I can't stand crybabies


Nothing but a bunch of whiney, sniveling, crybabies.

Let me start with the basics. We are all going to die. Every single one of us is eventually going to breathe our last breath. Done. Finished. The end. No exceptions. Everyone already knows this, but very few people are comfortable talking about it.

Here's another blatantly obvious fact. There are good people, and there are bad people. A significant number of bad people are more than willing to kill good people. Most of our top news stories every day are about good people killed by bad people. Unfortunately, these reports are also sad sob stories about how tragic and unfair life is. "Oh, boo hoo! Can't we all just learn to get along?"

No! No, no, no! Bad people will never learn to "just get along". They are BAD people. Why is this so freakin' hard to understand?

Which brings us to one very simple hypothetical. Let's pretend you're a good person. You've just been confronted by a bad person who has expressed his/her intention to kill you. The ONLY question is: ARE YOU GOING TO FIGHT BACK? That's it. That is the total sum analysis of all human history. Are you going to fight back?

To me, this is a silly, rhetorical question. Am I going to fight back? F--K YES! With all of the force and violence I am capable of bringing to the conflict. Self defense is an inherent corollary to the right to life. You don't have to call the Chief of Police to get permission to defend yourself. Not really. I find it incomprehensible to imagine a scenario when I would NOT fight back. Are you kidding?

Unfortunately, I sometimes find myself surrounded by whiney, sniveling, crybabies. These are the pathetic, pessimistic individuals who insist that I can't fight back. The system is too big. Government agents are too mean. They're going to come and lock us all up in concentration camps, and there's nothing we can do about it, "Boo hoo, boo hoo!". Really?! Go away and leave me alone. I don't even want to breathe the same air that you do. For those who might be willing to pull up your big boy pants, I will attempt to explain this fundamental truth one more time.

Imagine one nasty motorcycle gang member outside your door, screaming that he's planning to kick down your door and kill you. (I doubt very seriously if you'll be lucky enough to have the threat defined quite so clearly, but humor me for the sake of the hypothetical.) He kicks your door down and stands just inside the house. Do you shoot him? If you have any self preservation instinct at all, the answer is a resounding YES.

Now imagine TWO nasty motorcycle gang members outside screaming for your death. When they break down the door, do you shoot them both. CERTAINLY! It's not necessary to empty an entire magazine. Just double-tap them both. Problem solved.

Here's where we find out who's a pathetic crybaby, and who's not. Imagine FIFTY nasty motorcycle gang members outside... etc. etc. The simple question here is. ARE YOU GOING TO FIGHT BACK? You don't have to shout "Go ahead. Make my day." before you start shooting to count yourself among the rational. Let us concede that since you are unlikely to kill them all, you are also very likely to die. Too bad. So sad. At least you didn't go quietly into that dark night.

Crybabies can't seem to grasp the fact that - in spite of the odds against you - the only rational action is to fight vailiantly for your life. However, crybabies want to occupy my time moaning about how "they're just going to kill you". "You have no chance of winning." "The future is hopeless, and I don't know what to do about it." And suddenly we're back to another "Boo hoo" session. I hate it.

Am I going to die? Eventually, yes. Is it possible I may die in a hail of government gunfire before I have a chance to restore Liberty? Absolutely. When faced with a physical threat to my life by one or more bad people (with or without uniforms), am I going to fight back?

If you really have to ask that question, consider yourself a crybaby.

You and me both!

I so agree with you about the cry babies. Can we just shoot them?

[mjb: You sound like "Fiona" from "Burn Notice".]

I believe that people as a whole don't spend enough time meditating on the fact that they are going to die. That "fact" should be taught in school right along with your constitution course.

Thanks for giving me hope that there is still some men out there with a "set".

You and Me Both

 Fiona....I knew that sounded familiar.  Nice reference mjb !


The fact that the enemy is still lying incessantly and trying to persuade us that the battle is over indicates that they have not yet won and that we can do so.
As usual, you have articulated the principles of liberty and death irrefutably for anyone with the smallest degree of courage and willingness to face reality. 

Have you considered running for president again?

[mjb: I'm thinking about running for President of the Republic of Texas when I return to my Lone Star State. Of course, I'd have to convince my fellow Texans that we should secede, first.]

