Liberty in America

Some things were just meant to be, I guess. What are the chances that I would cruise past a motorhome wrapped in the Constitution, with famous Liberty quotes from the Founding Fathers? It was 7:30 Friday morning, and I thought I was still dreaming. After acquiring my "healthy" breakfast sandwich, I was compelled to take a shortcut through the parking lot to get a closer look at the motorhome. "It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from his government." -Thomas Paine "Liberty once lost, is lost forever" -John Adams This was clearly my kind of motorhome!

Moments later a man and woman emerged from the motorhome and started to cross the parking lot. I pulled up next to them and asked if they could tell me anything about the motorhome. "Sure. We travel around the country teaching people about the Constitution" was the answer. How cool is that? Our initial conversation was a "brief" seventy minutes, almost as long as the hour and a half presentations that Beth Power and her friend Gordy give as they travel the country. Their classes are free to the public, and everyone who attends is given a packet of information which includes a copy of the Constitution, and Bastiat's treatise on "The Law"

On Sunday night I had dinner with Beth and Gordy starting at 5:00pm. I suggested that we start early just in case our conversation ran long. That turned out to be a very smart suggestion, because the three of us nearly closed the restaurant as it was. Beth and I exchanged life histories, both resulting in a single-minded passion to save our Constitutional republic as our highest priority. Not surprisingly we are comparing schedules to find out if it will be possible for me to travel with the motorhome on the weekdays between my scheduled Constitution classes. You can find photos of the motorhome and their proposed schedule on their website, If you are going to be anywhere near the places they intend to visit, please stop and thank them for the wonderful work they are doing for the cause of Liberty.

Resistant government schools-

 Enthusiastic about the $.30/copy price of pocket Constitutions, I ordered 200 of them here:

But found NO educator at our local Middle.High School who would take them. I had planned on giving them in packets of 25-30 each semester but received not one response from them via email and a call the the admin. resulted in rejection as well.

It seems the America-haters have fully infiltrated the government schools.

I have at least been successful stocking the pamphlet rack with 10 at a time at our local library although it's rare to see them all gone after a month.

Michael, I hope you and your new friends can help to prevent the total loss of our history and the rights so many have bled for to keep them for us.
We are being destroyed from within; we elect, they ignore.

Steve Allison
Grantsville, WV   


things are meant to be

 I think if you hold something close to your heart, the Lord has a way to help direct you in your travels. God bless people like you who give so much of your time and resources to help our country.  Thank you!

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