We are at war!

After thirty-two years of studying the Constitution and trying (unsuccessfully) to motivate people to stand up for their rights, very little surprises me anymore. We calmly tolerate violations enshrined in the Patriot Act; Edward Snowden is still vilified for exposing the tyranny of our numerous covert agencies; and millions eagerly sign up for Obamacare before the government imposed deadline. So I was more than a little surprised to find information that made me visibly angry yesterday.

Robert Scott Bell sent me a weblink to an article related to the BLM standoff in Nevada that he wanted my comments on. He specifically wanted to know what I thought about certain clauses in the Nevada Constitution that presume to support the actions of the BLM. After reviewing the Nevada Constitution I was absolutely livid - and mentally willing to start the Second American Revolution myself. I have discovered what may be the most blatant documentation of tyranny that exists within the United States.

When I teach my Constitution class, I try to impress upon my students that we are at war. It is an ideological war. A war of word and ideas - but a dangerous war because ideas have a way of transforming themselves into actions. It's quite possible that Adolf Hitler never killed anyone himself, however the toxic ideas he passionately espoused resulted in what may be the most famous genocide in world history. I'm about to demonstrate that the Nevada Constitution contains an ideology that is just as dangerous as the philosophy of the Third Reich.

Section 2 of Nevada's Constitution is titled "Purpose of government". Let me begin with the good part:

All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for the protection, security and benefit of the people; and they have the right to alter or reform the same whenever the public good may require it.

Excellent. This is perfectly in harmony with the clause of the Declaration of Independence that states:

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.

Wonderful. So far so good. But then the ideology is flipped upside-down when it says:

But the Paramount Allegiance of every citizen is due to the Federal Government in the exercise of all its Constitutional powers as the same have been or may be defined by the Supreme Court of the United States; and no power exists in the people of this or any other State of the Federal Union to dissolve their connection therewith or perform any act tending to impair, subvert, or resist the Supreme Authority of the government of the United States.

WHAT THE F....?!! Are you kidding me?!

Loyalty is voluntary. Allegiance is mandatory. I have been loyal to individual rights and private property ever since I learned the difference between right and wrong. And let me assure you in case there was ever any doubt - NOBODY can force me to pledge my allegiance to ANYTHING, especially our Federal Government. It is pompous and insulting to claim that "no power exists in the people" "to impair, subvert, or resist the Supreme Authority of the Government of the United States." What do you mean we can't resist? What the hell do you think the Declaration of Independence and the Second Amendment are all about? Why do you think three hundred armed supporters showed up in Nevada to support Cliven Bundy? Don't tell ME I can't resist. How dare someone even THINK like that!

I stared at that paragraph in disbelief for several seconds, absolutely certain that I had misunderstood something. Unfortunately the psychopaths who wrote it confirmed their intentions.

The Constitution of the United States confers full power on the Federal Government to maintain and Perpetuate its existence, and whensoever any portion of the States, or people thereof attempt to secede from the Federal Union, or forcibly resist the Execution of its laws, the Federal Government may, by warrant of the Constitution, employ armed force in compelling obedience to its Authority.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! The Federal Government plans to "employ armed force in compelling obedience to its Authority." Un-freaking-believable! Fortunately for us, the armed force of the BLM is comprised of people who ultimately want to return to their families at night. I laughed when it was reported that the BLM backed off "for public safety". It wasn't the public's safety they were concerned for. It was their own. Three hundred armed patriots had never read - or didn't care about - the written prohibition against resisting government authority.

[mjb: I finally found a topic that struck a nerve with my readers! Thank you to everyone who took the time to express their thoughts on the issue.]

New War?

We've BEEN at war; war with principalities and powers of darkness for a very, very long time.
In the end, this has very little to do with the Constitution and everything to do with Godless pagans

America's squandered inheritance

Agreed, we are fighting evil and unless America returns to her foundation stone of God, we will continue to decline. The forces of evil are winning, although they will not in the end...but we need to return to God if we wish to save America. To whom much is given, we have failed in the ending of this quote, much is expected.

Nevada Constituiton

I am one godless pagan who would not ever sign off on the tyrannical wording of the Nevada Constitution.  The whole document needs to be submitted to the citizens of Nevada in a referendum, with options for line-item vetos... 

