What's in it for me?

Teaching is something that comes very naturally to me, probably because I have been doing it for most of my life. I enjoy watching people's faces light up when they begin to understand whatever I've been teaching them up to that point. Marketing is a completely different skill set, however, which I'm afraid I do not possess. Nearly everyone who takes my class is glad that they did. I am frequently told that I should charge more money, that the class should be two or three days longer, and that they didn't know most of the information presented during the day.

I find this very frustrating because the three reasons people cite for NOT attending my class are that the class is too expensive, it takes too much time, and that people already know most of what they need to know about the Constitution. My dilemma is finding a way to convince people that they WANT to take the class before they arrive in the classroom.

I recently asked some friends for some marketing advice, and I was told I had to figure out "What's in it for me?" In other words, people won't pay for something until they can see how they would personally benefit from the purchase. Women purchase perfume because they think it makes them more attractive to men. Guys purchase automobiles because they think it will help them attract women. So my goal is to find out what advantage could be had by taking my class.

In all honesty, my class will not help you lose weight, reduce your taxes, show you how to travel without a drivers license - or help you attract the opposite sex. In fact, once you realize how corrupt our government system has become, you may find it more difficult to sleep at night. Many students have cried during or after the class when they realize how bad our political situation really is. More than a few people have taken my class more than once, claiming that it was even better the second time around.

So what is it that people like so much about my class? That's what I'd like to know from you. If you've attended my class in person, or watched the entire class online, please leave a comment explaining "What was in it for you?" How have you benefitted? How is your life better now? If I can learn to market my class more effectively, I will be able to "Light the fires of Liberty" more effectively. Thanks in advance for your help.

(If you've attend my class in person, please give the city and date of the class.)


The Constitution has become an old piece of paper.  Michael brings it back to life.  I took the class last June in Grapevine, Texas with my then 15 year old daughter and sister.  They both now know what Washington D.C. does not want you to know.  That our rights come from our Creator and not them.  Our rights are unalienable no matter how our courts and elected officials may claim differently.  It will inspire you to inspire others to believe that we the people can and will make a difference and change the way we live and question authority where no authority exists.  You will be entertained and motivated.  You will see the truth unfold before your eyes in a manner that you will never forget.  Why?  Because you love your country and what made it the greatest experiment in the history of mankind.  I have studied the constitution for many years and Michael taught me more in one day than a person can learn in years.  I am certain that His book, IT is Good to be KING is worth more than any amount you would ever pittance you would ever pay for his class.

What's in it for me...

As an international business consultant and over 70 years old, more concerned about my grandchildren than myself, I was able to learn more usable information in one day than I have in years of study.  This class is a "have to" if you care about your legacy to your family and you care about your family's future freedom.  That is all I want to say.  When you get old, you have to say it quickly.

Attended the class several years ago in Atlanta -- in the Spring, I think.

What's in it for me?? Only my LIBERTY itself!

For me, your class opened a new world. Sure I had what I considered a decent understanding of the constitution.... That is, until I realized this was laughably insufficient.

Michael, you cleared the fog of war between truth and fiction, fact and assumption. you clarified the principles that tie it all together. You gave me the tools to become a more effective defender of freedom. I was  more effective and motivated then ever before BECAUSE of all that I got out of attending your class.

It is GOOD to be King!

former student

I took your class in May of last year in Minneapolis. I drove down from Duluth, a two and a half hour drive. I then went out afterwards with some others from the class and you where we stayed until they closed the restaurant. I drove back to Duluth that night. So, it was a very long day, longer than just the 8 hours of the class. For anyone concerned about taking up so much of their time, let me say IT WAS WORTH IT! I cannot stress enough how much everyone needs to attend this class! Just do it!

It inspired me so much, I now give classes up here in Duluth. They are just little 4 hour classes and I tell all attendees to take your class as well, if they ever get the chance. It is that good.

You signed my book, 'lighting the flame of liberty one heart at a time' and you did really light this heart's flame and I will continue to do my best to kindle as many hearts as I can as well.

Thank you for all you do!

