What's in your crystal ball?

People often wonder how the holocaust in Germany was permitted to happen. I now realize that denial is often related to to how disturbing the news is. The more horrific the information, the longer some people will remain in denial. Such is the case with the state of our economy. Most people realize that our economy is unstable, but I don't think many people realize just how bad it is going to get. Remember that the first Great Depression was preceded by a decade of lavish prosperity known as "the Roaring 20's".

My friends at the National Inflation Association have made several excellent videos, one of which is a futuristic prediction of what COULD happen in the near future. Before you read any further, please watch the seven-minute clip called The Day the Dollar Died.

Sadly, I do not think this video is an exaggeration. Although it is not the only scenario for the collapse of society, I believe it is one of the serious possibilities. Personally I don't think the collapse will happen in twelve hours, but I do think it could be as quick as forty-eight hours. I've seen store shelves empty very quickly in anticipation of an imminent snow-storm or approaching hurricane, however those have been temporary shortages prior to an emergency. When store shelves empty this time, it is possible that they won't be refilled right away. Even if there are products on the shelf, the skyrocketing cost of food may make it more difficult to feed a family than it already is.

What I'd like you to do is to gaze into your crystal ball and get a glimpse of the future. I'd like you to make some predictions about what is going to happen in 2011. Please be specific in your predictions (eg. "Gold will reach $3000 an ounce") and give the month you think that may happen. There are no right or wrong answers, simply personal opinions that will vary from optimistic to cataclysmic. I'm pretty certain that nobody has enough influence to stop or alter the future by themselves, so I won't accuse anyone of stacking the deck.

[As the moderator, I will not allow any posts that ridicule someone else's prediction, so feel free to express yourself candidly.]

Deja Vu

Look for the Euro (european currency) to be "dumped", totally devalued or exchanged for another "new currency" like the international credit unit, icu, some where between the end of April 2011 and the middle of July 2011.  This gives a window of 7 to 21 dys before it happens to the US dollar (frn).  Then it is anybody's guess as to the level of chaos.

Deja true!

You may be right in your time-table for the prediction of the fall of the Euro.  I've also heard from a supposed "insider" that WHEN the Euro fails, it will be about 3 weeks before the Dollar fails.


Since the Federal Reserve has already told us what they are going to do, I believe some predictions will be easy.  They want inflation and they will get it.  Gold, silver, Wheaties, basic foods, and oil will reach never before seen highs and the dollar will no longer be accepted by many of our trading partners.  I may be crazy but I would not be surprised to see prices rise 100% in the comoddities markets over the next 12 months if the Fed gets its wish and they usually do.  The new Republican house will be much the same as the old Democrat house.

2011 Predictions

Gold will reach $2000 by the end of November.  Silver will reach $50 by the same time.

Ron Paul will uncover secret deals with large banks by the Federal Reserve.  The ensuing uproar will wreck the Fed's credibility.  This will happen by the end of August.

Hillary Clinton will be essentially drafted by the Far Left to challenge Obama in the primaries.  She will decline in favor of running full steam in 2016.

The backlog of foreclosures now bottled up in courts and other legal mechanisms will start to break loose by early fall.  House prices will drop 50%

I fear this prediction may

I fear this prediction may come true, since I had an unusual dream about it where police were confiscating telephones.  I intrepreted this as a nationwide communication blackout will occur, possibly in July 2011, where no one will be able to communicate using the land-line phone system, cell phone system, and possibly satellite phone system.  If that happens, we can still use good old fashioned ham radio, cb radio, shortwave, and other means of communication that may come about.

My prediction for silver is it will reach $50 per ounce by April 2011, but may go higher or level off later.  My prediction for oil is it will reach $200 per barrel by August 2011 with the price per gallon at $10.00, that is assuming if the price per gallon is 1/20th per barrel.  The real unemployment rate will be over 30% by May 2011, unless congress miraculously does away with all business and personal income tax.  With the announcement of China and Russia, in November 2010, trading with each other in their respective currencies; my last prediction is they will both sell-off all U.S. treasuries they are holding and collapse the dollar in March 2011.

I predict that the US will

I predict that the US will loose it's status as the world's reserve currrency by May. Rather than entrust to one country, likely China, (currently selling off dollars as fast as possible) the middle east and France will create a mix of currencies to be used for goods and trading. The dollar will be devalued overnight by 20%.  June will see gas prices rise dramatically to $10.00 or more per gallon. Transporation costs will rise, and the food on our shelves will see a matching 30% increase in price and the government will take credit for controlling the costs. The truth will be that the food conglomorates will begin adding more fillers or continue to reduce the contents of pakaging.  By the end of the year, there will be a 60% rise in food prices.  In the larger cities, food will be scare and roving gangs are likely to appear in the outlying areas, armed and looking for food.  President Obama will declare a state of emergency and will take control over the internet and communications systems to decrease what we get of "free information" and he is likely to do that in July and intermittently continue this and control our television programming. 
There will be gunfire in the suburbs by August when people figure out that the government doesn't know what to do and basically goes into hiding.  Businesses will be disrupted/closed as commuters won't be able to afford to go to work, cars abandoned on the streets by December. Medical access will all but diminish. The people will stage protests. They will be met with police and tactical units, not far off from the look of Tienamon Square by September. In September also will be a huge terrorist emergence across the country, targeting larger cities. Bombs will be blasting, and gunfire will rein on our soil.
Those who are prepared will protect their homes and property and will have about 6 months of provisions set aside. By December, one roll of toliet paper will cost $3. The dollar will be nearly useless.  The upside is that communities will begin to band together in smaller segments for mutual sharing and protection, and with a break in the day to day, might just find there is more to life than chasing that dollar. 
2012 will see the beginning of a new goverment taking shape; not in Washington, but in the country as the people begin the process of throwing out our current representatives.

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