To Michael Badnarik's reply about running for Pres. of RT

Hi Michael, I don't know if you remember me or any of our in-person discussions about this, but the New Republic of Texas already seceded from the US in 2005, and we also were the only Texians who properly resurrected the dormant Historical Republic of Texas in 2005 using only the 1836 Constitution's procedure with no added requirements. In 2006 the Historical RT amended its Constitution to remove the slavery, racism, and sexism, so the New RT found it acceptable and both RT gov't's recognized each other as part of the legimate RT and merged, forming the United RT (we called it that partly because our goal is to re-unite the splintered RT movement under the banner of Liberty). Our improved Constitution now provides for up to 3 Presidents so that no 1 person will have too much power. If you'd like to consider being 1 of them, please contact me.

While technically the other RT factions are not legitimate, we have contacted them to try to work together by forming an overall organization which would speak out on behalf of the RT by unanimous consent only, as anything less would void the credibility of the group as representing the entire RT movement. I have received only 1 unofficial and very inadequate response, and that was from an RT faction that's actually a theocracy and they don't seem to realize it. Some of these other RT factions have copied some of my ideas, which is ok, as I adapted some of them from earlier sources anyway. But since the other groups have been non-responsive, if you want to be a President of the RT, we're it. If they become interested, I'll go ahead and form the umbrella group. In either case, I plan to get our web site back up before much longer.

"Gned the Gnome", President
United Republic of Texas

P.S.: Look up Panarchy - the ultimate consent of the governed - it's the solution by which all the RT groups can work together, and how we can get along with the US.

[mjb: I'm disappointed to learn that Texas has already seceded, and I didn't know anything about it. Yes, I'd be happy to be one of three presidents. Our job now would be to get the rest of the country, and the rest of the world to recognize and accept that status we are claiming.]


The key is to understand that just as the individual, not organizations (including gov't), have inherent rights, so too it's the individual, not just units of gov't, which exercise the right of association (including secession, the right to disassociate). We didn't bother to tell the US gov't that we seceded; that probably simplified things. The de facto "State of Texas" and other gov't's are irrelevant; it's the people who are important. Unlike certain factions, we're not trying to "take over" Texas (although it's legitimately ours in the first place); we only want to provide our "government services" to those who want them, and the majority can continue to ignore us. We just want shared jurisdiction and peaceful coexistence. We want to be left alone by other gov't's, and we'll be happy to leave them alone as well. That's what the "Consent of the Governed" is all about. Let us serve our own people, and let everyone exercise their inherent right to choose which (if any) gov't's to associate with. Most of the problems caused by gov't are because it's a monopoly gov't. Get rid of the monopoly and really let the people choose their gov't's, and most of the problems go away. Just image now much better the police would have to behave if they had to have malpractice insurance! ;) Sure, lots of details would have to be worked out with all of this, but at least it's in the right direction. :)

Michael, please email me at the email address submitted hereunder, and I'll send you more info. Thanks.

"Gned the Gnome", President, United Republic of Texas

replies to MJB

Hey, I am 46, and tired of this "life behind my fence". I truly never leave to go anywhere anymore, because of severe anxiety when I even see a cop car !  I have only been to jail for DUI, and Child support, both unconstitutional laws they way I understand the Constitution, for I never harmed another, nor another's property. So I would LOVE to know where it is that you live with this Freedom from THE STATE OF etc..Beacause I would gladly move my family,(7 of us 13 through 3.. I am 46,(Master Plumber/everything else) as stated earlier and the other half is 36, not to mention that I am a Veteran), your replies to MJB sound as if you have already aquired the freedoms from STATE OF TEXAS, and if so, can you verify, because I WILL move there and stand right beside you in this quest for freedom....

Sincerely yours in Christ: Douglas Lang, of the Edwards family

[mjb: Repeat after me. "WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' BADGES!"
Douglas. There isn't anywhere (state, county, or city) that has passed legislation that will grant you the freedom you seek. Freedom is a spirit that comes from within. Stop worrying what the authorities will say or do. The people who have responded to my rant have simply made a personal commitment to defend themselves from government attack, if necessary. It's that decision that gives them peace of mind. Just live your life without interfering with others. I can talk about bravery, but I'm unable to create it in others. That is something you have to figure out for yourself. Sorry.]

