August 1st, 2014
Today is my 60th birthday. There will be no cake, no candles, no ice cream. I've never understood why people are so excited to celebrate birthdays. Everybody has them. They're not much of an acomplishment, really. I would feel the same confusion if someone said, "Congratulations, Michael! You have ten fingers! Yeah. So what. Please do not write to congratulate me on not dying yet. Instead I thought I would offer you the benefit of my perspective after so many trips around the sun.

I do not remember my 10th birthday at all. I do remember that my family's summer vacation that year included a visit to the New York World's Fair and Niagra Falls. I wasn't old enough yet to have a past.

Life in my 20s was Utopia. I went to Indiana University in Bloomington, planning to major in oceanography. I wanted to sail the oceans with Jacques Cousteau, and he and I were going to save the world together. There were 35 thousand students on campus, and at least half of them were women. Luckily I was at my physical and sexual peak. If my best friend manages to outlive me, you'll probably hear some of the lurid details in the eulogy he threatens to give. I used to wake up 30 seconds before the alarm each morning, excited to start the day. Every day was going to be an adventure, and I felt sorry for anyone not lucky enough to be me. I enjoyed the music of John Denver, especially the song Surrender. I felt as though I were living some of the lyrics.
Sweet, sweet surrender
live, live without care,
like a fish in the water
like a bird in the air.

I hated my 30th birthday. The year before I had been working 16-18 hour days for nearly ten weeks. It was the first two day weekend I had off in a long time, and my only goal was to sleep until noon on Saturday. However at 9:00am someone was pounding on the front door and would not go away. When I yanked open the door to chastise the idiots who woke me up, I discovered my parents and youngest brother at the door wishing me a Happy Birthday. I had been so busy I literally forgot my own birthday. As we ate cake my brother asked me how it felt to be old. I was astonished. I told him, "I'm still a young pup!". He looked at me in disbelief and said, "Young pup? You're twenty-nine! For the next twelve months his surprize gnawed at me, until I realized - I have a past. As it turns out, I had subconsciously accepted the premise that any normal person was married and starting a family by the time they are 30. Since I was still single I felt like a failure, but wasn't sure why. Needless to say, I've resolved that dilemma... by realizing that I am anything but normal.

I was a skydiving instructor the weekend of my 40th birthday, so naturally I spent my time at the dropzone. I probably took twelve people for their first tandem ride, and at the end of the day my friends celebrated with a huge barbeque - and a traditional cream pie in my face. I wasn't happy about turning 40, but I wasn't nearly as depressed as a decade before. Very late Sunday night as I drove myself home through the California desert, I realized that "for a guy my age" I was doing pretty well. I had spent all day jumping out of "perfectly good airplanes", and I was taking highway curves at 90 miles an hour. That's when I figured I still had a few good miles left in me.

My campaign staff delighted in turning my 50th birthday into a huge fundraising event. It was upstairs above a bar on 4th Street in Austin, Texas, and hundreds of my "friends" attended. I never tasted my own cake because I spent the day at the head of a line of people hoping to talk politics with me. Everyone was granted five minutes of my time, so I was busy until closing time. It turns out that someone stole the last piece of cake that had been put aside for me, so it was another work day like all the others.

Most of you already know that I am acting as care giver for my aging parents. It appears that old age is contagious because I feel much older than the 60 years I actually am. Ironically, I stumbled upon my favorite John Denver song. It was uplifting at first, but then I realized that it didn't resonate with me the way it used to.
There's a spirit that guides me
a light that shines for me,
my life is worth the living
I don't need to see the end.

From my perspective as a graybeard, I realize that young people face life without a fear - or concept - of death. Their whole life is ahead of them and their options appear limitless. However, as you start to reach the end of your life, you DO need to see the end. By that I mean, evaluating your past accomplishments to see if they have met your youthful expectations. In other words, are you the person you hoped you would become?

80 years old
My mother was 20 when I was born, so she celebrated her 80th birthday in March. My daily conversations with her are filled with stories of the past. She talks about her days in school and the teacher she idolized. She talks about her father, and describes him as a strict disciplinarian who was big enough to carry out his threats. All of her anecdotes are of the past... because she doesn't have much of a future anymore. Most of us cannot share her perspective, yet. But all of us are headed in that direction.

