Revolting or Disgusting?

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A friend of mine recently invited me to speak in opposition of an Article V convention (sometimes called a Con Con) to a group of liberty lovers who meet once a month. They had previously invited a speaker who was in favor of such a convention, and my friend felt compelled to offer people the opposing view. If I may be permitted to blow my own horn, my presentation was funny and persuasive. I offered simple metaphors to explain my concerns about opening the Constitution to any and all changes, all of which would be pushed through by those who wish to subjugate us beginning with deceptive words on paper.

Time was alloted at the end of my presentation to allow Q&A from the audience. One question specifically asked if revolution was a valid option if all attempts at peaceful negotiation should fail. I responded "Of course", and very casually mentioned that the United States came into existence after King George refused to negotiate, and the American Revolution became necessary. I don't remember clearly, but I probably quoted JFK who said, "If you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable."

Since my presentation last month I have discovered that two people who favor an Article V convention got up and left the room at the mention of the word "revolution". I have also discovered that although the presentation was videotaped, it will not be uploaded to YouTube - simply because I supported the idea of revolution. Please note, I wasn't calling for revolution, I was simply pointing out that it is philosophically a natural "last step" in defending ones life and liberty from an oppressive government.

I am deeply saddened by several videos I was asked to watch. All of them depict people living in this country who are totally clueless about our American history and heritage. The reporter, Mark Dice, is shown interviewing people in San Diego and Venice Beach who know suprisingly little about America. Some don't know how many stars are on the American flag. (4 minutes). Others have no clue who we declared our independence from. (7 minutes) They are willing to sign a petition to approve Karl Marx as Hillary Clinton's running mate, (4 minutes) - or another petition abolishing the Bill of Rights. (6 minutes)

When I tell people about these videos some have said, "Not everybody is that stupid." I agree. However I am very concerned that anybody can be that clueless. As Mr. Dice tells one participant, "You don't deserve to live in America."

Allow me to quote from the Declaration of Independence.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

Translation: we shouldn't overthrow the government because of a parking ticket or some silly misunderstanding.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Translation: "If you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable."

Abraham Lincoln was not my favorite president, however he occasionally said things I agree with. "We the people are the rightful masters of Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution."

I want to know which kind of person you are. Do you think revolution is acceptable as a last ditch effort to reign in an out-of-control government, or are you disgusted with the thought of any resistance to the increasingly powerful government? I predict that very few people will comment on this article because they don't want to be on any government list. Naturally, I am already on a government list simply for asking this type of question.

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Declaration of Independence

 If quoting the Declaration of Independence gets me on a gov't. (DemocRAT) watchlist, so-be-it!

It should be obvious to

It should be obvious to everyone that a revolution is always the last resort, but it is in fact, a last option. Unless torture and death is your last option. It is not mine. Everyone has a tolerance level for tyranny and oppression.  Look at what is happening currently in the major cities with "black lives matter". Isn't that a revolution. Apparently the black population has reached their level of tolerance for being murdered by government.  So, they are rovolting. It is either that, or continue to be picked off one at a time. 

There is a way to avoid revolution and obtain liberty at the same time. If the People regain the "power of the sword" through revitalizing the Militia of the several States.  Throughout history, man can acheive peace through the show of superior fire power. If the Militia was revitalized according to Constitutional guidelines, then the government would be severly out numbered by We the People. Peace and Liberty would be acheived without firing a shot, through the show of superior force. 

To get an understanding, read Edwin Vieira 10 part article on the Militia for more info;

Your is Liberty
Rick Wos

 I would like to say...

 I would like to say to the people, if you are not on a government watch list by now, you're doing something wrong! Get off your asses and ruffle some feathers!

Do I agree?

Hell yes!  And I am most certainly on the lists kept by the traitors of this country. They have nothing better to do than surveil, harass, eat out our substance, pretend that they are our rightful rulers, assault and poison us, and seek to micromanage every detail of our lives. Anyone who has a brain who has the rarher rare ability to think critically, question, and turn away from the unceasing brainwashing and propaganda that masquerades as news and authoritah will be on their traitorous lists. 

Well said, Michael, as usual. 

peaceful or violent revolution

I'm sure those who promote "political correctness", "safe spaces", limit free speech to "free speech zones" etc, don't realize they are promoting violent revolution, but in effect that is what they are doing. Sad. Violent revolution is a valid Last option, but like the Founding Fathers we need to exhaust other/peaceful options First. Our character and eternal reward are at stake, but Heavenly Father and nature both grant us the right of self-protection and that of our family and homes.

Revolutions in general...

Revolution must be our last option, if only for the sorry track-record of revolutions, which seldom fail to produce a worse outcome.  They are too easily hijacked, much like constitutional conventions. 

That said, it is more, not less, likely thanks to 'globalism' which leaves us no where to run.