We must abolish The Act of 1871.

We must abolish The Act of 1871.

Bundy Ranch seige

I am glad to see you voicing your concerns.  The silence of the so called Patriots in this country is deafening.  The "patriotic" country-music stars, the "patriotic" gun-lobby groups, "patriots" like Glenn Beck, defending the government against a real patriot.  It is absolutely sickening to me.

We pretty much knew the lamestream media would be silent on this, but all these so called patriots and their groups--silent.  I guess this is the time we really find out who is in bed with the government and who is not.

Shocking, to say the least.

Patriots were blocked from going to the ranch on I-15

 Read an e-mail from a "Patriot" who was blocked from entering the ranch to support the Bundy family. www.constitutionclub.com/patriotaction


This is not over by a long shot. The government f--ked up royally. Now they are going about this through the courts. This could drag out for yeaars and bankrup Bundy. Plus when Bundy said that the public land is his by adverce possion because he had been using the land for years is total BS. How do I know, I worked for the federal government for 35 years manageing real estate

Bundy is right.  He owns it 

Bundy is right.  He owns it  and or the rights to the land by default called "adverse possession". At the very least the Bundy's have adverse possession of grazing and mineral rights.

 The corruption in the Nevada

 The corruption in the Nevada Constition started in the first paragraph you quote that ends with " the public good may require it." Public is not in the national constitution and is a nebulous word concocted to give authority where none exist before.

If you have any 100% scholarships available, I
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100% scholarship

You can watch his class for free.   Just watch his videos.  Michael also has two great books you can read.  Just mail him a couple silver coins, like Morgan Silver Dollars and you can enjoy learning your rights right away.   Ken

Nevada Constitution

On one hand the Nevada Constitution claims to support the united states constitution then goes about to demonstrate how much it does not. To me ths demonstrates that  the people who accepted this document either had no idea what the constitution was about or they simply trusted the overlords. How many people do we think lived there in the state at the time of adoption and of those how many could read? Was it complacency on the part of the people or just shrewdness of the drafters? I don't know.
The folks of Nevada have good reason to have it thrown out.

Nevada Constitution

The content of the Nevada Constitution is, admittedly, pretty surprising. But what I want to know is who were the chumps responsible for ratifying it?

It's one thing to have some dolt (or group of dolts) with a skewed view of reality draft the verbiage. But then getting the people of the territory/state to approve it is the real insanity! I had the impression that the people who settled that area were some pretty rough and tumble, independent souls. Evidently, I was wrong!!


I've been watching for over 20 years now of how the EPA joins hands with the BLM to confiscate property.....Smith Island Maryland is showing signs of a classic example, in which I predicted would happen if the communities didn't incorporate.  Now, everyone's being starved off of the Island because of Save the Bay Foundation which is hooked directly to the EPA.  The land grab is coming from the Northern aspect which was sold off to the Glen L. Martin Refuge......these are holding hands to litterally to drive the seafood industry out of business just by regulations and inflation. 

Stop and think, the whole culture, the whole citizenry is being shoved around like they don't own anything !  It's nothing but what I said before......cut out the middle class and pigeon hole all citizens on a welfare check from cradle to grave.  This is outrageous !

I'm happy they woke up in Nevada, but the unconstitutionality of the EPA with BLM is unhooked !!! 

Amen Submitted by Jeff S.

If you would do a study of how the money system works you would see that the people don't own anything.  Every thing that the people think they own is mortgaged to the banking system.

All that we use for money is created by the bank and loaned to us to use. John S. Henderson witting for the Library of Congress stated it very clearly "Money is created when loans are issued and debts incurred; money is extinguished when loans are repaid. Russell L. Munk writing for the U.S. stated the banks owns all the money while the customers have merely borrowed the money.

Nevada Constitution

Shocking!  Were the inhabitants of Nevada asleep when this was written?  This is why we were warned again and again to be ever vigilant:

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing.  It behooves you, therefore, to be watchful in your States as well as in the Federal Government." -- Andrew Jackson, Farewell Address, March 4, 1837


Now I see section 1 is a lie

Now I see section 1 is a lie. Defending life and liberty is allowed only if the federal government defines "liberty"  Apparently, one person's liberty is another person's enslavement.