The Experiment
For Christmas at 6 years old, I got my first chemistry set. My parents were already cultivating my scientific bent, and I have been known to turn an elevator ride into a brief psychological experiment. It should come as no surprise that I would attempt to gather some useful data using this newsletter as an informal survey. What I want to know is this:
0) your age
1) what you think your greatest accomplishment has been so far
2) what you hope to accomplish in the next twelve months
3) how you would like to be remembered when you're gone

Here are my answers:
60 years old
1 - becoming a skydiving instructor. Earning my Accelerated Freefall rating was the hardest thing I've done, and I am proud to have spent several years as a "skygod".
2 - continue my responsibilities as care giver, and to reverse the atrophy of my body since the surgery to install my artificial shoulder
3 - I would like to be remembered as a man who lived by his principles as though they were laws of physics... not just virteous aphorisms that can be ignored because they just aren't practical.

Your perspective would be greatly appreciated.

Not far behind you

Having been born at the tail end of the 1950s, and having been my mom's caregiver for several years before her death last August, I can share and agree with some of your perspective.  I never did skydive, although as a young woman in college I had thought seriously about it on many occasions but never got around to doing it.  The first marriage happened in my early 20s' and the children very soon after.  Ideas about jumping from "perfectly good planes" (something my current husband and the love of my life says) just didn't seem to be a very practical idea.  And, at this age it seems rather foolish.  

The shame of it all is that I never conciously made a plan for my life.  I knew what I didn't want but I don't think I ever really figured out what I did want.  Perhaps I attained precisely what it is I subconsciously wanted all along; a God-fearing, hard working, good man as my husband and with the addition of his children, six children in all.  All are grown, and there are four grandchildren, but in this 'age' all the grown children are still in need of help, whether it is financial or spiritual.  I thank God each day for another day to help in whatever way we are able.  As far as being remembered...well, that is a tricky question.  Once your progeny is gone, who really remembers the typical man or woman?  That is why I hope for a very good defense at the final and awesome tribunal of God.  I won't wish you a 'happy birthday', just many more fruitful days to come.


 Hahaha....just found this after emailing you a happy birthday wish!  How funny! accomplishments:

I got to attend one of your Constitution classes, which will always be a highlight of my life.  I continue to study it and awaken others.

After multiple surgeries, I can still see, hear, walk on two feet and wipe my own..........nose.  These are the true things of inner wealth.  

Having received the counseling from the advocates at the women's shelter, where I was a resident for about 3 months, I now understand how I continually became trapped in abusive situations.  I am now a whole person, with a strong self esteem and help others who are trapped in similar situations, including MEN who can also be caught in negative situations.  Abusers aren't always men!!!!!

My art has excelled to levels I never dreamed possible.  I continue to get my work out there and would love to have my own auto graphics shop at some point.  I am 60 but i have today to work with so who knows what tomorrow will bring?

I am blessed with friends who have become family.  This is yet another form of wealth.  To love and be loved.

As for your list; my greatest accomplishment?  How can I chose from one of the above?

In the next twelve months:  Be set up in a better situation where I can promote my artwork in a more productive and profitable way.

I hope to be remembered  as someone who would reach out a hand to those in need, who loved liberty with all her heart, appreciated the true treasures I have (food, hot & cold running water, a little change in my pocket), loved her friends and family with ferocious passion and is anxious to see the stars from another view as my soul enters the universe!

Birthday (yours) Comments

 1) 76
2) My greatest accomplishment (to date) has been realizing and acknowledging, at least most of, my past mistakes - which were numerous, and asking forgiveness from those whom I offended by making them, God, my relatives, and my friends - and even my so-called "enemies". My major enemy is satan, and I cannot think of another, although I do not like the progressives and (not the classical, but the current) liberals, and their agenda to destroy freedom in America.
3) I would love to be remembered for finally trying, hopefully no too late, to rectify problems, i. e. emotional pain and damage, caused by what is referred to in #2. I would like to also be remembered for the meager efforts I made to pass America's freedom forward to those yet to come - not for glory to me, but for any contributions that help future generations to continue that "adventure".

Perspective, mine

I am 55 (in 2 weeks).

My greatest accomplishment so far has been to become my own woman. Previously I had been someone's daughter, sister, wife, mother. Personal Growth was exciting and frightening.

In the next 12 months my hope is to complete my first book and start the publishing process.

I'd like to be remembered as that one friend that accepted you as you are, not as who the world thinks you should be. 