"marketing suggestion"

You need a short five minute clip highlighting the class.  Put it to some epic sounding music.  Use dramatic scenery between clips from the class (like the part where you say draw your line in the sand and talk about NAZI cattle cars; you could show a quick image of Gestapo loading prisoners on a train).  A short firey clip can do wonders.  It will get sent to the E-mails of Millions of people.  You could offer a prize or free class to the winner of the contest of
"who can make the best short video"  It's essentially a commercial for your class. 

Michael, I took your class in

Michael, I took your class in Harrisburg PA back in March of this year and I would say it is worth more than I paid for it! By far the most educational and inspirational class on government I have ever taken!

Its good to be King

I have not attended your class in person yet but I have read "Good to be King" and I have watched several of the YouTube videos that have been posted. Here is my 2 cents.

People that are already participating in the "Liberty Revival" seem to be poorly informed about the history of this country. Greater Understanding is a key thing that is in it for most people (though they may not realize that yet)

Americans in general are very poorly informed of the role that philosophy plays in Human Interactions. Your course and your book gives a much clearer picture of the philosophy that informed the founders choices.

In general I would also say that most people really haven't grasped what has happened in the US in the past 10 years. From intentional distractions to the daily grind we all go through, these profound developments really have not sunken in.

What's in it for me:

Greater Understanding of WHY the founders did what they did.
The importance of philosophy in the Structure of the US Constitution.
Greater confidence when discussing the Constitution with others
That peaceful feeling you can have when you look God and your Grandchildren in the eyes.

[Badnarik responds: My class will certainly give you the things that you list, but people generally don't know they wanted those things until AFTER they've taken the class.  I've had one person contact me via eMail cheerfully announcing that they now easily WIN the political debates they used to lose.]

RE: What's in it for Me?


I have not taken your class but I have both read and watched Good to be King. I would say I now have a deeper understanding of the Constitution now than I did previous.  I know I may be young (22) but I have been a registered Libertarian since I was 18, except to vote for Ron Paul in 2008, and I am a double major in Marketing and Political Science; therefore I believed I knew it all about the Constitution--I was wrong. There were things in lectures that I did not know for example the Bill of Rights preamble and the fact that there is a real 13th Amendment being just wiped out of history. 

To answer your question, you may want to start by identifying the wants and needs of your intended audience--as you have recently pointed out, this is something that the LP fails to do time and time again.  Begin thinking like an average American who may only have a limited knowledge of the Constitution.  You can advertise it as, imparting them with knowledge which they can share with their friends and family which will make them look very intellegent.  Or, possibly find out unique ways they can save time and money, such as the MCO of a car.  From a branding point of view advertise it as "I will teach you how you can become King again," or something along these lines.  And from a pricing stand point, possibly offering discounts for multiple classroom registrations may help bring in couples or friends--increasing your audience while making them feel like they got a deal.  The other thing I think you should do is promote your brand at Tea Party events or C4L ralleys by taking out booth space as you go around the country, the capitive audience you will have there is perfect for what you hope to accomplish.  The truth is most Americans do not view liberty the way you and I do, you have to answer the questions of what's in it for them first.  I hope this helps!

Knowledge is Power, Get Empowered.

"What's in it for me?" 

Personally, it was a great honor to meet you at your Des Moines IA Constitution Class recently. I had been looking forward to your class for months. "What is in it for me?" was a deeper understanding of the original founding principles of our Republic and how it was supposed to be applied.

Pragmatically, this knowledge, for me, leads to deeper conspiracies of enslavement without methodology for escape. 

? If I am truly free to travel, locomotion, then how come i would be in jail if it tried to do so without a 'permit'?
? if I truly could own a gun for protection, how then i cannot go purchase one without the government's approval?
? if i truly owned my car, then how come the government will take it if i drove it without first 'registering' the car and getting proper documents? 

In your article, you state that your class will not help someone with their taxes nor driver's license, but these ARE the tangible items that WILL directly effect their everyday lives.

I may not know everything but i do know that to convince someone of anything you have to show them how it DIRECTLY effects their daily lives. Problem, reaction, solution. 

* You are a slave to the government and to your debt. you do not own actual property, you do not have rights but only privileges granted by your master.

* Are you angry now? are you confused? Are you mad as Hell yet? ... You should be.