If they want a war......


Revolution, at this point, is the only way to fix the broken government, but sadly, they saw that coming and successfully embarked upon a campaign of divisive, misleading and disinformative programming (in our schools, in our media, in our entertainment and sports cultures) and so revolution will not happen.  When so much of the population is in debt or on welfare, and depending on the government for the very food they eat they will not - can not - revolt.  This is by design.  When fluoride is in our water and the majority of the people (including children) are on some form of mind altering chemical, there is no will.

So many of our military will follow orders to fire upon their own citizens instead of remembering thier oaths to the constitution that I fear this revolution would be over before it began.  The very fact that we're on a watchlist for speaking out on a website and can be defined as a terrorist and have all our freedoms stripped away and be held, indefinitely, with no recourse is a testament to how much we've lost.

Impotente defendere libertatem non possunt.

I don't think that anyone

I don't think that anyone would WANT a revoltion. Most understand the repercussions of one and the ones that don't are severly uneducated, Then again that is our country's whole problem is lack of education on the important stuff. All you can do is your part to make yourself and the people around you more informed and peaceful change can come about.  But they have to want it first, I fear america has lost her fight, her principles and her drive.  I fear we are all going to wake  up homeless on the continent our fathers conquered. (Thank You Mr. Jefferson for the last part)
Godspeed  Mr. Badnarik

In reference to Revolting or Disgusting?

Abe Lincoln made a good point here.

The Constitution doesn't need to be overthrown.

The men who pervert it do.

Follow the Constitution.

Article V Convention

I am proudly on two lists that I know of for sure, so I don't care if they read my posts.  Honestly, if you aren't on a government list, then you should be ashamed of yourself!

I agree that an Article V is a bad idea.  As we all know, the globalists own this country and have for several years;  don't you think they won't manipulate their way into an Article V?  

As Jefferson said, the tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time by the blood of Patriots and tyrants.  We literally live under a bureaucratic  tyranny.  The EPA and Bureau of Land Mgmt exit now for the sole purpose of taking our property and selling it to corporations and other foreign interests.

We have a lawless government where the elites and the American people live under two separate rules.  Like George Carlin said, it's a big club and we ain't in it!

In my estimation, we have 10 million people ready to go whenever they're ready and this figure does not include active duty military and intelligence people of which we have at least 50%.   Trust my figures because I've been actively involved with some of these people (which is why I'm on one of the lists) for several years.

We have the moral authority and must maintain it because at the end of the day, it's still about winning hearts and minds.  They need to make the first move.  We'll make the last.

Is revolution on the horizon?  Yes, but think of it more as a counter revolution because the globalists (fascists/communists) have been working on this process since the beginning of the last century.

Well spoken, sir.

Well spoken, sir. We the people retain our rights now and WILL retain them always....I'd rather die on my feet as a free man than live in my knees as a slave of any kind! Keep up your good works and may God Bless you in all your trials.

Answering your question, re: Revolution

As written in the Declaration of Independence, I believe all peaceful remedies including Nullification should be tried before revolution but if the damned dirty dogs will not heel, then, by all means as 56 signers agreed, Revolution is in order. You can put that down in your list DHS folks, because my only King is a carpenter from Nazzareth.

Revolting or Disgusting?

I am no doubt already on a government list, as I contributed to Ron Paul's presidential campaign, homeschooled my child, own firearms, buy some "wrong" books and believe in the Bible. I am disappointed that I will not be able to watch your presentation on You Tube. A revolution would be a last resort, not at all desired or rushed in to. But the possibility has to be on the table as a last resort.

Defining Revolution

I think you're adding a word that isn't necessarily implied in the Declaration. Violent. Not all revolutions are violent. Many aren't. Someone talked about Black Lives Matter. That's not a violent revolution even though there are some outliers that are escalating things on their own accord. I just don't think violence is the answer to most problems. Was taking arms necessary for this country's revolution? Yes. Probably couldn't have done it without since they would've been met with violence. That said if we were met by violence during a peaceful revolution to take back our gov't, yes violence may be necessary in return but only in defense, not as a means of forwarding any action. 

I understand you're saying violence as a last means. I just want to be clear that violence would only be necessary in my view if I was met by violence in my revolt of the gov't. This also isn't to say that I wouldn't take extreme methods depending on the problem we're facing. It's just that taking up arms would seem futile these days. Change happens when oppression goes beyond what people are willing to tolerate. People taking a stand. That stand doesn't have to include violent resistance.

[mjb: Yes, it probably does. Self defense always implies violence. If not, there is nothing to defend yourself from. Most Americans still believe that although our representatives in government may be misinformed and unnecessarily wasteful, Americans still want to believe that our government is fundamentally peaceful, and doesn't use violence unless it's clearly justified. Sadly, that is far from the truth. The number of people shot and killed by police for little or no reason has reached epidemic proportions. I could list dozens of people, many of whom I know personally, who resisted our tyrannical government and are now in prison - or who have died there. Ergo, the question is not "do we fight the government IF they use violence against us?", but rather "how much violence are we going to tolerate before we return fire?"]