0) your age 57
1) what you think your greatest accomplishment has been so far? Not becoming a degenerate in a world of opportunity to become one.
2) what you hope to accomplish in the next twelve months?  To take 2 tests that will complete my retirememnt job of becoming a MD, pay off my cars and refinance my house, see my 16 years old through 11th grade and lose 10 pounds.
3) how you would like to be remembered when you're gone?  Taking supplements likeTangy Tangerine vitamin drink, Osteo-fx calcium drink and coconut oil gel caps and Ser-vital hgh supplements revitalizes you to feel rested, energetic and on top of the world again.

One of my favorite songs is from YES

I've seen all good people turn their heads each day
So satisfied, I'm on my way
I've seen all good people turn their heads each day
So satisfied, I'm on my way
Read more: Yes - I've Seen All Good People: Your Move Lyrics | MetroLyrics
Happy Birthday! and many more!


I am 71 years old

I became a certified SCUBA diver


Nothing: I have been a loser my entire life

[mjb: You haven't been a loser ALL your life. For awhile, at least, you were a SCUBA diver. Did you ever swim with sharks? You get bonus points for that.]

To me it is just another day.

To me it is just another day.  I often have to think about how old I am when ask, because I forget my age.  It still amazes me that I am not 16.  That is how I see myself, not the old women in the mirror. Take care!


0) your age:  63
1) what you think your greatest accomplishment has been so far:  learning the truth of what's happened to this country and who controls it
2) what you hope to accomplish in the next twelve months:   move closer to my son, keep preparations going
3) how you would like to be remembered when you're gone: someone who values the truth and who looks for ways to just say no.

The Experiment

 0) I am 35

1) Greatest accomplishment so far is.... this is hard because I feel compelled to answer with (my family) God knows how I was able to go from a worthless rebellious child to a God loving family man. 
That being said, the moment I got a cd of yours and realized I didn't know the difference between a "right" and a "privilege" it blew my mind that I knew so little. 
I said to myself I'm dumb, and I don't want to be....7 years later and after reading and searching and studying and getting involved in politics as well as considering everyone I meet as someone I can learn from, I feel I can say I'm a little less dumb but ever the wiser about our world and man.  Long story short, it was hell to remove the authority of man from my heart.  And a daily struggle with the inner old man i used to be.

2) I hope to accomplish illustrating satirical comics inspired from the knowledge I've gained to relate as a fellow iconoclast and truly challenge people's deeply held notions of their world. 

3) I want to be remembered as a man that accomplished his goals in the face of adversity, never EVER waivering from my love of the TRUTH.  So help me God.


I know you hate hearing it but... Happy Birthday Michael!
I just wouldnt be the person I am today without you.
from the depth of my heart, thank you.

0) 17
1) I guess I'm really young for this one but I'll go with being proud of who I am so far. It's complicate to go into detail but just know that even you, without knowing it, took part in this.
2) Improving my grades, find my road, and meet a special someone.
3) As somebody who stood for what was right regardless of the consequence

Have a great day!

Very thought provoking questions. Today's answer:


Raising my boys to be independent and compassionate and helping my parents through their health issues in their final years.

Detox my body to be healthy enough to spend time with my grandkids and to not become a burden in my later years.

I'd like to be remembered as someone nice that helped to wake people up to the need to preserve our freedoms and seek the truth.

