Iowa Straw Poll

Soon, political supporters for all the Republican candidates will be traveling to Ames, Iowa to participate in what is considered the most important campaign event during this election cycle - the Iowa Straw Poll. Like a modern day Pythia, the straw poll is believed to be a glimpse into the future. It is widely held that the winner of the straw poll has an increased likelyhood of being nominated by the party, even though this has only been true two out of five times since the poll began in 1979.

Naturally, the common topic of discussion in my circle of friends is how well Ron Paul will do at this event. Wikipedia alleges that his campaign has bid as much as $31,000 for the area closest to the convention floor. This is more than twice as much as is normally paid, but it is a strong indication that his campaign workers are very serious about winning this time around. I sincerely hope that they are successful, and that Ron's momentum continues to carry him to the Republican nomination, and eventually to the White House. If I were less jaded and cynical than I have become, I would be holding my breath like so many of his supporters are doing.

I admit that I have very little faith in our political process. Keep in mind that I grew up very close to Chicago, the city of "vote early, vote often". Rahm Emanuel was recently appointed mayor of the city, right after concerns about his eligibilty were dismissed by a judge. Every night before I go to bed, I reread one of his quotes. "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." I don't repeat it because I want to remember it, but rather because I never want to forget it. (There's a subtle difference.)

I sincerely wish Ron Paul success in Iowa and through the rest of the campaign. I support his ideology without question or reservation, however I refuse to get my hopes up prematurely. I'm interested to hear what my readers think his chances are, and what can we do if our efforts are thwarted once again. Let me know what you think.

hopes for Ron Paul

I have high hopes for Ron Paul.  I wasn't paying attention to politics during the last presidential primary, and wished I had learned about Ron at that time instead of when it was too late.

But, my pessimism is strong, so I too do not think any of this will actually matter or make a real difference.  Voters will be influenced by who knows what, but it won’t be wisdom.

Run For President

As much as I love Ron Paul and support his ideologies, I think I would prefer you Michael Badnarik to run for President. I think America would be put back in shape within less than one term of office!

Ron Paul

I would like to think that Ron Paul could become President.  And, in this day and age of our so called political leaders who are NOT working for the people we do not have enough people at this time that are sick and tired of of the BS, we are getting out of Washington or many of our states, to elect someone, in my opinion, is for the people.  And, yet maybe we need to go through this process to once again learn and vote for people that elected to carry out the will of the people and not their own personal whims and power.   Roger H Modrow

Ron Paul

I used to think Mr. Paul was, well pretty much a nut, but then I really stopped and thought about what he was saying in regards to the use of our military. It became clearer each time I heard him, that he is more closely aligned with my own thoughts than I understood. I am a firm believer in the "MInd our own business" model of foreign policy, which I sometimes misunderstood Ron Paul on. I used to think he was a sort of pacificist freak, but I WAS WRONG.
Ron Paul is not a freak, nor a nut. He simply believes we have become a nation that picks fights where we have no place to do so, Today I tend to agree with that idea.
Mind you all, I am not a coward, as I proudly served a full, honorable enlistment in the United States Marines, 93-97. There is nothing I am more proud of in my life than my time in the Corps. The use of the military is clearly covered in the Constituion, & I wish more politicians would focus on that document, like Ron Paul has chosen to.

Ron Paul's campaign

I tend to somewhat agree about the concern many have about whether Americans truly know how bad things are and whether they're willing to discern that we have the only Constitutional candidate running in 2012 who has lived it his whole life.  However, we don't know how many are turning to Ron Paul through the tea parties.  That's happening but we don't know how big.  I do think Ron Paul is in it to win this time, especially because of what you said about his campaign paying almost double for up-front convention space in Iowa, as well as the fact that he dropped out of his Congressional race.  We've got to bring these points up and others like it when people say  "I like Ron Paul, but he'll never win."  The campaign starts with us; let's not tear it down.

Ron Paul for 2012

One thing we have to remember is that most of this country is ignorant to our beginning & what "we the people" fought for. If the people today don't have the true desire for liberty, how can this turn around? Let's say a constitutional president is elected. How will the people react to this? It seems like putting the cart ahead of the horse. We need to keep educating & having people like Ron Paul running for the presidency. If it is God's will, it will turn around.  