Deffinition of "Liberty"

No, I didn't look it up.  I just read it somewhere.  Everyone is saying, "Liberty", when I feel they really mean, "Freedom"!

It said, where I read it, "Liberty" is what the Captain of a ship gives his sailors when they are in port.  He may withhold that privilege from the sailors he doesn't like, or as punishment for some small infraction they had at Sea. 

"Freedom" is what, The Constitution for the united States of America guarantees its Sovereigns. 
But A People can lose their Freedom anytime they let their servants, the government, take it away from them by instituting Admiralty Laws, like putting gold fringe around the American Flag in a court and calling he judge, "Your Honor", etc. 

Then the government gives "Liberty" back to their citizens (who were once Sovereigns), as they (the Masters) (government) see fit. 

So, please, if you mean Freedom, SAY, "FREEdom"!!

[mjb: When the Declaration of Independence talks about "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness", Jefferson wasn't referring to weekend vacations for sailors. It is important for people in a conversation to share the same definitions to avoid confusion, but language changes to reflect culture.]

Definition of Liberty

Freedom is not Liberty Many proclaim our freedom, many others cry out a desire for freedom; neither have a clear understanding of its meaning and some use the word as a perverse substitute for liberty, to further their agenda of submission and evil “The Arab Spring” comes to mind. Freedom clearly defined is; a lack of restrictions, it is free will and unlimited choice. One may act as he sees fit, regardless of any consequences that he can overcome, by force of arms or by proclamation that he may be capable of enforcing. Liberty defines that a person has individual rights to pursue happiness and his “rights of equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle him” and by which a constitution has been established to secure them, that he may exercise these rights without fear nor interference, provided that he does so in manner, respective of his follow mans equal right to pursue the same, without infringement by man; or a government “which may be established for sound order and security from foreign aggression.”  - I choose Liberty! ~ A Arizonian

liberty vs freedom / definitions

I would suggest that people misunderstand the definition of freedom in context to the Constitution.  It would be helpful to understand pure freedom as the ability to do whatever one wants, whenever one wants, for whatever reason one has.  To this extent, living in a free country sounds attractive on the surface. 

All of nature has this sort of freedom inherent in itself. 
The buffalo roam, and the deer and the antelope play, etc...  lol

But if you peel this back a bit more and look at it from the other side, then it also suggests you can exercise this freedom without concern to its affects on others; i.e. that you are free to steal, free to cheat, free to manipulate, free to kill, and free to write unconstitutional  federal acts into "law" and eventual tyranny. etc...

I believe the framers of the Constitution understood the definition of liberty to mean freedom + morality.  Which translates perfectly into what Michael Badnarik teaches us regarding our property rights.

Without Liberty there is no Justice... 
Just us. 
And we can clearly identify who they are by their actions, not their words.

Once one understands the difference between liberty and freedom, you can see how simple the Constitution is actually written.  So simple, a commoner or a foreigner can understand it.  It is not a legislative document that changes with the times, its a document of principles that are timeless.

All it takes is understanding the 700 years of progress made against tyranny, before the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the BIll of Rights, which the ancestors of the framers and forefathers endured, and fought for so vigilantly and paid for with "their ease, their estates, and their blood", "for the ages and millions yet unborn".

[mjb: This is an interesting definition of freedom, but it is not one that I would agree with. Most people consider freedom and liberty to be synonymous. Our freedom is always tempered by our responsibility to avoid injuring others.]

Wr Are At War/ Nevada Constitution

Wow! I can't believe this pile of excrement written into the Nevada Constitution in the 3rd segment highlighted. this is blatant tyranny and needs to be removed from the document. in America this is how the proper flow of power is suppose to be from the top of the food chain to the bottom in this order with 1 being at the top and 4 being at the very bottom:

1 Individual
2 county
3 state
4 federal

I wonder if that pile of excrement promoting allegiance to the federal power is written into any other constitutions of any other western states, of special interst to me are Wyoming, Utah and Idaho.

in a nutshell this is how freedom, liberty and unalienable rights are suppose to be in America and everywhere else on the earth


God Bless you Michael Badnarik my friend and brother forever!