Happy B Day Michael

Age: 59 ½
 1.)  My greatest accomplishment in my life’s resume is my independent adult children.  I have proof that God is a man.  When woman delays motherhood into her more mature years (30 +), witnessing an against-all-odds natural occurrence happens about 14 years into the parental/child relationship.  Mother begins menopause and daughter & son are in raging puberty.  Father is a bewildered spectator. 
 Coming from an immediate family whose divorce rates range in double digits, somehow I managed to convince my husband to stick it out and defeat my odds.  I think I know why he stuck it out.  I know why I did.  My father died when I was 5 and my brother was 9.  I knew what it was like to have step-fathers.  I knew I would never find anyone who loved my children more than their own flesh and blood.  Besides, I was fortunate to be sitting in my Ford Esquire Station Wagon in about 1993 listening to Dr. Laura on the radio, waiting for the 2:30pm school bell to ring so I could fetch the neighbor kids and my two.  Dr. Laura told a caller that most often in marriage, at some stage we find that we are uncontrollably irritated with certain characteristics of our spouse that produces emotions of rage and protest, and thoughts of ditching the marriage agreement and setting out on our own to enjoy our own selfish happiness as we feel we are entitled to.  Most often these irritating characteristics of our spouse are the very characteristics that drew us to that person initially. 
 I began to think about this for half a minute and I was angered that the good doctor was right on target. So my unhappiness and frustrations were my own doing, not his.  Well crap.  Now I had to emotionally and mentally re-invent another reason for anger that I had come to rely on for that energy boost to clean the house and mop the kitchen floor to pass the white glove test when my mother would come over for visits.  Well, not just when she arrived, but for my family and those neighborhood moms who came for lunches and play days every week too.  It was that day that I let go of the idea of divorce and realized that I had made my bed and I was going to sleep in it, and sleep well.
 I gave up my profession as a stock broker the day I came home with our first born and let go of my maiden name.  I’ve never regretted it.  I am proud to be Mrs. Harless, not Ms. Harless.  My only accomplishment on my resume is also the one that prevents me from going back into the professional world.  I can’t take directions from anyone who won’t allow me to tell those around me to shut up and sit down. Neither my husband nor I have college degrees but we successfully paid full ride for both kids to obtain 4 year degrees.  They are both successfully launched and independent.  Their happiness, well that is their responsibility.  I finished my job and look forward to being part of their lives as they discover challenges in their family relationships.

 2.) I hope to accomplish better health for me and my husband so that we can enjoy our family longer.  I have difficulty getting out from in front of this keyboard and computer.  My addiction began when I opened the door, saw the crime, and now I have to report it to someone.  That criminal was my government.  I am not challenged in being involved with trying to correct the course of our country.  I am challenged in breaking away from my civic duties and going to water aerobics class 4 times a week.

 3.)  I don’t know that I care what people remember about me when I’m gone.  What I would like to know after I am gone is that my children meet all of life’s challenges with an understanding that it’s not the destination that matters, but how they handle the road bumps on the journey.  I believe it will be my relationships that I will be proud of on my death bed, not my accomplishments.  I won’t be counting how much money I made or how much I’m leaving behind.  I will be counting all the people who made a difference in my journey, and hoping that I have been successful in thanking them for being in my life and I have successfully made it clear to them how grateful I am for crossing their path.  Michael, you have been one of those very dear people.  You have been my rock for 6 years.  You have had such a positive effect on my sister, her daughter, and me to the point that you will never understand.  I am grateful for you and I hope that you continue to have many more annual celebrations, wherever life takes you.  We love you because you’re Michael.  I will never meet another Michael Badnarik. 

Wishing you many smiles and heart chuckles this 61st year of your life.  You’re my friend.
 Sincerest love & appreciation,

Happy Birthday Michael Badnarik

I too just had my 60th Birthday on July 14th, and unlike you, my Mom told me from a very very young age that July 14, 1954 was an amazing day and one that I should NEVER let pass me by without some acknowledgement , regardless of whether that acknowledgement was in the form of a huge party filled with the laughter and craziness of family and friends... or just a quiet reflective day spent with the people who most mattered to me in my life...

She told me back when I was a small she continues to tell me today...(especially since these days I don't feel much like celebrating anything)...July 14th 1954 was one of the greatest days of her it was the day that I came into this crazy...sometimes nonsensical and too often cruel world... and she knew that I would somehow make a differernce... in creating possitive change in something or someone that badly needed it...and she would go on to say...those changes or events would not have been a possibility... had you not been born...because that was part of YOUR journey...and yours there is only one you...    

Until we are all facing these unbelievably tyrannical... sad and scary times the Constitutional Republic that I was born in and love so much...I just always held those words close to my heart because to me...those words just reminded me that She was my little Cuban Mom...who loved her daughter and always tried to elevate my self esteem...

Today however...I keep those very words even I am challenged daily with events and circumstances that are requiring me to live up to them...

Although I hate growing old and getting closer and closer to my expiration date like you Michael...watching helplessly as my body developes more and more limitations that no longer make me the invincible person I was once was.... I realize now what my Mom's words were not meant to be used for self adoration or conceit...They were meant to be words for self that I could find the integrity and courage within myself...that I could then use to help and strenthen others along the way... 

So on this Birthday...don't short change yourself and celebrate instead Michael...

Today...August 1, the day that Michael Badnarick came into this world kicking and make a difference in the world and leave his mark on this planet....and BOY...have you made a difference in so many people's lives...

That was your journey...and yours alone...for there is only one Michael Badnarik...

