Out with the old, in with... what?

I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year in 2015. However, I'm immediately reminded of the adage, "Wish in one hand and..." I'm not sure how much happiness is even possible these days. No doubt my existence in Indiana as caregiver colors my personal view of the world. Still, as January approaches it is customary to look into the future in hopeful expectation of improvement over the last twelve months. But first, a quick look at the year we are leaving behind.

Four men were arrested for transporting guns aboard several domestic Delta flights. With the help of a Delta employee they were able to smuggle the guns past normal security screening procedures, and then carry them on board the aircraft, and presumably store them in the overhead compartment. The main stream media is "horrified" that over 130 guns were transported in this fashion. Let me be the first to point out that... nobody was harmed or threatened with these guns! The people who carried them were supposedly "bad guys". If there were no negative repercussions with criminals, why is it impossible to imagine that "good guys" (ie. you and me) might carry guns on a plane and not shoot anybody? I consider this incident absolute proof that concern over concealed carry aboard commercial aircraft is totally unwarranted. But maybe that's just me.

There are increasing reports about police shooting people and people shooting police. Let me state that I am opposed to ANYbody being shot unless they are a serious threat to someone else. The common denominator to each of these stories - besides the fact that they are blown out of proportion - is the fact that both sides have come to a conclusion without all of the facts. Those who riot in protest of police brutality ignore the fact that the "unarmed teenager" was also an underage thug with an aggressive personality. Those who adamantly assert that the police officer was only defending himself ignore the fact that he had numerous opportunities to back away from the situation. Jumping out of the squad car to pursue the suspect with additional ammunition is not reasonable force. Both parties are to blame, and protagonists on both sides conveniently ignore information not to their liking.

Lots of people died in 2014. Some of them by their own hand. Like everyone else, I am truly saddened that Robin Williams felt it was necessary to commit suicide. He brought so much laughter and happiness into our lives, we find it difficult to imagine that he felt enough despair to take his own life. Looking at the bigger picture, I wonder if he isn't our canary in a coal mine. With so much economic and political unrest in the world, I wonder how many others have felt enough pressure to opt out before their time. Allow me to reassure readers that I have never - even for a moment - considered suicide as a viable solution to the problem. (Pun intended.) As I've said many times before, if my life ever gets so bad that someone needs to die... it's not going to be ME.

If there were happy, joyous moments in 2014, I am unaware of them. However the purpose of this newsletter is to peer into the future and speculate on what we can expect over the next twelve months. I am too isolated to know what's going on in the world, so I'm asking you to give me a little perpsective. Let me know what you think could happen in the next 365 days, and what leads you to think so. Thanks in advance for being my eyes and ears. I sincerely wish you peace, love, and prosperity in the coming months.

"Cuiusvis hominis est errare; nullius nisi insipientis in errore perseverare"
(Any man can make a mistake; only a fool keeps making the same one)
(literal translation: "Err; only a fool persists in error")

Michael Badnarik

 Hi Michael, glad you

 Hi Michael, glad you continue to be among the living.  I know what it's like to be in the caretaking mode, taking care of one's parent(s).  I wish you all well in that endeavor.

I am involved with the grassroots movement to put our common law back back into the courts, along with our citizens' common law Grand Juries.  As we have no standing in what has become their courts, we get no justice, truth or anything else but imprisonment, poverty, loss of property, and often enough, death at their hands for committing no crimes.

Have you followed this effort?  Their website is nationallibertyalliance.org.  I would think that we stand a good chance of taking back our Republic but there is a great deal of education to be done by all of us to participate and retain it.

You are in my thoughts as a bright and shining beacon of truth and hope for a more intelligent populace.

Ellen Thompson

Good News

 Greetings Michael, there is so much good news from 2014.  I read your books and they still influence my life.  I canceled my voter registration, what a joke.  I wasted too much of my life on who was going to save me.
I shared with many others what I learned from you, AND THEY WERE POSITIVE!  Young and old.
I can not tell you much about the world affairs, as I do not give my life to it anymore. I had enough and never been happier.
This past November was the 1st time I didn't vote.  The other voters are so ignorant that it's a waste of time.  Its a ponzi insurance scam I no longer want any part of.  Besides, my side kept losing.  So why play a game I can't win.
Keep up the spirits.  We are catching on.  2015 will be a great year as more of us wake up to tyranny.
God be with us...

What I'm seeing...

Dear Michael,

Just re-read an interview you did with Lady Liberty in 2007, and then read your brief note at the closing of 2014.  You are a treasure, and have been for a long time running.

Though I have no predictions about the remainder of the year, I can say that so far, it is very strange that things can be so messed up yet there are glimpses from time to time that are astoundingly hopeful. I don't know if its appreciating the small victories more than I used to (age is doing some weird stuff) or if there are some cosmic bursts breathing life back into this old world (sort of like hiccups)... whatever, I am thankful for it. People who get it are meaning more and more to me as each day goes by. People who might get it seem closer than ever as they begin to see for themselves what socialism looks like, what a police state looks like. It certainly seems that the proverbial "seasons" are providing many of us with opportunities to make whatever moments we get, count. There are pockets of hope all over the place. It's just hard to notice the impact spread out like it is.

Can't tell you how often your name comes up in conversations with fellow patriots. You are dearly loved! 

Warm regards,
Pam McConnell

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