Dion Wood AKA "NewZealandAmerican"

 I think I would be moving

I think I would be moving out of NV asap!
I have picked up the Missouri constitution,,,, need to take a closer look!

[mjb: I would hope that people in every state would review their state constitutions to search for unacceptable language.]

Nevada Constitution

This Constitution even violates the Constitution for the United States (esp. the 1791)! It claims things that are totally opposite from what is said in the Supreme Law. Article I, Section 8 reserves to the States the Appointment of Militia Officers and training the militia. And, what about those limited powers therein? What a bout the restricitions in Section 9 that follows? And, is the Bill of Rights obsolete?? Who drafted that Nevada Manifesto anyway? I know that I am not moving there, under that "supreme law", for sure.

We lost the Constitution during the Civil War

You are, absolutely, correct on the tyrannical wording of the NV Constitution! Nevada was one of the states rushed through during the Civil War and Lincoln was a tyrant! He did not get into the war to save the slaves (as we are taught in the public fool system). It was all about secession and he was willing to do whatever it took - including oppression of the people - to keep his kingdom together.

The Constitution died during the Civil War and has been, slowly, decaying every since.

We are at war!

This is EXACTLY what the Founders had in mind when they said any law that's is Un-Constitutional is an UNJUST LAW. The Citizens have no obligation to follow such a law. The people in Nevada need to arm up and throw everyone out of their Legislature and start all over again. I can NOT believe the arrogance of the public servants in Nevada who actually allowed this language! If THIS is their true mindset, peaceful change is most certainly NOT a possibility!-WTFUA!-GOD BLESS OAS-RMF


 "The Supreme Authority of the government of the United States"?  No! The Supreme Law of the Land is the Constitution and the laws made in pursuance thereof.  No allegence is due to a government that ignores the Constitution.  Nowhere does the Constitution say that the Federal Government is to employ armed force in compelling obedience to it's Authority.  What a load of crap.  Where do people come up with this stuff?


They also have some wierd ideas about the 8th amendment. If you post bail in Nevada it is really ransome and is used for all sorts of "Shiping and handeling charges". 

Nevada Constitution

Could it be Nevada's Constitution was written and approved by the US Congress before Nevada was voted in as a State? That is, if they didn't write the clause noted they would not have been approved as a new State.

Nevada Consitution

Correct. We should not have even become a Sate in 1864 AD. We didn't have enough people. But the Marxist Lincoln wanted our gold and silver and so did the South so the North made us a State IF we put in those clauses.

They got our gold and silver and we got pottage and sold our birthright. Of course the Nevada legislature cannot legally sell away the rights of a State so we could change it but Nevadans want to be voluntary slaves just like most people that get Socialst Security Numbers and file voluntary income tax returns.

Just like in Israel of old the people of Nevada rejected liberty and the will of God and voted to have a king.

Without words


Gloria here greeting you, I can not believe it. And at the same time, all this explain to me how in court after showin explicit violations of the rights and show proof of fraud in documents, the court always find a way to go around the facts and defend the insttitutions no matter what. WE HAVE NO RIGHTS !!


I thank you very much for all your information and coments.

God bless you always !!

We are on a road and the name of that road is the BROKEN ROAD

We are on a road and the name of that road is the BROKEN ROAD and the POINT of NO RETURN is just Ahead. This is were we start to enter the Valley of Darkness which has only one way in with No way out, forever!!

It is easy to connect the dots

It is easy to connect the dots and see that the BLM agents were set up to be slaughtered by the local sheriff. Dirty Harry Ried has his fingerprints all over this debacle of trying to induce a civil war with the American people. I think the BLM agents made their own surprise move on the grand chess board by bugging out, only after Bundy's cowboys pulled the sheriff's bluff. War games indeed.

Nevada Constitution.

I do not blame you for feeling the way you do. I am with you 100%, but then again, I always have been. I am the individual who sent part of Will Gaston's book to you: SUI JURIS. I am planning on going to the ranch to help out ASAP. I think we all need to start rallying.