United Republic of Texas

Unfortunately we don't have recognized exclusive control over any geographic area, but on the flip side the advantage is that we were able to start without waiting. Our "virtual country" needs to grow before we get enough clout to make it politically infeasible for the illegitimate de facto regimes to keep oppressing us. I need to get together with Michael and other like minded people I can find to brainstorm on how to educate our people and grow safely without diluting our message and principles. I need to address some personal financial issues first, but I know we're on the right track because of the responses we get. And we needn't wind up in Guantanamo or whatever if we play our cards right, because if we can successfully educate the US Gov't while we're at it, they'll realize that it's actually in their interest for us to succeed, because we'll provide the needed safety valve to prevent any radical violent factions from taking over, and the US will see that it's better for them to just leave us alone, and the US will benefit from the economic boost without having to impose any taxes. But again this will be tricky diplomacy to do after we get big and popular enough, e.g. suppose 10% of the population of the "State" of Texas joins us, and 25% are sympathizers, then the political cost for the US to continue oppressing us will exceed the benefit they think they receive from doing so. Because we don't want to "take over", we just want to be left alone, we want peaceful coexistence and shared jurisdiction - let us "govern" our people and let the US/SoT/etc. govern theirs. Panarchy - the full realization of the consent of the governed.

How to handle whiney

Substitute "America" for the British Empire and you have Winston Churchills directive to will victory in our struggle against tyranny: "I can answer in one word: It is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival. Let that be realised; no survival for the British Empire, no survival for all that the British Empire has stood for, no survival for the urge and impulse of the ages, that mankind will move forward towards its goal. But I take up my task with buoyancy and hope. I feel sure that our cause will not be suffered to fail among men. At this time I feel entitled to claim the aid of all, and I say, “come then, let us go forward together with our united strength.”

[mjb: This is an excellent quote. Many thanks.]

Will I fight back?

I am with you Michael, As a matter of fact not only will I fight " Back" but sideways, forward and diagonally too... You are correct in stating the fact that self defense is corollary to self preservation and an inherent right and instinct  so I will go so far as to say that those ( crybabies) are just a evolutionary " mistake" that will be culled out of existence by time. Me, I will go on fighting for my existence which of course includes ALL the RIGHTS given to me and wveryone else by the Great Governer of the Universe, God Almighty.

 WE are the " Public " They are the " Servant" , DO NOT ALLOW your SERVANT to dictate, control or command YOU, YOUR DUTY is to COMMAND THE SERVANT !

Boo Hoo

That's a fact Jack no one gets out alive. 50 bad guys I think I can take them lol
This crap of just sitting on your butt is just plain NUTS .
The good Lord does not know you if your just luke wram so lets get HOT all the way .
I am sourrounded by libtards here in commie land Penn State no one wants trouble but it's already knocking on your door so buckel up load up and be ready..

[mjb: I may not be able to take out all 50, but I know they'd have to send out for lunch because it's going to take them awhile.]

College towns/ Sanctuary cites

I could have written the same post using the same labels, commie and libtards, which I use frequently in my multiple college - college town. Terre Haute, Indiana.

I don't know how bad it is elsewhere or in your town but, it is really horrilbe here. The entire city, officials, elected, and appointed are pure Demon-crat-Marxist, I call all commies to simplify them all. Our local media is from the pits of hell and refuse to spread information or news other than PC college town propaganda and kitty cat and puppy stories. We are censored to death on all levels and apparently with the state's blessings because of our town being endowed by some of the wealtiest scum businesses and people in the state, or nation.

We are not allowed to question or leave negative, non agreeing comments on our news sites. The open forums we used to have have been closed or totally controlled now. We have tried to use Topix or Meet-up to form groups but that too is monitored and Topix has paid trolls with their editors or moderators being from local newspaper workers and other activist that see to it that anything important is not discussed. Nothing about illegal aliends, Agenda 21, racial issues, white people being killed and not making the news, corruption, threats from elected corrupt officials, to our private information the city councils and others get that is spead on the net or know about. And such info like from our DD-214 or medical info can only come, has, from veterans groups and local clinics and hospitals, etc., that they all have their rats and informants working in. I mean it's a mess here, and they cover their butts well now days.

A non-commie can't attend town meetings of any sort. It does no good and we will be lied to, or led to do the famous buearocrat commie town run-around, and never get some facts or what may be needed. Or we will be told to hire a corrupt attorney that is only a waste of money cause the local areas networking of corruption and cover-up is deep and vast and to the top of the state to Washington DC corruption. Zero representation at all here unless you're a commie, member of Move-On, or some libtard commie organization.

