Government is not reason

Government is not reason. It is not eloquence. It is force. And like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."
- George Washington

This morning, during that half awake period before you get out of bed, I was unable to complete this quote in my head. I knew that government was not eloquence, but... the rhythm was off. I knew there was another phrase at the beginning of the quote, but still half asleep, try as I might, I couldn't remember it. As I moved closer to full consciousness the words finally came to me. "Government is not reason". I began to repeat the phrase over and over so I'd be less inclined to forget it in the future. And then I had an epiphany.


Why do we continue to use rational arguments with a collectivist entity that doesn't adhere to reason? If government is not reason, what is it? Oh, yes! Government is FORCE. An irrational, unreasoning, force.

This is a harsh accusation that deserves some element of proof, I suppose. But looking for evidence of government force is like searching for evidence of sand in the Sarhara Desert. There is nothing BUT evidence, and damned little evidence to the contrary.

* The BLM's (Bureau of Land Management) attempted hostile takeover of the Bundy ranch.
* The ATF's (Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms) violent destruction of a church in Waco, Texas.
* The National Guard's aggressive confiscation of weapons from the victim's of Hurricane Katrina.
* The Army's violent attack on the "Bonus Army" camped out in Washington D.C.
* The murderous attack against the Confederacy resulting in unconditional surrender to authority.
* Military suppression of Shay's Rebellion in 1786 in Massachusetts.

There are two ways to negotiate the settlement of a dispute: intellectual discussion, or the use of force. What are your options when the government refuses to be swayed by rational argument?

If you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable.
- John F. Kennedy

Does it appear that the BLM is willing to allow peaceful revolution in Nevada?

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