Happy Birthday <3

"To laugh often and much: To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you lived. This is to have succeeded."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

0) your age: Will be 48 in 2

0) your age: Will be 48 in 2 weeks
1) what you think your greatest accomplishment has been so far: Raising 4 wonderful kids to be good, caring people in spite of my huge learning curve
2) what you hope to accomplish in the next twelve months: Stay employed, keep exercising, spend more time with my Dad (who is 77 this year), help my family as I can with morale support, a place to live, an encouraging word, or whatever else they may need that I can provide.  Hopefully attend a rally or class with M. Badnarik again.  It's been a long time since 2008 and the couple times we met Michael and Ron Paul at the rallies and booksignings.
3) how you would like to be remembered when you're gone: As a person who was not perfect by any means, but at a young enough age, learned to handle his imperfections and actually become a useful human being.  Someone who cared about right and wrong, who would stand up for the Constitution in political discussions with friends and family.  Someone who made the best of the cards he was dealt, and was thankful for the experience of life, because not everyone gets to go through it. 

God Bless you Michael, and hope to see you again soon -

0) 39 for 5 more days 1)

0) 39 for 5 more days
1) Raising 3 healthy kids (one of the 3 is my husband. Ha!)
2) Finish projects
3) I will be remembered as the woman so passionate and true to her beliefs that NEVER backed down or sold out. Known as the "Woman Who Has A Problem With EVERYTHING!"

Birthday Thoughts

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Greetings, my dear Indy!  You were the Indiana Jones in my life in the early 90s.  I always knew you were never to be tamed and therefore never wanted to try, but rather to always keep you as my dear and treasured friend.  You were a major blessing in my life.  Thank you.

0) Age  --  I just celebrated the 69th anniversary of the day of my birth, a day my parents were very happy and proud.  I didn't always make them proud, but most of the time I did.  They treasured me and nurtured me until I established my own home.  (Even until their last days.)

1) Accomplishment  --  With the establishment of my own home, my children began to arrive.  There were 5 of them and how I loved them!  With that love came the huge responsibility to faithfully train them up in the way of the Lord.  Along the way there were tears, laughter, joy and a lot of time spent with the Boy Scouts.  They are all grown and flown and leading good, solid lives and providing me with 14 grandchildren.

In 2010 and 2011 my husband and I took my parents into our home to comfort and care for them in their last days.  Daddy was with us for 5 months and what a challenge he was!  In todays world he would have been diagnosed ADHD, but in his world he was just a "busy little boy".  Add to that dimentia and you can see where the challenge came in!  At 93 years he left us and went home to our Lord.  He was ready to go.  Mommy had succeeded in outliving him.  She just didn't trust anyone else to be able to "handle" him.  We had her for an additional 11 months.  Sister and I had so much fun with our dear Mommy.  They had been in Montana for 26 years or so, so Sister and I didn't get to spend much time with them.  Our God is "faithful to restore the years the locusts have eaten" and He allowed us to have real quality time with the lady who had made us who we are.  It was our special gift to be able to care for the precious couple who had nurtured us all those many years ago. 

You are very blessed to be able to care for your parents in their last days.  I know how hard it is, but it is so worth it!  I remember your Mom and Dad.  They were pretty awesome folks.

2) Accomplish next 12 months  --  Not sure.  Whatever my Lord and King has for me to do, I shall do it with all my might.

3)  How would I like to be remembered?  --  Not sure it matters.  I know that I did what I believed I was supposed to do, that there are people who would not have received Jesus had I not been there to show them.  My children, I am sure, will remember me as the meanest mother in the world, but that was my job.  They know how to care for themselves and their people.  If they continue to say "I open my mouth and my mother jumps out", that will be a good thing, but I will be dancing on streets of gold with my loved ones who have gone before and I won't care!

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0)  I'm a woman and so I don't talk about age.

1)  Hmmm...  Had to think about this.  Probably one of the hardest accomplishments was raising my kids

2)  Many things I'd like to accomplish -- among them is helping to raise my grand kids.

3)  I, too, would like to be remembered as a person who lived by her principles, but doing so in as kind a way as possible.

Birthday - Life Assessment

61 yrs old

Just a few years before my mother passed away, she said to me two things that I truly appreciated. (She was very stingy with compliments.)  1) She asked me if I ever knew that I was my father's favorite--out of 10 children.  The answer was NO.  2) She told me that I was the best person that a person could be. NOW, that was a major compliment especially since my mother was married to the church and I did/do not even believe in religion, just God.  I was not able to understand how she could perceive me that way without my attending church.. but WOW.