Love Ron Paul, but the game is rigged

I love Ron Paul, and sincerely hope he wins.  Ron is very courageous and will say what nobody else wants to say.  The guy's got balls, a very strong grasp of history, an excellent understanding of economics, and promotes freedom, individual liberty, and the Constitution.  He's very similar to you, Michael.  I wish there were more congresscritters like Ron.  (Kudos to Texas...any state that elects someone like Ron Paul is to be admired!  Also, I love how Texas governor Rick Perry has talked about seceeding from the Union.  No doubt Perry's talk about secession is shocking to the more straight-laced congressmen.  Texas is a unique state - or should I say "country?")

Having said that, I believe the political process in the U.S. is rigged against 3rd party candidates.  There are powerful interests in the U.S. and I believe the "preferred" candidate is selected ahead of time and heavily promoted by the mainstream media, UN, and powers-that-be.  I agree w/ George Carlin that the game is rigged and our country was "sold" a long time ago.  In sum, I'm very happy  that we have folks like Ron Paul in office...I wish him Ron the best and will support him...but since the game is rigged, I'm not holding my breath.

Ron Paul's chances??

The chances of Ron Paul being elected President are ZILCH.  We all know it and we might as well say it.  Too bad, but we all know it is not going to happen.

Paul will surprise people in the Ames Poll

 I think he can't win if people keep saying he can't.  My experience is many ARE supporting him!  I have been phone banking in Iowa.  The survey feedback that I'm getting is Bachmann, Romney and Ron Paul. 
  The internet will keep us free.  They can't ignore Paul this time.  Even the mainstream is discussing the financial situation.  People vote their wallet.  The question is, will the GOP powers that be allow Paul to win?


Michael, Dr. Paul cured my apathy towards politics in 2007. I am a big supporter of his but acknowledge he has an uphill battle ahead of him. I will do what I can to get his message to the masses (in spite of the MSM bias). I know your opinion of politics but an individual such as yourself DOES hold much sway with your followers (of which I am one). Will you do what YOU can to support his candidacy, Ron needs passionate people like yourself to promote his message. Please don't give up on what I think may be our last best hope in restoring this country to what we both believe it can be once again. Thanks for reading, Perry.

[I am frequently accused of "giving up", usually because I'm not actively campaigning for Dr. Paul. I will NEVER give up fighting for Liberty, and I resent any implications that I have. I have dedicated everything I have to the cause. As a result I have nothing left except my guns and my laptop, and I live with my parents because I can't afford to pay rent.

Most people have only recently recently come to the realization that something is rotten in Denmark. Many people tell me that they never heard of Ron Paul during his 2008 campaign. Naturally, everyone's first impulse is to work within the system to make the necessary changes. I, on the other hand, have been studying the Constitution for 30 years, and have been teaching classes about it for 10. For reasons beyond my comprehension, most people are unwilling to pay me a paltry $100 to take my class, especially when it is available for free on the Internet. With so few people actively engaged, I am not convinced that we have enough people to change the system peacefully. I wish that wasn't true, but we are bailing water on the Titanic when the propellers are already up in the air. Too little too late.

I wish Ron Paul and all of his supporters great success in Iowa. I certainly hope that the momentum continues all the way through the November election. But until you spend two years running for President, and two more running for Congress, you're in no position to suggest that I'm not doing enough for freedom. -mjb]

Ron Paul

I wish I had known what RP was about prior to the last election.  He would have had my vote then.  He will get it in 2012 regardless of what anyone else thinks his chances are...

The difference between now and 2008 is that people have been talking to each other about these issues almost nonstop since the last election.  I don't remember that ever happening (at least not in my 20 years of voting eligibility).

This is also the first time in my life I have actively been asking people who they are rooting for.  I want to make sure everyone knows about this man and what he stands for as well as taking a second look at our bylaws (Constitution). 

Republican presidential debate in Ames, Iowa

Mr. Badnarik,

In last nights presidential debate in Ames, Iowa, issues relating to the U.S. Constitution were brought up.  It was a good debate, even if time limited, but I'd be very interested in learning what the constitution says about these things.

Some of the issues:

Terrorism/Terrorists (or suspected terrorists) arrested within the U.S. versus outside the U.S., whether the person is foreign to the location arrested or whether its an American.  How would this be similar or dissimilar to those arrested as Pirates on the high seas (international waters??), and what does the constitution say about this?  Would it be correct or acceptable to deal with terrorists the way pirates are to be dealt with, per the constitution?