Wayne Bachmmann

Nevada constitution

You are absolutely right and I am right there with you in your anger about the Nevada constitution. Talk about a blank check giving the feds carte blanche power to go after any Nevada citizen for whatever BS the fed govt dreams up is unlawful.  Unbelieveable.  Goodbye Nevada's state's rights.  

One topic I'd love for you to cover is the crazy campaign finance laws (Citizens United and the new one McCutcheon).  To me this is not a partisan issue.  It affects all patriotic citizens who value their vote, only there is absolutely NO WAY we little people can ever get good candidates in office when corporations (legal defined as "Persons" which I think is a crock) can donate huge amounts of money to political parties and PACs who spend the $$ on candidates far from the Constitution. 

This is what I wrote in to our local newspaper:
IMO, money is power and should never be mingled with free speech or, in particular, political campaigns.  I know that goes against most Republicans, but take away all contributions by corporation, labor unions, and PACs from the political equation and take away all contributions to political parties, leaving only contributions by individuals to candidates, and gosh...then you end up with honest elections BY THE PEOPLE.  

I just don't think our founders would buy into a state-created entity called "corporation" has the same INDIVIDUIAL rights as you and me.  In my files is a chronology of legal cases throughout the years changing the definition of "Person" one step at a time to now include the corporation. We've lost our 2nd to last line of defense to a tyrannical govt (the last line of course is a revolution).


The original "organic" constitution was abandoned in the 1800's at the time of the civil war.  Congress adjourned with no set time to reconvene.  When they reconvened they adopted the "corporate" constitution which makes the people employees of the federal government by virtue of adhesion contracts.  Once you opt into the federal system through social security, voter registration, income tax, driver license or any number of unlawful but legal means, it is extremely difficult to extricate yourself.  People need to stand up against the tyranny.  Check out "Constitution FOR the United States" vs "Constitution OF the United States.

Excellent article

Excellent article and gets the important point across that we are in each state embued with our own sovereignty.  How Nevada could write a constitution that bows to the federal government is beyond unthinkable and you have brought it to light.  Thank you for devoting your life to the study and teaching of the Constitution and enlightening we the people to the power that exists and has always existed in our hands.   Now is the time for us to come together and use that power.

I so enjoyed your presentation at the End The Fed rally in Philadelphia several years ago.  You are not only a learned scholar of the Constitution but an engaging, energized, passionate and most interesting speaker.  Please come back to S.E. Pennsylvania again very soon.

May God continue to bless you and  your loved ones.


It is difficult to believe that rag was approved by public vote! I guess they were just so beholden to Lincoln....

We are at war !

Peaceful resistance is bullsh-t, when you are being attacked with violence. I could never kill another human being, but we are not fighting human beings. We are fighting animals that slaughter us, men, women & children, by the millions like ants. Here is an analogy; if you were in Africa with family & friends & a large pack of lions are charging your encampment & you have only 2 items you can use to defend your family & friends. One is a machine gun, & the other is a protest sign that says " please don't eat us ". Which one are you going to use ?  The people that came to Bundy's aide should have started arresting all the BLM agents, mercenaries, whatever they are & put them in one of Bundy's barns stripped down naked. If any resisted they would have been shot. Confiscated all the vehicles & then keep arresting all the ones that showed up that were against the people. And arrest any state political officals that showed up defending the BLM's actions. More & more patriots would have showed up to defend the Bundy's. Soon patriotic military would have showed up with vehicles & tanks. They left, because they were out gunned. Unfortunately the next time the bad guys show up, it will be with a few F-16's & they will just bomb them off their land. EVERYONE in state & federal governments are our employees & are subservient to us, The People. There is NO such thing as federal or government land, it is OUR land, & EVERYONE in government jobs are just trustees of OUR affairs.

What a treasonous document

What a treasonous document that is!  Who knew?  Seems it would be a good idea to scrutinize our state constitutions every so often to see what's really going on.

We are at war!

Thanks for the update! I will share this with others.

Guess I won't be retiring in Nevada after all!