I have spent the majority of my life educating myself, gathering knowledge and endeavoring to turn that knowledge into wisdom.  I am truly an information junky.  I fail to see how people cannot WANT to be informed.  I used to try to force my informed opinions on people.. LOL  I learned after a while that it served no purpose if people did not want to know.

Since my 20s, I have held considerable positions and what some would believe to be significant.  I have dedicated most of my time and efforts to educating the masses on the ills of world and especially the government and those puppetmasters controlling it.  I have been told by many that I greatly impacted their lives.  We never know how many of and in what ways our "ripples" touch others.  Michael, your ripples have affected countless people in ways you will never know.

1.  Greatest accomplishment is having made many ripples, hopefully good, and still making them that affect people--known and unknown.
2.  This next year will be the beginning of the best part of my life.  I will think up new ways to help get people on board with taking responsibility for the government, for the land and for each other.  I hope to initiate many projects in those regards.
3.  I honestly do not care if I am remembered when I am gone.  I only want to know that I have made a difference by being here.  I need not be recognized for that difference.  It is the difference that is important.

To me, the best gift you can give is be the kind of person whom others wish to emulate.  And you, Michael, are that kind of person.
Happy Birthday, my friend!!


1)  I am 65 years old

2) My greatest accomplishment was becoming a paratrooper at the age of 17.

3) In the next 12 months I hope to take part in aiding my country in any way possible to fight the destruction brought upon it by a socialist /communist wannabe dictator (Barack Obama). Secondly to help stop the invasion of our southern border by drug cartels, Communist Chinese and Islamic combatants.

4) After I am deceased I would like to be known to have been a decent and good person who was a true patriot and protector of the Constitution and our Republic. But with my kind of luck, there will probably be a liberal Democrat at my funeral and after everyone is gone he or she will probably piss on my grave!


I am currently 50 years old

My greatest accomplishment thus far has been being awakened to countless truths and being able to share them with my grown kids and grandchildren.

I hope to accomplish in the next 12 months to continue forward with all natural supplements and juicing and help others with that and encourage them to get off pharmakia drugs.

My prayer is that I will be remembered by my walk with the Lord, commitment to HIS word no matter the cost and being compassionate in sharing Jesus with others.

I absolutely love your videos on the constitution, I learned things I did not know (part of the waking up to the truth)

God bless you Michael for all your hard work and dedication to reaching out and teaching others - it is great seeds being sown.

For my 'Mentor' (You Iconoclast You!)

55 until September 5th (Year of the Dog, also International Geophysical Year - 1958)

1) I'm glad you said 'so far' because my vision is endless.  That said, nothing has been so profound in my life as much as my nomination, election, and participation in the Historic Continental Congress 2009.  As Arizona Voting Delegate and Co-Author of The Articles of Freedom I am overwhemled with emotion whenever I recall that 11 days we spent in deliberation of violations to the Constitution, and feel you and I and the rest of our fellow Delegates will go down in the history books as modern-day American Patriots because of it.

2) My hopes for the next 12 months are to launch and execute the Pilot Program of what I beleve can be the vehicle for the People to reclaim the American Landscape - literally.  I have been developing a concept with KickStarter and am in the 'feedback' stage where I have everything filled out except the videos filmed and the financing connected with my bank.  I'll e-mail you a preview with more information, but I am greatly excited by the response I have gotten so far.

3) It will go on my tombstone:

"Rights are like muscles; you must exercise them to keep them fit, or they will atrophy and die."

If future generations just teach this to their children, my life will not have been in vain.

Your Pal Ed


Ed's Note

Watching the Continental Congress over the internet was one of the most exciting things I've ever experienced.  The work involved in forging The Articles of Freedom was evident in so many moments as Michael steered the ship through perilous, passion-filled exchanges... I was homeschooling at the time, and the kids were riveted as well.  What a tremendous thing it is to endure and press forward in spite of the odds. They were (and continued to be) epic, historical times.

Experiment Response

37 years old.

1. My greatest accomplishment would probably be graduating Airborne School.

2. In the next twelve months I hope to continue learning as much as possible about our country's founding and spread this knowledge.

3.  I would like to be remembered as a man of his word, a true patriot, and a person that would be there when friends and family are in need.

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