Super Congress supersedes Supreme Law

Where's the rope? Somebody find a tall lamp post. It's time to take action against the "Super Congress" before they have an opportunity to take action against us. What act of treason must people witness before they finally conclude that our politicians have gone too far? I am firmly convinced that upon witnessing ATF agents dragging people to the side of a building and shooting them like it's Valentine's Day in Chicago, most Americans would close the drapes and pretend they didn't notice. Home of the brave? More like the playground of... pansies.

For those who missed the beginning of this comedy theater, Congress just spent the better part of three weeks pretending to debate on whether or not to raise the debt ceiling. This is like children pretending to debate on whether or not to eat M&Ms when mom leaves the room. You don't seriously expect them to exercise self-restraint, do you? Do you really think Congress was debating on whether or not they would spend your money and put your grandchildren deeper in debt? Children will hesitate longer about eating candy than Congress will about stealing your money. If you sincerely believe that Democrats and Republicans came to an eleventh hour compromise, then you're an idiot. You probably don't know that heavy weight wrestling matches are choreographed theater events driven by testosterone. The recent marathon of legislative rhetoric and main stream media hype had little, if anything, to do with the failing economy. If so, what was the purpose of all this political drama?

Thoughout history various governments have used a strategy of Problem/Reaction/Solution to get what they want.

Problem-Reaction-Solution is defined as the strategy of creating a crisis (the problem), waiting for a call for action to resolve the crisis (the reaction), then taking action (the solution), supposedly in response, which actually furthers a hidden agenda, usually gaining power.

0. The government wants power the people will not freely give.
1. The government creates or exploits a problem, blaming it on others.
2. The people react by asking the government for help, willing to give up their rights.
3. The government offers the solution that was planned long before the crisis.

The presumed debt crisis falls neatly into this pattern of deceit. Congress pretends to struggle with the national budget, creating fear that we will default on the debt and be unable to dole out social security checks on time. Then, "just in the nick of time" we agree to raise the debt ceiling on the condition that we create a new Super Congress that will help us prevent any pretend debates in the future. Debate will be unnecessary (and probably illegal) when six members of the House, and six members of the Senate, join with the President to make future decisions easier. And by future decisions, I mean total dicatorship. This new Super Congress will make dictatorship much easier.

Judge Andrew Napolitano has gone way out on a limb to suggest... perhaps... "this legislation is treading in waters that might not be constitutional." I wonder if the judge considers gravity to be an unproven scientific theory. I wouldn't want him to say anything controversial. Why bother having a Constitution that establishes three limited branches of government if they can create a tiny cabal that it is superior to the original Congress? The Super Congress is another in a long train of abuses and usurpations which completes the absolute despotism that the founders warned us about.

Sadly, we have become the Nazis that we struggled to defeat in World War II. This is not surprising given that the American government smuggled thousands of Nazi scientists into the country during Operation Paperclip. Naturally, anyone who compares the American government to the genocidal Nazia is immediately classified as lunatic fringe, but that slander simply makes it uncomfortable to tell the truth. It does nothing to diminish the truth being told. Leonard Peikoff wrote a book in 1983 entitled The Ominous Parallels, which demonstrated these similarities thirty years ago. For my money, the only significant difference between Hitler's minions and our American police state is the color of their uniforms. David Cobb and I were arrested in St. Louis for attempting to attend the presidental debate. I have never seen or experienced the level of hate I saw in the eyes of the SWAT team goon determined to prevent me from crossing some imaginary line.

The holocaust of the 1940s happened because most people were unwilling to accept that it WAS happening. If we fail to nip this toxic Super Congress in the bud, it will surely poison what little remains of freedom on this planet. I was a Boy Scout and can teach you to tie 35 different knots - assuming that knowledge is valuable to you in some way. So who has the rope?

Will binder twine do?

 My great-uncle taught me to braid rope.  I'll go get a few boxes of baler twine and we can make it a regular shindig. BAH!!  


FOOD for thought, Great words. Where do We the People go from here??

[Great question. I wish I knew the answer to that. Fifteen years ago I would have bet money that Americans would never tolerate the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, etc. Those abuses are far behind us, and countless new abuses even more egregious have been perpetrated, and STILL the American population remains mostly docile. I am prepared for my own survival, but all I can do is wait and watch to see what happens next. - mjb]

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