Don, you said... "It's just

Don, you said... "It's just that taking up arms would seem futile these days."

Did Washington cross the Deleware because the sky was clear and it seemed like a nice evening to go conoeing?

When my state legislature and my governor refuse to stand up to a federal pervert; when all 36 congress critters from Texas win their March primaries; precisely when shall I expect this non-violent revolution (by the People) to start?  The violent revolution has already begun.  The gov't has been taking shots at us for 100+ years!  Let's call it what it is. 

Gov't wants a Revolution

Absolutely a revolution is necessary and inevitable.

What in the heck do you think the current governmentis doing?!?!?!  The've been revolting against the constitution and the People for 100+ years.

Exactly where do I draw my line in the sand?  After a government agent takes my, shelter, food, and clothes?  After my arms have been confiscated?  After I've been raped and am marching single file to the gas chamber?

I am shocked by the patriots that have had stronger convictions than I, who have been silenced and brainwashed into submission in the past month, watching the MSM and their twisting  of the facts in the peace officer massacres.  WAKE UP friends.  It's not going to easier - a revolution without arms won't restore liberty.

The constitution isn't the problem either, so amending it won't fix government.  The problem is the submissive People.

If my husband cheats on me, should I amend our marriage vows to solve his infidelity?
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Your blog on revolution

Hi Michael!

What a terrific blog.  I'm saddened that YouTube wouldn't post your video.  I guess we really have sunk that low.

Was listening to Eustace Mullins the other day on YouTube, and he mentioned that since Flouride was put in the water over America, that there hasn't been a revolution.  Nothing serious from the real, honest grass roots. I found that fascinating.

Drugs, propaganda, poisons in foods, air, etc., it appears are having an effect, sad to say.

To revolt against tyranny is the right of any living being.  Period. 

Founding generation conversations

Those in the Founding generation had these conversations too, and likewise they were spread across the spectrum of pacifism to immediate, decisive and violent revolution. As more and more events/conditions were added to the long train of abuses the people were subjected to, more and more people realized there was a systematic establishment of tyranny taking place and that it was their right and duty to throw off such despotism. Also giant flocks of people came to the side of Liberty due to the influence of wildly popular inspirational short pamphlets (i.e. Thomas Paine), great and fiery orators (i.e. Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams) and stayed due to wise/great/steady/respectable leaders (i.e. George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson). There are some today who already meet these descriptions, but we are largely lacking. There are many more who have it within them, but they need to step up to the plate and/or develop their God given Talents. We cannot develop our full potential under tyranny; Heavenly Father did not create us to live under bondage. He did create people for such a time as this and it is our right and duty to God/country/Liberty/our family and posterity to exercise our Gifts. Will it be too late before you decide you have to do something?

[mjb: Well said! I'm thrilled that someone else is familiar with the lives and personalities of the Founders. I often use Samuel Adams as an example of someone promoting revolution, whereas Benjamin Franklin was convinced he could resolve the problem with intellectual debate.]


#1     Thomas Jefferson was one of the greatest men ever to walk this planet. He understood humanity and governments.
#2      No government ever has been or ever can be "forever". Governments only exist as long as the balance of power is tolerated by the people governed. The framers of the Constitution understood the balance concept. Our current Government does not.
#3      Jefferson and the Framers understood  that maintaining an educated population is the only way to keep our Liberty. The American population as a whole is clueless as to the correct functioning of our government. We the People in our ignorance allow the "government" to do as they please and amass more and more power despite the checks and balances designed into the Constitution. The "government" in it's ignorance gleefully accumulates more power thinking it is their "right". Sooner or later the balance of power will become unbearable to the "People" and history will repeat itself.

[mjb: If only more Americans understood this. I am very proud that so many of my subscribers understand it so well.]

Art V Convention

Michael as usual you are inspiring and in line with the provisions of the Constitution. And I am reposting your article as I always do.  It is unfortunate that you are not a candidate for POTUS during this critical moment in our history.  However, your fine efforts in continuing to spread the true contents of the contract known as the U.S. Constitution are appreciated.  Looking forward to your next "rant"!

[mjb: Please know that I'm not running for president because I'm convinced that there's zero chance anyone can win without the banker's approval. However, if Texas manages to secede, I will be one of the candidates for President of the Republic of Texas.]


I think your logic lays the course of action out correctly. There is a choice between peaceful revolution and violent revolution. We should be morally bound to exhaust the avenue of peaceful revolution up to and until it is shown that violent revolution is the only choice left.  At which point, as my grandpappy would say, it's Katie bar the door. 

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