Michael's New Year's Resolutions

Goodbye Two-Thousand-Eleven. I am happy to see you go. Thrilled is more like it. During your twelve month period the Indiana Supreme Court declared that I cannot defend myself from rogue police officers, and the federal government passed the National Defense Authorization Act. The NDAA is a ludicrous act of treason which presumes that the Army can whisk people away to secret detention centers for no justifiable reason at all. I want to thank all of the sociopaths in government who have finally created an environment that is so bad that everyone seems to be talking about an overthrow of the government.

Hello Two-Thousand-Twelve! You cannot get here fast enough. My fellow patriots and I have been waiting for you for a l-o-n-g  t-i-m-e! Some of us have been waiting thirty or forty years! But now you are here. The Tipping Point. The year the pendulum swings the other direction. The Beginning Of The End for the totalitarian police state. This is the year that Ron Paul surprises the Good Old Boy Republicans by winning the nomination in spite of the blatant bias and corruption. This is the year that Sheriff Richard Mack wins a victory even greater than his Supreme Court decision against the Brady Bill. This is the year Sheriff Mack inspires the Sheriff of hundreds of counties nationwide to stand up against the encroachments of the federal government. Not to sit idly by and let Sheriff Mack restore Liberty by himself, this is the year that I begin teaching my eight-hour Constitution class on the floor of several state legislatures. This is the year when patriot groups with different priorities begin to work together for a common cause: self-determination. This is the year that evil begins to self-destruct.

It is too early to break open the champaign to celebrate a victory that hasn't been realized yet, but it is not too early to make New Year's resolutions that will contribute to the overall success of the freedom movement. Too often we make well intentioned resolutions that are destined to failure before Valentine's Day. "I'm going to lose 20 pounds." "I'm going to put 15% of my weekly earnings into my retirement plan." "I'm going to quit: smoking; drinking; eating fast food; procrastinating." This year, with our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor at stake, we need to make resolutions that we are actually going to keep. Here are a list of mine.

I resolve to carry my gun concealed as often as possible. Given the increase in government violence against my fellow Americans, it is more and more likely that I will personally witness the abuse of government authority. It may be inconvenient to check my pistol through airport security, but it would be far more inconvenient to watch my friends die because I wasn't brave enough to protect them. I also resolve to speak slowly and calmly as I explain to police officers why I refuse to be disarmed. I promise I will not be the first to escalate violence, although I plan to be the first one to pull the trigger if that becomes necessary. (Note to the SPLC: I am not advocating for violence against the government. I am advocating for self-defense against government initiated violence. There is a distinct difference that your organization seems incapable of understanding.)

I resolve to resist pessimism and promote optimism about the future. For thirty years I have insisted that most of what our government does is unconstitutional. Regrettably, I have developed a habit of focusing on the corruption hidden beneath the thin veneer of respectability displayed by our government representatives. After years of campaigning for office, only to be criticized by the very people I thought I was championing, I had given up hope for the success of Liberty. Fortunately a new friend dragged me out of my despair, and restored my confidence in the will and determination of the American people. Henceforth I will assume the responsibility of doing the same for others. Yes, we still have economic and political problems ahead of us, however the American people are a dragon that is stirring from its slumber. I don't even feel sorry for the evil people who will be dragged from their homes and taken to trial before being sentenced to life in prison. That is a far more humane treatment than they have perpetrated on us for over a century.

I also resolve to brighten my corner of the world by offering everyone I meet a warm, genuine hug. Not the artificial, Hollywood "kiss, kiss" hugs you see on television. I mean a genuine, "I'm glad that you are in the world and are a part of my life" type of hug. I used to be famous for the intensity of my hugs, but over time I have become cynical and jaded, erecting psychological barriers to protect myself from the hostility around me. I have no doubt that my feelings will be hurt eventually, but if I can spread love and joy, and inspire others to do the same, then it will all have been worth it. Besides, when my feelings get hurt I'm sure I can find a few people willing to return the hugs I gave them originally. That will help to heal my emotional trauma much more quickly.

What about you? Are you willing to make resolutions to hasten the return of our Liberties? Please let me know if you're willing to adopt any of the resolutions above. Let me know if you can think of things that I might add to this list. We the People are the source of all political power in this country. As someone once said, it's Good to be King!

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