Dr. Edwin Vieira, PhD. JD.

Several people have called me recently to ask my opinion about convening an "Article V Convention", supposedly for the purpose of fixing the Constitution. Philosophically I have always argued against such a convention, pointing out that people who have never read the Constitution are incapable of knowing what's wrong with it. I also express the opinion that any changes that resulted from such a convention are far more likely to enshrine collectivist ideology in the very document intended to defend individualism. Still, I've never wasted much emotional energy on the subject, confident that such a convention is either unlikely, which means there's no need to worry, or inevitable, which means there's not much I could do about it anyway.

This morning I was directed to an article written by Dr. Edwin Vieira, a true Constitutional scholar who has my deepest respect. He has expressed his views on an "Article V Convention" in a manner that is both insightful and delightful. I strongly urge you to read the entire article, and then share your comments on my website. I have taken the liberty of sharing some excerpts below for the purpose of whetting your appetite. There was much more that I enjoyed about the article, but I feared I could be accused of plagerism if I duplicated any more than I have.

I'm not asking you for any money, however if you truly want to restore Liberty in this country, you should be willing to invest a few minutes of your time to read what Dr. Vieira has to say.

Lighting the fires of Liberty, one heart at a time!

Michael Badnarik

from http://www.newswithviews.com/Vieira/edwin263.htm

"Having struck the iceberg, the great liner is down fifteen degrees by the head, and sinking fast, while in the Grand Salon her designer Mr. Andrews, Captain Smith, and a gaggle of marine engineers are discussing a new ship, to be built according to a new design which supposedly will obviate the flaw in Titanic that contributed to her demise. While in theory this discussion might have been very illuminating to the participants, it obviously would otherwise have been an irrelevance which could have saved neither Titanic nor a single soul who went down with her."

"The General Government is buried under some 200+ trillion "dollars" worth of unfunded long-term liabilities." "In fact, Congress is making the situation worse." "Congress proposes to fix this problem by borrowing more money which can never be repaid. This is equivalent to the lunatic notion that blowing off the rear quarter of Titanic would have saved the ship by allowing the water surging in at the bow to flow out through the new hole at the stern!"

[mjb: This last sentence is absolutely priceless!]

"If this were not enough, almost all Americans are utterly unprepared to deal with the consequences of the depression, hyperinflation, or combination of the two which collapse of the national economy will cause. Nothing anyone has written in favor of an "Article V Convention" has suggested how any new amendment to the Constitution would deal with this virtual Marianas’ Trench of unpreparedness."

"The Militia, of course, are comprised of We the People themselves. So, if constitutional "martial law" had to be put into effect as the result of a national economic crisis, it would be controlled by the People themselves, and on that basis would hardly pose a threat to the People, unless the People were so politically psychotic that they would go about oppressing themselves."

[mjb: I never would have dreamed that Americans would tolerate passage of the Patriot Act. I think that anyone who advocates government confiscation of our weapons is politically psychotic enough to oppress themselves - and everyone else.]

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