Apparently we're suppose to relax and submit to federal groping, but giving the agents a dose of their own medicine is considered a federal offense. While I fully understand this woman's frustration, she will now have to go through a lengthy court ordeal for challenging this cog of the tyrannical wheel.

Another woman, Tammy Banovac, was able to draw attention to the unpleasant airport procedure by wearing next to nothing while going through security at the airport in Oklahoma City. Another passenger videotaped the event and posted it to YouTube, giving more exposure (pardon the pun) to the idiocy of thinking this provides security for air travelers. (This video has already had over three million views even though it isn't as titillating as you might think.)

Women are not the only ones to shed their clothes to emphasize their displeasure with Terminally Stupid Agents. Mike Mueller, who apparently walked through Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix Thanksgiving day in his Speedo swimwear. He also had I Heart TSA painted on his back, which I assume was a strong dose of sarcasm. The article suggests that "stunts like this are being used to protest or support the TSA's controversial new pat down procedures."

So I have two questions I would like to pose to my readers:
1) Would you be willing to strip down for TSA? (And if so, how far?)
2) What other strategies do you suggest we use to eliminate this unwelcome instrustion into our lives?

1)  I will not submit to the

1)  I will not submit to the TSA.  I would resist them with every ounce of force I can generate.

2)  I think electing constitutional sheriffs who will shutdown the TSA in their counties is the solution.  As the highest law enforcement official I believe they can do this.  Additionally the such a sheriff should refuse to go to court over the issue since the searches are so blatantly unconstitutional.  


I love the title of the article.

I have not flown and won't as long at I have other options that are less intrusive.


1)  Not only "no", but "HELL NO".  
2)  Prior to flying, go to a hobby/notions shop and pick up a piece of fake fur....at least 4" square, perhaps a bit larger.  Before stepping up to the TSA thugs, shove aforementioned fur into the upper front of your pants or skirt, flat against your belly.  When the Terrorist Savage Amoeba sticks a gloved hand into the front of your pants, the glove will become immediately stuck to the fur.  Jump back as though you were shot, and hit the floor screaming bloody murder, grabbing at your crotch and writhing in pain.  Make sure someone gets it on video for YouTube.  :)

Rat bastards....I love to fly, but will never do so again until the Gestapo has left the building.  I, personally, would love to see the boycott of the century against the TSA and the airlines.  Unfortunately, I know this won't happen.  The sheeple are hypnotized beyond saving, for the most part.    


I hardly ever have the "need" to fly, but at this point, I am boycotting.  I would love to go to the C4L event in Reno this Sep, but since I would need to fly I won't be going.  So no, I would not strip down, be radiated or have sex by groping.

TSA.. came after I stopped flying commercial

I stopped flying commercial over 4 years ago,  right when passports were about to be required to go to Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the U.S., and Mexico... where previously only your drivers license or other ID was required.   The TSA gropes came afterward, and I had already drawn my line in the sand.  My husband would never have allowed me to be groped and embarrased by strangers, and possibly even physically hurt by them  So, TSA was never even a consideration. Should we travel now, we will take a car, boat, a private plane, or charter a flight with others who are flying to the same destination.  I believe private or chartered flights are the answer for now.

Time to bring back 1970's

Time to bring back 1970's style streaking through airports.  Get a large group of people to go the full monte as a means of protest.

TSA- was ready to be arrested.

 My blood was just below boiling point as I rolled a wheel-chair bound relative toward the groping stations in Orlando, FL and was prepared to be arrested warning my 92 y/o charge. 
Bags with various potentially suspect items went through without pause, my frail companion (with two metal hip joints) was rolled through the back-scatter imaging without problems and my fairly heavy metal belt buckle didn't set off the metal detector.
Maybe they were still smarting from the incident some days ago when they had a senior remove her diaper for inspection.
Quite frankly, I could have easily slid through with any number of different lethal devices.
Security my butt-

I hated the idea of flying with its attendant problems but my psuedo-mom would not have done well traveling by car for the ~ 900 miles so my choices were few.

Dunno where you are at home in IN but grew up in northern areas many moons ago and have little reason to return there; it is too depressing. 

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