I always thought Nevada was one of the most free states, what with gambling being legal and all..that literally made me lose my appetite.  How sick!  With state "laws" like that, we would be just as well off in another country!  At least in other countries, you know what is expected of you.  That needs to be repealed immediately and if I was in Nevada, that's what I would to work on tonight!  I would not wait for someone else to do it.  

nevada constitution

Question, is this just the nevada constitution or are those words also in the other states constitution? if so a fraud has been perpetrated n the american people. Thanks,
Jimmy (USN 1965-71)

[mjb: I am told, but haven't confirmed, that several states had language similar to this, however other states have since removed it. I would like to see a movement in Nevada to negate this language. It need not be repealed because it was never legitimate in the first place.]

Nevada State Constitution

Your review scares the HELL out of me.  I wonder if any resident of the State of Nevada has ever read their own Constitution, for that matter has any Nevada State Legislator ever read it?

Perhaps the Governor has indeed read it which might explain why he only spouted political rhetoric in responding to the Bunkerville Standoff.  Perhaps, he fully understood that Nevada was powerless against the Federal Government within it's own boundaries!

Please rest assured that previous to reading your editorial of Nevada's State Constitution I feebly must now admit that I had not read my own state's, North Carolina Constitution.  I do solemnly swear that before the night is over I will do so.  

Thank you for opening my eyes to their previous blind inactivity.  

Nevada Tyranny

 Well said, Michael.  Ideas most definitely have ramifications.  Think for a minute about what appears to be a small difference in these statements.

1.  Government exists to protect the people.

2.  Government exists to protect the rights of the people.

If the former is true, then why are there not government agents following me around all the time guarding my every movement?  Government simply cannot protect me--ever, unless they allocate resources which would not allow them to protect the rights of the People.

However, if bankers use cunning and deceit to tank the real estate market and it destroys my investments intentionally, then the government has an obligation to protect my rights and my property.  Like they did in Iceland.  OK, I lost a good amount of money in 2008.  Maybe I should have been smarter.  It is gone and life goes on.  But why did the bankers in this country get bonuses instead of jail cells like they got in Iceland??

Because too many Americans believe number 1.

We are at war

I just want to know one thing......Does anyone have any EVIDENCE that the constituion and the codes of the state or State apply to you and me just becasue we phsycialy reside in the imaginary geopraphical boundries of that State or state??? What are the facts that they are binding on me at all? (other then the fact that they say so and back it up with a gun)

For more information or to see 10 years of people asking this question and it going unanswered/unproven, go to www.marcstevens.net

It is an atrocious violation of our rights, but it can only apply if one does not know what their rights are.


Nevada Constitution

Truly sickening, but obviously influenced by the northern war of aggression...Nevada joined the union in1864.  It is definitely time for a con-con in Nevada.

Angry, I share your disgust

Angry, I share your disgust and frustration!

For years I have been attempting to bring attention to the Indiana Constitution as a document superior to the U.S. contract so far as all Indiana residents are concerned as well as attempting  to enforce the limits of government power within the document. 

Now you pass along this  "But the Paramount Allegiance of every citizen is due to the Federal Government in the exercise of all its Constitutional powers as the same have been or may be defined by the Supreme Court of the United States."   Excuse me "defined by the Supreme Court of the United States"  when was this branch of government authorized the power to define powers?  A control mechanism for the Federal government can not add to power by defining and then declaring the same to be "law".  I do not recall any similar language in the Indiana  Constitution.   

Now the Indiana Constitution to the best of my recollection does not attempt to impart any requirements on residents of any other State.   But now Nevada mandates  "and no power exists in the people of this or any other State of the Federal Union to dissolve their connection therewith or perform any act tending to impair, subvert, or resist the Supreme Authority of the government of the United States."  "No power exists in the people. . . .of ANY other State".   Again my State Constitution to the best of my recollection DOES NOT IMPART ANY MANDATES to obey, comply or honor the Constitution of Nevada or any other State.    Am I as a sovereign individual bound by a State Constitution in which I reside, NO!   

Again Nevada not as specifically mentions "whenever any portion of the states  or people thereof attempt . . . to forcibly resist execution of its laws. . . .the Federal Government may. . . .employ armed force in compelling obedience to its Authority."    Any States or people thereof........really?  What power does Nevada or any other State have to so mandate such obligation to compliance under threat of force on residents of another State?  