We can't protest Obama or have protest signs in our yards due to strict ordinances. No flyers, and seemingly all the people here who don't vote are still fearful of rocking the boat and retribution from the thugs of the city. Property damage to threats to being shot or arrested and jailed in the nut house for what they claim in Emergency Dentention for three days if we upset the town's leadership to much.  It's like living in the Soveit Union with all the rats, paid and unpaid miltants and attack dogs.

We have tried everything to draw attention to this corrupt state but Indiana is totally occuped and apparently a well protected one by the commies. We are NOT  a red state as noted everywhere, not at all. Our Repubicam reps are not really Republicans. Doesn't matter what the state does anyway like with the recent RFA (religious freedom act) or Common Core because here they claim they won't obey and do whtat they want anyway, pasing more strict hate crime legislation, more censorship, more attacks on us Constitutionalist. Hell, we can't even post threads or messages for searching for a real Christian church that is NOT a 501 c (3) that can speak freely and honestly without fearing the statist and their informants.

Our only hope is forums like this and trying to go out of town, which is usless and dangerous, to find others in our same situation. We can't even complain about crappy VA health care clinics here. They even stopped having physical meetings for us here due to too much spoken negativity about the town's connections to the clinics and info getting out, to too much negativity about the entite VA system.


I am surprised they left this article up. Put they are proud of their powers over us and hate freedom of speech and our rights. They tolerate everything but the Constitution, and anyone who is NOT a libtard or commie.

It's bad!!! No way to win when the odds are 1 vs over seemingly a hundred thousand plus thousands of libtard commie college students and their ilk and professors, along with outside elements and their networkings.

Oh well. I'm done. Totally ashamed of this stupid new American cultue of corruption and evil, and lies based on more lies.

I wish you all; the best. There is just no hope for Indiana, it's just to corrupt and occupied. My town runneth over with commie ilk and no-way to do anything, period. Yeah, it's that bad.

Good day.

[mjb: I'm glad I finally found a topic that is generating this level of interest and emotion. Thanks for your observations.]

I'll definitely fight back.

I'll definitely fight back.  I'm just waiting for them to shoot first.  I believe in winning the hearts and minds of our enemy; two in the heart, one in the mind.

cry babies

The current cry babies were created by the on-going brainwashing in govt run schools.  They are also known as the "teacup generation".   Everyone gets a ribbon for 'participating', poopsie must wear  a helmet and elbow,knee protection because he or she....or now 'it'.....might fall off and get hurt, which is of course followed up with much comforting and bandaids, rather than a good, old fashioned 'okay..get up and try it again!' .   Kids are discouraged from even risking how they eat their pop tart because it might turn into the shape of a gun.  Sexual harassment is a kindergarten age child who kissed a little girl classmate.  I could go on and on.  Anything you say or do should cause fear in your heart that the ghestapo will be at your door to drag you away for .....something.........
Best to just remain a drugged, drooling zombie on "legal" drugs...and make sure the kiddies get them to.

Life isn't fair.  No one said it was going  to be and they were right.  And it is impossible to make it so.  Why?  Because everybody's never happy.  No matter how wonderful it is, someone will always complain.  Hence, the cry babies.

The events of today are finally beginning to fan the flames of patriotic rage.  We all pray it's not too late.  Gun sales are wonderfully high!!  That alone is proof people are preparing to fight back.  

As for how we can help our children right now, this is as good podcast:  The Survival Podcast Episode 920  Building Self Reliance In Our Children. 

And I agree with you Michael....everyone dies.  People will ask me why I'm not afraid and I give them the same/similar answer of 'something is going to kill me eventually.'    Love those deer in the headlights looks.  And I go on to say if they're afraid to die, no matter what their age, then it tells me that they never really lived.


I like the last comment from this post: If someone's afraid to die, no matter what their age; then it tells me that they never really lived.
 Many of us took life risking activities all the time as youngsters. We felt the excitement when swinging from branch to branch using a old and fraid rope and hoped it ended well but we were alive and relished that feeling.
 Any time you feel uneasy about doing something- just research it the best you can and if it still seems difficult; do it anyway. It will be worth more than a few scratches, bruises, and broken bones. If you succeed you can feel the triumph it offers and the fuel it gives you for your next stunt. It it's a failure; then you've learned something that brings you that much closer to victory. BUT YOU ARE ALIVE AND YOU KNOW IT. What happened to all of the wonderful feelings of adventure? Our wonderful education institutions have talked us out of taking risks while they dumbed us down!
 We need to spend more time with our kids and teach them courage instead of not mentioning the bravery of the founders of our "to be great nation again".