Constitutional Amendment defining Marriage to mean 1 Man and 1 Woman, the whole business of State's Issuing Marriage Licenses as compared to Churches, State Marriage Licenses issued by State Courts (why issued by a court?), Civil Unions, and isn't a Marriage License a form of contract?  Equal Protection was also mentioned as it relates to marriage, contrasted with State's Rights.  Polygamy was mentioned, and as I recall from history, the U.S. government forced the Mormon Church to reject polygamy.  I remember Ron Paul saying that some laws have been created due to people not acting morally.  Murder might be an example.  I suppose the whole issue with marriage, civil unions, gay marriage, and/or polygamy etc. might come under this line of thinkging.

The debate brought up important constitutional issues, and if you could, perhaps you could write up something about this.  I'm still learning, and I'd really like to know more about this so as to understand it proplerly.

Thank you!

2012 Presidential Elections

 I wanted to write in my own feelings and that of my friends, based on the evolving campaign of Ron Paul.

As i have come to understand Libertarianism from you, I Thank you for the new way of seeing the world.  Even if i dont agree 100%, you have helped me to understand better the world around me.

As for Mr Paul, i have always enjoyed his Fiscal policies.  They are dead on and i am glad to see that many of the general GOPers have taken notice and began to talk about these same things (i.e. the fed and centralized money system and all that follows it)   Where i start to waiver, and most of my friends waver from his views, is on the topic of Foreign policy and some of the social issues.  I believe i understand the foundation of Libertarianism based on the constitution as it is explained by you, but i am unable to draw many of the same conclusions that Mr. Paul has.  

As a Patriot of the United States, he lost me when he said that we were the Terrorists to Iran.
Plain and simple, that goes for all of my friends that were on board with him until that moment. I thought it was very unfortunant to hear him go on that rant.  I know there are many people who liked to hear it, but not the majority of the GOP.  He was a contender until he made that comment.  I know 10 people who will never vote for him, myself included, after he made that comment.

I am not trying to argue, i am just giving you an idea of what is being said out there.  I am 30 years old and the majority of my friends are between the ages of 25 and 35.  
All who follow and care about the policitical process and watched this last debate, left that debate with a lower opinion of Paul then they started with.  

I wont pretend to be a politician and say what should or shouldn't be said, i am just informing you of what i personally feel and what my friends agree with.  We all have a little bit of a divide on other issues, but stand 100% against Ron Pauls' comment of America being a terrorist to Iran and his feeling as though we shouldn't help those in other countries that have their human rights violated.  

I am glad that Ron Paul is in the race because he broadens the conversation to include many fiscal conversations that may not be had other wise.  I hope he continues to influence the campaign in that way, but as for the nominee, i would be very worried about America's safety if he were elected.  

Thank you for your continued efforts in holding up the constitution, 

[Thank you for your candid comments. The hardest thing about Liberty is acknowledging someone else's. Most people want freedom of speech for themselves, but they want to prohibit someone else's speech by calling it hate speech.

When an adult tries to break up a fight between two children, both children insist that the other child started the altercation. This is an attempt to justify the violence that would otherwise not be acceptable. Most Americans (especially young Americans like yourself) sincerely believe that Osama Bin Laden (or Sadam Hussein) "started" the fight by destroying the World Trade Center, therefore American forces are justified in taking the fight to Iran and Afghanistan. Ron Paul and I are much older, and therefore we know more history than you do. We realize that the British and American governments have trespassed in the middle east for decades, and - from the point of view of innocent people in those countries - it was the United States that started the fight, therefore justifying (in their eyes)  the September 11th attack.

Ron Paul and I realize that there may be some truth to both sides of the story, however the only way to put an end to continued fighting is to stop providing further justification for retaliation from other countries.

Americans are very hesitant to accept the possibility that OUR government would ever do anything immoral or unconstitutional. Typically young people are more likely to defend their country "right or wrong". Those of us who are older and wiser had no intention of supporting an American government that is operating outside of its constitutional limitations. I fully understand your indignation at Ron Paul's comments, but I urge you to dispassionately investigate the facts behind his statement. :mjb]

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