Don't be a Shmoo!

For those of you not old enough to remember the Lil Abner cartoon strip, Shmoon (plural of Shmoo) "were fabulous creatures that bred exponentially, consumed nothing, and eagerly provided everything that humankind could wish for. Besides producing both milk (bottled, grade A) and eggs (neatly packaged), they tasted like pork when roasted, chicken when fried, and steak when broiled. Ironically, the shmoo's generous nature and incredible usefulness made it a threat to capitalism, to western society and perhaps to civilization itself."
(See photo)

Even as a young man, I was disturbed by the idea of a creature that would voluntarily kill itself for someone else's dinner. I still find it difficult to imagine a living animal that has no instinct for self-preservation. However this phenomenon does seem to manifest itself within a significant percentage of the human population of the United States. Although the problem has been growing for several decades, it has become far more noticable since the tragic school shooting in Connecticut. The strident cry for total gun control has been unmistakable, even though the "lame stream media" has characterized the demand for disarmament as "a debate". There is no debate. The only options presented are to turn in your guns voluntarily, or subject yourself to mandatory and violent gun confiscation. Only a Shmoo would voluntarily surrender its guns. Don't be a Shmoo!

Now there are internet rumors that our presumptive President has issued an executive order that alleges the authority to kill Americans suspected of terrorism without the time consuming charade of having a trial. Several reports last year indicate that drones are now being used here in the United States. This fact was proudly demonstrated when news reports showed a drone flying over the underground bunker where a six year old boy had been held hostage for several days. Clearly our government has the technology to secretly and silently kill American Shmoon with impunity. Don't be a Shmoo!

The most exciting news I've heard in a long time is that ten million guns were sold in the United States withing three weeks of the Connecticut tragedy. That is nearly half a million guns per day, or an average of ten thousand guns per day in each state. I sincerely hope this that this demonstrates a rebirth of the independant spirit of Americans.

There can be no debate about two plus two equals four, the existence of gravity, or that the world is round. Neither can there be any serious "debate" about the right to self defense. At the moment, however, there is public discussion about our right to life which extrapolates into the implict right to protect that life using a gun. The Shmoon in America think that guns are inherently evil, and that the government must exercise its fictitious authority to confiscate all civilian firearms. When the discussion escalates into conflict, and it appears certain that it will, the side with guns will win, and the Shmoon on the other side will lose. Your generous nature - and flawed logic - make you a threat to capitalism, western society, and civilization itself. It also makes you a threat to yourself. Don't be a Shmoo!

Federal Reserve sees all humans as schmoos

 Sad but true, and I will not volunteer to be a schmoo willfully!

Don't Be A Shmoo

Congratulations.    What a brilliantly conceived idea.
Funny...........but serious.
Good message.

Idea for a Flag

That image of a Shmoo from the old Lit' Abner cartoon and this artical gives me an idea for a protest flag to carry and wave at "Pro-Second Amendment" rallys. The flag would have a large image of a Smhoo with the Red Circle Bar like a do not enter sign. Just a thought...

Shmoo flag

 The only problem is progressives twist things out of context and they would think it was a "Ghost Buster" flag.

Well said, Michael!

 Well said, Michael!  Short, sweet, easy to read and to the point.  : )

Shmoo v HJR 192

Is HJR 192 ,fact or fiction?

[Fact. -mjb]


Beautifully written and expressed (as usual), Michael. This needs to become a battle cry for the liberty-minded. At the very least, there is a bumper sticker in this!

Well said.  People forget

Well said.  People forget that America was born from the barretl of a gun!  Our guns bought our freedom and they are the only thing that will keep our freedom.


Couldn't have said it better myself!

Shmoo article

 You're right Michael Badnarik, shall not be infringed means "Hands off" and there is no debate possible because it's as direct as the words "We the People".
"We the People" can't be changed to "persons" even though the IRS thinks differently. What are they going to do next, try to change the name of our country? Oh yea, NAFTA comes to mind.
 How about calling schools, schmools? The way they are indoctrinating, institutionalizing and dumbing down our kids; it will either come to shmoo or zombie, it's inevitable.


You know I find this incredible that people can't see through this.  Especially, in places like New York, where police can actually sit behind a door and watch another "unarmed" man being assualted with a knife and not "protect" him as they swore to do but are not "legally" bound to do.  Go figure, how does that work out logically.  Then they remove the right to defend yourself which, constitution aside, is what this is about.  You no longer have the right to defend yourself in any way you see fit except your bare hands and even being a karate expert, I know reality isn't like the Steven Segall movies.  You will probably get cut in a knife fight.  Hell even your bare hands can be turned around on you with this "justice" system! 
I also took note of another fallacy perpetuated by our "leaders I mean rulers"..  DI-FI gets up on her high horse and says "did those people who went to the movies in Aurora have a """Right"""" to their safety"  She thinks they did when no they didn't.  But they did have the right to protect themselves and the rules at that place prevented them from doing so.


As usual a well written article. Some of the comments are nice also. I truly believe the true Shmoon are in the White House, The House of Representatives, The Senate office building and various other statewide legislative and congressional offices and members. What they are doing will come back and bite them in the jackass eventually and will be eaten alive with fire and brimstone. But, like a Shmoo they are giving themselves to their own demise. I for one will fight to the death for Freedom because without Freedom their is no life.

 They will not take away

 They will not take away firearms.  The will just make bullets unattainable.  A clerk at a store selling ammo, said she keeps ordering, but nothing is coming in.  There is a blog on Oath Keepers also monitoring the lack of ammo.  

It may just be supply & demand, but...

People at the Oakland gun show recenly were carting handcarts and dollies full of ammo - the manufacturers may just be low on inventory after the Conn. shooting (pun not intended).

On the other hand, DHS is buying 450 million hollow point .40 cal rounds over the next five years - I verified this on PRNewswire, not a fringe source.  Better shop online for your ammo while you can, or buy a bullet making press & do it yourself like many are doing now.

Liberty under God, is the Foundation at Law:

Hello Michael.

I'm glad to see that Oath Keepers reached out to you. And your working with Sheriff Mack too!

Its all about Same-Hands-Control. To Control over the People as a whole. And, is also under Fraudulent Intent Acts upon the people too. Since its also against the Constitution. The people need to learn the laws pertaining to TREASON.  Not sure if you know about the Dick Act in1902, about the Gun issues. But its, a good link to share with others if you know about it.   

UCC-Codes. Law of Law, to define a law between the laws. Laws are not to be used as they are using them in Congress, and within our Courts. Laws are not to be used as a way of force of law, or upon the people.  Just as Obama, does not have that say under the law upon the people. After all, what happened to the justice under that law as defining that law upon you, or without defining that law upon the people? As ignorance, is will addressed as to its meaning in our laws. Unless, the people start learning the truth and learn the laws too. 

I would love to have you talk to my friends who I have made friends with as helping them address laws, even though I am  not an attorney. But I'm sure you know, when your dealing with fraud who commits those crimes upon you, you face an endless force. You will get no where with them. Unless we join together and unite as one big force upon them.

Love your Wisdom and your work, too! 

   Michelle Christensen

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