Steven Wolfe KD8KJS


I agree with the cry baby analysis, but something more pathetic and scary is the endless supply of apathy some people seem to have ? I do private debt settlement and people don't realize there is a private means to debt settlement. Even when you think proverbial crap has hit the fan..It's not a situation that cannot be fixed with relative ease but people just don't  research or read anymore...I try to talk about this with my family about settling or discharging their debt without bankruptcy, be it a mortgage, car, court debt, IRS or property taxes. And they look at me like I've stepped off a space ship...Dr Paul was hitting the nail on the head about the FED..They've inslaved you folks..But there's a way out...Why not take that path ?????

Fight Back, Do Not Despair

I find your piece more of a call to fight back and stop sniveling, than more than what would I do. We have to take a stand against tyranny or submit to facism.  The choice is ours and we, I, must stand and fight, side by side with fellow Patriots.  So to all out there with no hope,  find a local group that is worthy of your time that is actually doing something to prepare, yes prepare, for the coming demise of America. With fellow Patriots, we the people, can wrestle back OUR country from the progressives that have hijacked the Constitution.  Consider local groups of Oath Keepers. Look them up and join with those that have sworn the sacred Oath to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foriegn and domestic, that are standing together to defend.

Cry babies

If you don't fight back, it just gives them more power......and that's why today they seem to have more power.....Start fighting back on everything you can......Google:  National Liberty Alliance and read about Common Law and then start living according to Common Law.....you may find yourself practicing Civil Disobedience.....that's OK to not obey unjust laws......Get into discussions with people ....encourage them to Speak up or Shut up....

Compliance and Silence is interpreted as Consent......Really?  Do you really consent to being a slave, a serf, a wimp? 


If, as the timing of this rant suggests, you are speaking of the Tennessee shootings, I say the crybabies killed those good young men by taking away their ability to be able to fight back. Shame on the whiners for making gun-free zones, especially in an area where the victims were experts in the use of weapons of self defense AND were going to be teaching people how to use them.
Even if all I have is a fork to stick in the neck or belly of the bad guy trying to take me out, I will fork away until I'm gone!

[mjb: This rant was triggered by a personal conversation I had during the day. The Tennessee recruitment offices are never armed (until now) so they were just provocative targets.]


Anybody take a look at the pancaked dummy that is supposed to pass for the shooter?  Where was the blood?  .....just another false flag designed to create more fear in the sheeple so that they will BEG for what the filth want to bring down on us--a full totalitarian regime; yeah, that'll solve ALL our problems.......

 These whiners and crybabies

These whiners and crybabies that said no guns are base commanders and pentagon leaders. They looked at all the pros and cons and made a decision. These aren't key board commandos but real leaders who have to look at more risks every day - suicide (the most common cause of death among active troops), domestic violence, accidental shooting, etc. They have a tough job but don't whine about it.

If you want to do something you first have to fully understand!

Nock wrote within his book in 1935 which is available online within many websites using the term “The State” and that this so called “State” had done price-fixing, wage-fixing, inflation, and political banking! Norman Dodd reported that all banks were bankrupt in 1933 and has been since that time, so who is our enemy? What “State” is doing this to all the People? Within one of the websites it states: [It must be remembered that Mr. Nock was writing this shortly after the Coup d'état of Roosevelt and the New Deal Democrats - What he saw happening HAS HAPPENED! - We are very much closer as we enter the 21st Century to a Dictatorial Socialist State.] Who controls this so call “State”? If you do an Internet search for “Steven Wayne Pattison – money” you should learn that everything that has and will happen in the future is all about money. The problem is that most people don’t know what money is! Within the 1914 BOUVIER'S THIRD REVISION – Constitutional Law Dictionary it tells us – “There is some difference of opinion as to the etymology of the word money; and writers do not agree as to it precise meaning. What we use as money today, July 18, 2015 is not our money but the banklords’ money! Until everyone understands this fact there is nothing anyone can do but open the door so you can end your suffering! Norman Dodd worked for our Federal government back in the 1950s do a search for “Steven Wayne Pattison – Norman Dodd”. /S/ Steven Wayne Pattison, one of “We the People” of the United States of America. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin-top:0in; mso-para-margin-right:.2in; mso-para-margin-bottom:6.0pt; mso-para-margin-left:.2in; line-height:110%; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;}

