Behold A Pale Horse

Sixteen months ago I attended the Freedom Action National Convention in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. That weekend I was taken to the Valley Forge memorial park and videotaped for a documentary by Chuck and Anita Untersee entitled BEHOLD A PALE HORSE. It was originally planned as a ninty-minute film, and was supposed to be released in the Spring of 2010. I am very pleased to report that the documentary is scheduled to be released this Spring, but it has grown to a three part series, with two hours for each part. I have been fortunate enough to see an advance draft of Part One, and the photography is incredible. You can visit HeartlandPictures.TV to view samples of Chuck's previous work. Absolutely amazing.

Shortly after my visit to Pennsylvania I wrote an article entitled,I'm ready for my close-up Mr. Demille!" as a poetic way of explaining that I was treated like a movie star for over an hour. Now that I've seen the video I want to thank Chuck and Anita for making me look like the chancellor of a prestigeous college. Even my mother, who is admittedly biased about her first-born son, was surprised at how handsome and erudite I looked. It certainly didn't hurt that I was filmed in the same stone chapel where George Washington is reported to have prayed.

The documentary is narrated by Charlie Daniels, and contains commentary from some of the biggest names in the patriot movement. Larry Pratt, Edwin Vieira, Charles Key, Kaye Beach, Debra Medina, Joel Skousen, Lt. General Jerry Boykin, and several others. I am flattered to have been included with such an illustrious list of patriots. There are many additional names that will be featured in the two parts that are still in the editing process. Using a little Hollywood magic, the Untersees have also included commentary by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, as well as archive news footage of Washington crossing the Delaware with his men. The river crossing may have been a dramatization, but the passionate spirit of Liberty you feel while watching it is incredibly real.

I have it on good authority that a final copy of Part One will be included in the bag of media handouts that will be given to each of the Sheriffs attending the first County Sheriff Project event in Las Vegas in January. This may be another good reason to urge your Sheriff to attend. It may increase your chances of watching the documentary before it is officially released. I'm not sure exactly when that will be, but I do know that it will be worth your time to watch when it becomes available. I will announce the name of the new website as soon as it is ready for the public.

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