Report on Oklahoma City class

On Saturday (January 14th) I presented my Constitution class on the floor of the Oklahoma State House. I want to thank Representative Charles Key for inviting me, and Kaye Beach and Sharon Brown for doing most of the work to organize this event. I also want to thank Eddie Allen for driving me from Dallas to Oklahoma City, and Tisha Casida and Steve Thompson for driving all the way from Pueblo, Colorado to Oklahoma City to attend my class.

The purpose of this event was to present my class to as many members of the state legislature as possible. From that perspective we missed the mark. The only legislator in attendance was Charles Key, even though six others indicated an interest in attending. We did have two law enforcement officers who reported being thrilled with the class at dinner afterwards. They expressed a desire to have me come and teach my class to their entire department sometime in the future. The fires of Liberty continue to spread.

However, this is just the beginning of Operation: Domino Effect There are forty-nine other states that have yet to host one of my presentations, but I am already beginning to get some feedback from the letters I mailed to the Speaker of the House and the President Pro Tem of the other states. The Tennessee Senate is considering my proposal, but the Massachusetts Senate has already declined. If you would like to promote this project, I encourage you to contact your state representative asking them to promote this effort. I think it would make more of an impression if you visited your representative in person, with several other supporters, however the easiest way would be to call them on the phone. I have also generated a phone list for the Speaker of the House and Senate if you are willing to call their office to promote.this project. Please leave comments letting me know who you called so my readers can see how much support there is for this.

Alabama House: Mike Hubbard 334-242-7668
Alabama Senate: Del Marsh 334-242-7877
Alaska House: Mike Chenault 907-283-7223
Alaska Senate: Gary Stevens 907-465-4925
Arizona House: Andy Tobin 602-926-5172
Arizona Senate: Barbara Leff 602-926-4486
Arkansas House: Robert Moore 870-877-1210
Arkansas Senate: Paul Bookout 501-682-2902
California House: John Perez 213-620-4646
California Senate: Darrell Steinberg 916-651-1529
Colorado House: Frank McNutty 303-683-8873
Colorado Senate: Betty Boyd 303-866-4857
Connecticut House: Christopher Donovan 860-240-8500
Connecticut Senate: Donald Williams 860-240-8614
Delaware House: Robert Gilligan 302-744-4351
Delaware Senate: Anthony DeLuca 302-744-4165
Florida House: Dean Cannon 407-623-5740
Florida Senate: Michael Bennett 941-727-6349
Georgia House: David Ralston 404-656-5020
Georgia Senate: Tommy Williams 404-656-0089
Hawaii House: Calvin Say 808-586-6100
Hawaii Senate: Shan Tsutsui 808-586-7344
Idaho House: Lawerence Denney 208-332-1111
Idaho Senate: Brent Hill 208-332-1300
Illinois House: Michael Madigan 217-782-5350
Illinois Senate: Donald Harmon 217-782-8176
Indiana House: Brian Bosma 317-232-9657
Indiana Senate: David Long 317-232-9400
Iowa House: Jeff Kaufmann 563-732.2902
Iowa Senate: Jeff Danielson 515-281-3371
Kansas House: Jene Vickrey 785-291-3500
Kansas Senate: Steve Morris 785-296-2419
Kentucky House: Greg Stumbo 502-564-3120
Kentucky Senate: Katie Kratz Stine 502-564-3120
Louisiana House: Jim Tucker 225-342-7263
Louisiana Senate: Sharon Weston Broome 225-342-2040
Maine House: Robert Nutting 207-287-1300
Maine Senate: Kevin Raye 207-287-1500
Maryland House: Michael Busch 410-841-3800
Maryland Senate: Thomas Mike Miller Jr. 301-858-3700
Massachusetts House: Robert DeLeo 617-722-2500
Massachusetts Senate: Terese Murray 617-722-1500
Michigan House: James Bolger 517-373-1787
Michigan Senate: Tonya Schuitmaker 517-373-0793
Minnesota House: Margaret Anderson Kelliher 507-931-0173
Minnesota Senate: Gen Olson 651-296-1282
Mississippi House: William McCoy 601-359-3300
Mississippi Senate: J.P. Compretta 601-359-3304
Missouri House: Steven Tilley 573-751-1488
Missouri Senate: Charlie Shields 573-751-9476
Montana House: Mike Millburn 406-788-5962
Montana Senate: Bruce Tutvedt 406-257-9732
Nebraska House: Mike Flood 402-471-2929
Nevada House: John Oceguera 775-684-8595
Nevada Senate: Michael Schneider 775-684-6502
New Hampshire House: William O'Brian 603-271-3661
New Hampshire Senate: John Barnes Jr. 603-271-4063
New Jersey House: Jerry Green 908-561-5757
New Jersey Senate: Nia Gill 973-509-0388
New Mexico House: Ben Lujan 505-986-4782
New Mexico Senate: Timothy Jennings 575-623-8331
New York House: Sheldon Silver 212-312-1420
New York Senate: Peter Rivira 718-931-2620
North Carolina House: Thom Tillis 919-733-3451
North Carolina Senate: Phil Berger 919-733-5708
North Dakota House: David Drovdal 701-586-3761
North Dakota Senate: Rich Wardner 701-483-6918
Ohio House: William Batchelder 614-466-8140
Ohio Senate: Keith Faber 614-466-7584
Oregon House: Bruce Hanna 503-986-1200
Oregon House: Arnie Roblan 503-986-1300
Oregon Senate: Ginny Burdick 503-986-1718
Pennsylvania House: Samuel Smith 717-787-3845
Pennsylvania Senate: Joseph Scarnati III 717-787-7084
Rhode Island House: Gordon Fox 401-222-2466
Rhode Island Senate: Teresa Paiva Weed 401-222-6655
South Carolina House: Bobby Harrell 803-606-5749
South Carolina Senate: Glenn McConnell 803-212-6610
South Dakota House: Val Rausch 605-773-3851
South Dakota Senate: Bob Gray 605-773-3821
Tennessee House: Beth Harwell 615-741-0709
Tennessee Senate: Bo Watson 615-741-3227
Texas House: Joe Straus 512-463-1000
Texas Senate: David Dewhurst 512 463-0001
Utah House: Rebecca Lockhart 801-369-6784
Utah Senate: Michael Waddoups 801-355-1136
Vermont House: Shap Smith 802-828-2245
Vermont Senate: John Campbell 802-295-6238
Virginia House: Bill Howell 804-698-1028
Virginia Senate: Charles Colgan 804-698-7529
Washington House: Frank Chopp 360-786-7920
Washington Senate: Margarita Prentice 360-786-7616
West Virginia House: Ron Fragale 304-340-3114
West Virginia Senate: Joseph Menard 304-357-7904
Wisconsin House: Jeff Fitzgerald 608-266-3387
Wisconsin Senate: Joe Liebham 608-266-2056
Wyoming House: Edward Buchanan 307-532-2322
Wyoming Senate: Jim Anderson 307-436-9618

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