Fighting back

You ever notice that sometimes you get exactly the message you need exactly when you need it? Well, your rant came at just the right time for me.  I was SO CLOSE to buying that 14 acres with pond and small house and just planning to ride it out, for the rest of my life if necessary, and hope the world would be worth living in when I emerge.  And, much as that sounds idyllic and even fun, I realize that I'd just be running and not standing and fighting. Kinda like hiding in the closet as the bikers destroy the house and everything in it.  Why the hell not meet them at the door and tell them "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"  
Yes, if death is inevitable anyway, and even if we can't stop what is happening, why not  fight it tooth-and-nail and go out in a blaze of glory?  Like ripping off the bandaid, it will be a lot less painful and maybe even a whole lotta fun!


Michael, rather than go into any lengthy diatribe, I want to say I AM AT THE ALAMO with
TRAVIS & CROCKETT on this 'subject'......I think you know what I would do and you can mention that I will be "Nancy, the Annie Oakley " from TEXAS !

[mjb: Welcome, sister! Always good to have some backup.]


VIVA LA guns and the Rights of All Mankind. 

 Mr Badnarik, your book "

Mr Badnarik, your book " It's good to be king " and your short commentary on subjects has changed my life! For the better. I'm somewhat ashamed I was asleep at the wheel so many years!

[mjb: Thank you. Glad I could be of help.]


Well said.  No one will live forever.  Hopefully those that reed this article will better understand Patrick Henry’s words, "Give me Liberty, or give me death!"

[mjb: AMEN!]

I can't stand crybabies

We have become a nation of sheep, of self serving hypocrites and maligner’s. Mollycoddle from birth. At 19 I knew what it’s like to stand on a battlefield after a battle and see hundreds of commies laying there dying or dead, where moments before they were trying rip my heart out my chest . . . . and I smiled. Not this day you bastards, not this day! Today I would be charged with “hate thought”, yes a nation of sheep!

Michael, if your hypothetical FIFTY nasty motorcycle gang members kick in my door . . . . I’m not ready to assume I’m going to die however, if I do, you will find my body on a pile of spent brass, without so much as a single tear in my eye!

As history has repeated shown, there comes a time when the liberty of men has been assailed to such a degree that men will seek neither justice nor vengeance, they will demand a reckoning. ~ A Arizonian

"Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet." ~ General Mattis, USMC

Well said !!!!! And I hope to

Well said !!!!! And I hope to be next to you when the fight starts.

Who Are the Crybabies

Maybe they are:

*     the ones that fear physical and/or emotional pain before death. How often have you heard/read the rhetorical questions, "Was he/she in pain before dying?" OR "Did he/she go peacefully?"

*     the ones that fear a negative legacy their loved ones must bear for not being politically/religiously correct as they were brainwashed into believing.

*     the wolves in sheep's clothing [politicians/elitists,  the brainwashers] creating the illusion that to NOT defend oneself is "good", and we must comply with the idea that only government agents are to be our defenders.

*     {How about others expanding this list}

Long Live the Constitution

I share your position

I share your position and I am still resisting and  reviewing legislation by the GA , posting and sharing trying to bring the unauthorized "laws" to light.  Being very familiar with the finality of death I believe most have not experienced the closeness of the loss of a loved one which the survivor has cared for.  Once you experience a loved one is going and you realize there is nothing you can do to stop it what in life is important comes full force.    

Your example of when will you fight does not impact the majority because they believe someone else will take care of them, and in fact they demand that someone else has a duty to take care of them.  And when confronted with challenging the government at any level the majority will fold they will not  stand by anyone who challenges a "right" provided by the government most  believe they are entitled to. 

We have developed into a nation and a state of those who are totally reliant upon the whims of government and who lack the integrity to challenge the unauthorized mandates from the GA down to the ordinances of Units.  I have learned to tune out the crybabies and just keep going on the path of Constitutional protected Sovereign Rights and limited government authority.  Do I do any good, probably not but I know I am still fighting and trying.  God Bless you for doing everything you are doing for so long.  I look for continued inspiration from you.     

Well Said, Michael

Thanks for this encouraging rant, and for all the rants that followed.  Makes the heart feel better that there are still those out there who would seek the path of civil disobedience.  I don't know but I think that it is not necessarily "natural" that one is courageous, and so this rant is very good to read.  And that said, it does appear to me that there comes a time when one must stop the fleeing and turn and face their attackers.