* Knowledge is power. This class will give you understanding of what you are looking at. Insight on how things aught to be and the power to see through the smoke and mirrors of today's political pundits. 

Thanks for doing all that you do. I hope to see you soon in Atlanta Ga, 

What you gain from a Badnarik lecture

Dear Mr. Badnarik, I have not yet had the opportunity to attend one of your classes, but I have viewed your session #9 class four times via the internet, I also had the pleasure of seeing you via satellite at a local liberty meeting, and I have purchased your book. (Which is an entertaining read, and a useful reference guide in understanding the Constitution).
So for what it's worth, what I expect to gain from attending your class when I get a a chance is:

A better understanding of the Constitution and the vision of what the founding father's wanted for this country.

A renewed commitment to use my knowledge of the Constitution, and my rights as an individual, to change what is wrong with our current political situation, and bring this country back to honest government and sound money economics, the core of this great country.

The knowledge that I am not alone, there are others who are fighting with me.
While we may not always believe the same things, ( colors, if you will ), we all have of a love of the 'Red, White, and Blue'.

I will have reference materials, resource information, and maybe a couple of new friends.

I have found you to be an excellent educator, an entertaining orator, and a man with common sense and moral values. I admire your commitment, and I am inspired by your passion.

When you say "lighting the fires of Liberty one heart at a time", that is the truth, and truth is the best form of advertising.
So I'm waiting for my chance to attend your class - I know it will be worth my time and money.


You Don't Know What You Don't Know

So, what's in it for you?

Mark Twain once quipped, "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.” This will shock many of you to your core, but years ago I was sailing with Michael and somehow we got into a political discussion.  I can't remember the debate de jour, but I remember that in short order, I started quoting my Constitutional rights with gusto.  I'll never forget how the tempo of the debate slowed to a crawl, the amused look on Michael's face and the patient way he queried, "Or reeeeealy?"  You know that agonizing point in a debate when you realize you might be wrong or misinformed?  I was there. For me, the debate spiralled down, trailing smoke and flame.  Fortunately though, Michael is a gentleman and he doesn't use his Constitutional knowledge as a rapier to humiliate the uninformed.  Instead, I was awakened to my ignorance.          I didn't know what I didn't know. Lewis Carol, a 19th century English author and mathematician wrote in his Alice In Wonderland, "If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there." As a pilot and a sailor, this quote rings home to me.  As an American, this quote chills me.  In navigation, one must know where one is before setting a course to a destination.  Once you establish your position and fix your destination, only then can you plot your course.  You steer your course with a good compass and a steady hand on the rudder of your vessel. Our Constitution is our compass.  Our country is our vessel.  Our government is our rudder .  WE THE PEOPLE are the steady hand on the rudder.  On occasion, WE THE PEOPLE allow deck hands to steer the ship of state.  These deck hands we call politicians, senators, congressmen and presidents.  On occasion, we call them by names far worse.   I came to realize that day long ago on the lake that I was only a passenger on our ship of state and not the Captain that I actually was.  I realized I didn't know how to read a compass.  I realized that I had allowed unqualified deck hands steer our mighty vessel. As a Captain, I had been negligent.  I realized that I didn't know what I didn't know.   Shortly after our day on the lake, I took Michael's course.  It opened my eyes just a crack but it primed the pump.  It sparked a curiosity.  Slowly, I realized what I didn't know.  I developed an interest in learning about the compass and steering mechanism of our ship of state. I took the course again this year and gained even more out of it.  I highly recommend reading Michael's book, "Good To Be King" before the class.  By doing so, you will get more out of the class and bring with you more focused questions that suit your specific, personal curiosity.  By lunch, you'll see that the class is going by too fast and you're not going to get all you want out of it.   Be advised:  You will leave the class hungry, not quenched.   It's hard to sell a class to people who don't know what they don't know.  In these hard economic times, it's hard to get people to give of their time and money to what is in their minds just "sitting in a class."  To paraphrase Lewis Carol again, now that I'm through the looking glass, it was well worth it.  I'm not negligent, ignorant or without a compass anymore.  I'm ticked off and guided on target like a heat-seeking missile.   Take the course.  Take aim.  Take the helm. Cheers, Bill          

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