Abusive Advertising

I saw a movie once that showed an elderly man in a very poor county, sick and about to die. He didn't have much in his small room, but - moments after he died, people came rushing in to take his shoes, his coat, and the rest of his belongings. They decended like vultures, fighting over what little he had, leaving behind only the flesh on his body. It was a very depressing scene.

That's how I feel about advertising these days. I hate it! I am constantly bombarded by advertisers competing against each other for the last nickel I have in my pocket, and I'm not even dead, yet! It's disgusting, and I feel helpless to stop it.

When I was growing up, commercials were fairly rare on television. Even then, they were embedded into the entertainment we were watching. As an example, you can watch Dinah Shore sing about Chevrolet at the end of her variety show. You didn't "break away for a commercial". You simply endorsed a product.

Today, one hour of television means at least twenty minutes of advertising. MUTE has become the most important button on the remote. But advertisers know that people like me kill the sound so we don't have to listen to their repetetive nonsense. So they come back to the news, just long enough to say, "When we come back, we'll give you the seven day weather forcast". Then they break for another freakin' commercial.

The same thing has happened to the internet. When I link to a page I have to wait for 30-45 seconds so all the little advertising windows can load and display themselves. Then, as soon as I can scroll down the page, ANOTHER advertisement pops up in the middle of the screen. You can't watch a YouTube video anymore without an advertisement preview. Some of them can be skipped after a five second waiting period. Sometimes you have to endure the entire 30 second commercial before you can watch your video. Last night I was trying to watch a stand-up comedian, and the video was interrupted SEVEN TIMES with a commercial that I was forced to view. Screw you, YouTube! I wouldn't buy those products even if I needed them!

Most of the eMail I get is advertising SPAM. This is a popular form of advertising because it's almost free, and there are no consequences for sending unwanted messages because it's nearly impossible to trace the source. I have literally hundreds of filters that I've created to route most of that crap to the trash folder. However one company has found a way to bypass all of my filters to advertise "the most powerful flashlight in the world". I get six of these eMail each day! I finally called the company and said that if my address wasn't removed from their mailing list that would actually BUY one of their freakin' flashlights, and that I would travel to Las Vegas just to shove it up their CEO's "rectal cavity"!

It's gotten so bad that last week when I stopped for gas, I started filling my tank, and a video display on the pump began to regale me with special deals that I should take advantage of while I'm still at the filling station.

STOP! PLEASE STOP! It is difficult to avoid contemplating violence against these parasites! Their guerrilla tactics are abusive and unavoidable! I think it is due, at least in part, to the crumbling economy we find ourselves in. People have far less "disposable income" than they used to have. Companies are desperate to make a profit, so they are developing new techniques to draw your attention and convince you to part with some of your limited, hard-earned dollars. I understand how we got here, but I'm looking for ways to protect myself from the money vultures. Is anyone else as frustrated as I am? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to defend ourselves from this non-stop barrage?

I'm just worried that I will bitch-slap a young Girl Scout who tries to sell me cookies after another advertising phone call. I apologize in advance if that happens.

Forced advertising

Hello Michael,
I use Firefox browser for my internet. They have addons you can use (for free) to stop the scripts that run on web pages. These scripts are the loaded advertisements that you spoke of. Albeit some site you may go on use scripts for their info so you can set it so the scripts on that particular site may run them. It doesn't fix all the adds you don't want to go through such as the Youtube ones but it does cut down on some of the issues you have stated here.
Good luck, Mike

WINDOWS is the problem - LINUX is the answer!

Wife's son gave her a new laptop for Christmas - runs on Windows 10.

She HATES it!

It's so ad-laden you can't even surf on it without ads, pop-ups, and cover-overs taking FOREVER to let everything load completely - and even then you get so many continuous ad-exchanges and auto-play videos it was difficult for even a programmer/analyst like me to use comfortably. I worked for HOURS on that thing to configure it so I can use it for basic purposes in my workshop.  What does my Wife use?

I had to reformat a virus-infected terminal for a friend, and she said that her neighbor had an infected laptop the she couldn't fix and just bought another one (another reason to make them like that) and was I interested in buying it? HELL YEAH! I gave 40 bucks for it, and it still had the plastic film on it - it was that new.  I wiped it clean and installed a simple LINUX Operating System and it runs like a cat on fire! LINUX is an open-source system that is the language that ALL servers use to connect the trillions of terminals to their information without all the CRAP Windows uses to commandeer your attention.  Before a LINUX program can be released it is gone over by other programmers to ensure no monkey business has been introduced.  With the addition of using FireFox and disabling almost everything ad-related, it is a pleasure for my Wife (and I) to utilize, almost ad-free!

Concerning YouTube ads: I refuse to watch a video that requires me to view an ad first. When looking for a longer video, you can see the ones which have ads every five minutes because the ads show up as little white breaks in the placekeeper. I don't even start those. I'll give them 5 seconds of my time, but I also REFUSE TO SPEND MY MONEY on anything that had shoved an ad up my ass against my will so I could view content.

Ed in AZ


Luckily the internet is pretty much an ad-free space for me nowadays.
With some tinkering with my Firefox browser and its ad-blocking add-ons, clever code simply redirects, closes, hides and in other ways makes the ads as unobrtusive as possible.
It is not a solution to hte problem, but a fix that enables me to function on the internet without losing my time, energy or indeed mind to the torrent of ads wanting me to need and buy things I would never ever consider.
I almost stopped watching TV, as the ads became too intrusive. I would rather use a streaming-service for a movie than watch it on TV now.

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