I think that one of the reasons America has never been attacked openly is because she is so heavily well-armed and would be fought by those defending their homeland.  The only course the enemy has had and has chosen  has been to attack without seeming to attack, thus we see poisoning of our water, food, air and even our clothing and home environments.  So there are also ways to fight back against these things -- and that includes really ceasing to go along with corporation greed in terms of food, water, etc.  Perhaps shopping only at your local farmer and enriching him, rather than the corporations that poison you through their control of food, water, air, soil, etc., etc. would be a start.

I only wish more women would realize that there is a way to fight back in this way, also. 

My thoughts.

Cry Babies and Republic of Texas

We can all fight back on some level, or levels.

I kayaked with my niece today. We found a quiet cove with clear deep water, and she said she wanted to jump in and swim.  I encouraged her to do so and when she did, I mentioned that she was breaking the law. I further explained that there are designated swim areas.  She said something like, "If God put the lake here and I want to swim and I'm not hurting anyone then what's the big deal?".  "Ah", I said, "You are a resister". I agreed and offered my opinion that if a law keeps you from doing something that doesn't hurt anyone else, then the law may not be valid.[see below]  I read recently that currently, most people break 3 laws a day without even trying.  At some point, it will be hard to take all the laws seriously and nobody will follow any of them.  I expected to enjoy a day of paddling on the water, but it was even more refreshing to hear my niece express her thoughts throughout the day. She's not likely to let someone else do her thinking.  

I went to an outdoor concert at our township park this week. A young park employee was directing drivers where to park on the grass. I later went to my car for a blanket, and he asked me where I got my bumper sticker that reads, "I love the Constitution".  I said I got it when I made a donation to a college that does not accept federal funding, and therefore they can teach about things like the Constitution.  He said that was a good thing, and that the local state college he attends fills your head with liberal crap.  I was surprised to hear his assessment but glad to hear him express his awareness.

5 to 10 years ago, people looked at you like you had a third eyeball if you talked about matters of Liberty. Now I hear like conversations at check out counters, in the workplace and other places where people come together. Knowing there is a problem and questioning the process is the first part of "fighting back" or fixing what is broke. 
If there are enough young people like my niece and the fellow at the park,  We the People will persevere The Powers That Be.

[mjb: Here is a quote from Fredric Bastiat that you can share with your niece.
"No society can exist unless the laws are respected to a certain degree, but the safest way to make them respected is to make them respectable. When law and morality are in contradiction to each other, the citizen finds himself in the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense, or of losing his respect for the law - two evils of equal magnitude, between which it would be difficult to choose."]

You made me laugh


I like how you made it 'hypothetical' for us, your myriad Readers, to 'pretend' we were 'good people'...

Still chuckling,

Ed in AZ

[mjb: Sometimes I crack myself up. It made me laugh to write that. Thanks for noticing.]

p.s. For the 'anonymous' commenter who stated "These whiners and crybabies that said no guns are base commanders and pentagon leaders" I would like to amend the statement by adding "...who were willing to kowtow to the current Administration and 'follow orders no matter what' AND WERE NOT PURGED WITH THE OTHER 600 WHO WOULDN'T." - Ed

You are right Michael!

It doesn't matter if you are religious or not, American or not, if you are human, you have the right to defend your life and those of your loved ones - kill or be killed.  That reminds me - I need to get out to the the range for a little target practice.