Surely the residents of Nevada have NOT READ nor do they understand the terms of their State Constitution.  Such mandatory obedience amounts to slavery under control of the State acting as agent for the Federal Government.  Have the elected Nevada State Members read their Constitution  and intend to comply with the above statements?  They should be asked.  Many of Indiana GA members argued the meaning of the Indiana Constitution and few have read it and know what is in it.  So Nevada is probably just as uninformed.  Unfortunately with such language in place the third Judicial branch will have an easy task of declaring any and all resistance to Federal laws of any kind as outside of the "Right" of sovereign individuals to have recourse for correction.      

"We Are At War" column

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abuse of discretion

The trial court has tried to keep me from getting justice for my Mother's murder for7 years. The police slaughtered her investigation. They have abuse my Dad for 6 years and the last year have him imprisoned and loaded him on psycho drugs because he is now trying to kill himself after they put in the lock down he does NOT have to be in. 

Yesterday I had Oral Arguments at the appeals court trying to save the Civil Wrongful death suit the trial court dismissed and took away from me I had filed for my Mom's murder.

Here is the audio and other matters surrounding this. Please any suggestions or ideas would be helpful but be gentle. I have dedicated 7 yrs trying to get justice for Mom and keep Dad from abuse while the courts promoted it. 
 https://www.dropbox.com/s/yx5qvam46zx34yp/14%20-%20Oral%20Arg%20Delivered%204.15.14.MP3https://www.dropbox.com/s/19nvoav3qcbopwf/14%20-%20Oral%20Arg%20Delivered%204.15.14.pdf I am distraught that cows in Nevada are more important than rescuing my Dad from chemical restraint they are killing him with while I have been isolated from Dad after I dedicated the last 7 years of my life to save him..... If I go near him I am threatened to be arrested. All they wanted was to steal my parents estate. To do this after losing Mom this way and they deny me the right to a jury for justice for her death. If they had just done the criminal investigation with ethics they took an oath to uphold none of this would have happened. They REFUSE to answer these questions. Why do you think that is??????https://www.dropbox.com/s/h0iwglaxrkde5z6/5%20-%20Who%20lost%20the%20chain%20of%20custody%20for%20Ann%20Pg1.docxhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/ye4raklgg7w142d/4%20-%20Demand%20to%20Brannon%20for%20Investigation%2010.8.13.pdf 

All of us can take this action now:

I'm proud of militia for their preparedness and responsiveness and willingness and devotion to our Constitution to keep our United States of America against criminal cattle rustlers working against the people under false pretenses for hidden political agendas of corruption and the United Nations agenda 21.  I should have been there! There are many battlefronts.  On Saturday, I wrote my Congressman and both United States Senate representatives and our Utah Governor and invited him to speak to his constituents on the State Capital steps at a "Not In Utah -- Bundy Ranch fiasco" event and also asked him to organize opposition among the Western States Governors to get them to use their state powers to counter inappropriate federal encroachment and power grabs. Sheriff Richard Mack would be a good speaker as he would want to organize sheriffs to use their powers and do their duties. Here is one of my letters: To faithfully represent me as my United States Senate Representative and public servant to the people, you must immediately take action to end tyrannical behavior of our federal government regarding the Bundy Ranch fiasco in which government is far exceeding it's authority and purpose while covering up secret motives and political agendas not in the interest of the people and in defiance of law. I'm particularly offended by the creation of "free speech zones" with all of it's implications that are an abomination to our Constitution and impeachable offences to the people. I call for immediate legislation to remove ALL funding to these government thugs and their agencies and removal of those public servants involved. I call for a full Congressional investigation with criminal charges. I hold my public servants accountable. I back this up with dedication of my time and now thirteen weeks of accumulated vacation time to campaign full-time door-to-door with great passion and tested and proven effectiveness to get bad public servants voted out of office and good public servants voted in to replace them. Mike Lee, you know me personally and know of my past political campaign effectiveness, so I'm sure you can believe I will be politically effective on this issue. Reply and personal meeting requested. Please follow up contact with email. Ronald H Levine,autonomous militiaSandy, Utah 84070


Great information Michael,

Here is a video that was posted on FB this morning, but when I went back to find it to share with you, it was taken down. I finally found it on youtube.

Bundy Ranch BLM Retreat was Psyop Next Wave Soon


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