  This is a rant I've been

This is a rant I've been sending out. Wake up people, cops are being encouraged to assault & shoot people by their superiors, it is not an accident!
[mjb: I have never heard this before, and I have no way of knowing if it's true. Has anyone else heard this allegation?]
The PROBLEM is people think all laws passed are lawful & must be obeyed ! They are NOT !!! The Constitution is The Supreme Law of the Land,& any law, code or statute that violates the Constitution is VOID, Marbury vs Madison, 1803!
[mjb: I concur.]
Which means it has NEVER had ANY force or effect! New laws do not have to be passed to get rid of Bad laws, you just ignore them & erase them, because they in fact NEVER had any force or effect. The FACT that most people don't know or understand is EVERYONE working in state & federal governments are OUR EMPLOYEES, & have NO AUTHORITY over any of us! A cop can arrest you ONLY when you violate someone else's rights or property, PERIOD!!!. Cops can't shoot when in fear of their lives, they can only shoot when they get shot at, & ONLY when they have properly identified the shooter.
[mjb: Although I agree this is how things are *supposed* to be, I recommend that you avoid doing anything to irritate someone with a badge, a gun, and a chip on their shoulder.]
That is the way it use to be & needs to be again so innocent people are not shot! A friend of mind was teaching at the police academy until 7 years ago when he got in an argument with a cadet about shooting protocol. The cadet said "what if I'm in fear of my life?". My friend, a cop for 40 yrs said, then you'd better go to work at Walmart or Mcdonalds, because if you're a cop or a fireman, you may be asked to give up your life for one of your employers, a private person. Then he was fired. We the People are the creators of this country & just as you can not have more power than your creator, OUR EMPLOYEES can not have more power than us. The majority of gun deaths in the U.S. are done by cops, & there is NO government statistic showing how many people are killed by cops. Those numbers are compiled by the Oathkeepers. Cops cannot protect you from criminals & they never could. They show up after the crime has been committed, draw a line around your dead body & write a report, they are janitors & tax collectors. Protecting yourself & family is a job that can only be accomplished by an armed & trained public. Look up Kennesaw, GA, safest city in the U.S. 32 years ago, a town of 3,000 passed a law requiring everyone to have a gun. It has grown to over 30,000 & not one shot has been fired in anger or defense! The reason cops are out of control is money. It's no mistake, they are being trained to act like Nazi's, because prisons are big business. In 1972 there were 300,000 in the penal system, in prison or on parole. Violent crime has gone down over 89% since 1972. And now there is almost 10 million in the penal system, with almost 3 million in prison, the majority on drug charges. The U.S. has the highest percentage prison population of ANY country in the world;
[mjb: True!]
Evil Communist Red China is number 2. One out of every 32 Americans are in the penal system. In Red China it is one out of 900 ! If you've been convicted of a felony in the U.S. you can NEVER get an auto or home loan, or rent in a decent neighborhood, you can NEVER get a good paying job, & you are branded as a criminal for the rest of your life, & if you so much as jay walk, you could end up back in prison. In Red China, if you murdered someone & you served your time, you are guaranteed your original job back when you get out. Where are we living ? They privatized prisons to make money from the state & for slave labor manufacturing , farming , & construction projects. The judicial system was corrupted 1st so they would have total control. There is NO JUSTICE, justice really means, Justus---JUST US !!! And that doesn't mean you & me.


Per law in MA, I am not supposed to defend myself unless cornered.  I am expected to flee out the back door.  Crybaby liberals made that law.

[mjb: When I arrived in Texas, I attended a concealed carry class. (I took the class but never sent in the paperwork.) When the instructor would pose a hypothetical and ask how we would respond, my answer was always "Two in the chest, one in the head." The instructor was horrified, saying, "You don't understand." I said, "Yes, I do. Someone was trying to kill me, and they lost." Much to my surprise, the concealed carry class was being taught by a crybaby.]

procedural differences

It's one in chest and one in the head ~ we don't do that SAS stuff!   

Kudos or "dittos", Michael.

Kudos or "dittos", Michael. You and me both, with more to follow suit, I hope or trust. Let us all do our best to "fight" back these marauders, thieves, etc. etc. May more people WAKE UP and STOP being freaking blue-pill and Kool Aid addicted drinking sheeple ( BaaaaHHH!!).  May the people and sheeple STOP supporting the ne0-N@zi ism of this "country". It (the country) is gone! WE must get it back from them, the powers that be, in my < humble viewpoint. Kudos to your efforts. May more people and sheeple wake up and hopefully take the red pill belatedly or otherwise, IMO.

As always, your comments and editorial remarks are spot on, the M@trix-controlled society and times we live in or under, IMHO. Keep up the great work, endeavors, etc. Keep moving forward.

Diligence with due vigilance also.

Thank you Michael!

Thank you Michael!  Miss having you around.  Great commentary.  I agree whole heartedly.  I keep saying, they will have to take my gun from my dead cold hands.  However, I'm taking some of "them" out with me before I go!!

Wholeheartedly agree

 I just stumbled onto your youtube videos and then this website, and surprised to find others who are ready to take this country back to its original intended form. Unfortunately we are either few and far between, or cannot organize effeciently to do so. I too encounter "crybabies" everywhere when the subject is brought up, that we may die doing so. Yes, that is possible, I am willing to die so my children may live free, that is a good death. The most important day of your life is your death and how well you do it. There are too few Patrick Henrys (or, in my case, Patricias, lol) and too many "safety nancies" wanting to be cradled all the way to their grave.

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